GTA 5 Hands Out Bonus Cash, XP This Weekend

Free t-shirts, gold paint jobs, Pegasus deliveries, and more.


As promised, a special Grand Theft Auto Online event has kicked off to celebrate the launch of the game's latest update, allowing players to earn extra in-game cash and experience over the next few days.

With the second part of the Ill-Gotten Gains update landing this week, Rockstar has launched its weekend event. From now through Sunday, July 12, playing certain GTA Online modes will net you extra rewards.

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More specifically, deathmatches, golf, and tennis will award double RP, while races will offer twice as much in-game money. RP bonuses earned during races (for things like drafting or entering first place) will be doubled, too.

Also during the event, you'll receive an exclusive in-game t-shirt for each day that you complete all three of your daily objectives. Gold metal resprays for your vehicles are free this weekend, as are Pegasus deliveries.

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Additionally, Rockstar is hosting new video editor and Snapmatic contests, the details of which are outlined on the company's website.

The Ill-Gotten Gains: Part Two update consists primarily of high-end items for players with plenty of cash to throw around. In addition to new clothing options, it adds new weapons and vehicles that you can now buy in-game.

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