GTA 5 Halloween Weekend Event Begins Today

Log in each day for an exclusive t-shirt.


Following the release of the Halloween update this week, Grand Theft Auto V's online mode will host a special event to celebrate the holiday this weekend.

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This event weekend plays out a lot like those in the past. Beginning today, October 30, and running through Sunday, November 1, you'll receive an exclusive t-shirt by logging in each day. All three are pictured above, and here's when each will be available:

  • Knife After Dark -- Friday, October 30
  • Psycho Swingers -- Saturday, October 31
  • Zombie Liberals From the Midwest -- Sunday, November 1

A new event playlist has also been added to let you easily take part in the newly added Adversary mode, Slasher. Three different versions of Slasher are available in the playlist, which can be accessed either directly from the initial loading screen or the Rockstar Playlists area of the pause menu.

There's also an in-game screenshot contest, a Halloween giveaway, and a livestream taking place today at 2 PM PT, all of which you can read more about on Rockstar's website. If you're looking to distinguish your character with a new t-shirt, you'll want to tune into the livestream, as Rockstar says it'll have a (digital) t-shirt cannon during the broadcast that will hand out exclusive Halloween shirts to viewers. You can see those below.

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The Halloween update was released this week for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. It's the second update in recent weeks, with this one following the more substantial Lowriders update earlier in October.

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