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GTA 5 Glitch Lets You Impress Friends By Walking on Water

It's my illusion!


If you've ever found yourself frustrated with Grand Theft Auto V's stubborn insistence on allowing you to only walk on solid land, you're in luck: a newly discovered glitch allows you to effectively walk on water.

As demonstrated in the video above from YouTube user BIG Spaz (via Kotaku), the glitch is a seemingly simple one. It allows you to simply walk above the water, but do things properly and you'll effectively be walking right on the water. (Alternatively, you can play Saints Row IV and earn the ability to do so--and at super speed, no less.)

You can also choose to end up much higher above the water, eventually ending up above buildings--undoubtedly presenting problems for GTA Online players. As such, it seems likely that Rockstar will work to patch this exploit, so if you want to try this for yourself, you should do so soon. In the meantime, consider this rebellious act payback for any deaths in early GTA games that resulted from ending up in the water, which was fatal until Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Glitches are nothing new for Grand Theft Auto V--the most interesting of which, in my mind, was the one allowing you to access the North Yankton area from the beginning of the single-player. It was a much more involved process than this water-walking glitch, but allowed you to visit the town as a floating city in the sky--until Rockstar patched it out, that is. No fun.

Grand Theft Auto V is currently available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, with Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions coming this fall. Don't count on this glitch being available in those versions.

Do you enjoy finding out about glitches like these, or does the potential for exploitation worry you too much? Let us know in the comments.

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