GTA 5 hands out double cash, experience in GTA Online this weekend

Earn extra GTA$ and RP before the next free update is released later this month.

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Grand Theft Auto Online players will have the opportunity to fill up their virtual wallets and move up through the ranks faster than usual for the next two days, thanks to a special event Rockstar is hosting.

Beginning today and running through tomorrow night, May 3, every job and activity completed will net players double GTA$ and reputation points. This applies to all manners of earning cash and experience, including races, deathmatch, Capture, Last Team Standing, missions, gang attacks, and so on.

The money, in particular, should prove handy with the High Life update--which adds new high-end apartments, cars, and more for players to purchase--coming later this month.

That update will also introduce a long-awaited feature in multiplayer heists. It's the latest in a series of free updates for the game's online component. Previous Grand Theft Auto V updates have added things like the ability to design races and multiplayer matches, as well as new game modes, weapons, vehicles, clothing, and jobs.

Fortunately, the upcoming GameSpy shutdown will not impact GTA V. (The same can't be said for some of Rockstar's other games.) New downloadable content--perhaps featuring the rumored jetpack--is planned for GTA V's single-player component later this year. And, all the while, PC gamers continue to wait for any official indication that the massively successful open-world will be brought to platforms other than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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