GTA 5 for PC Has Not Been Delayed or Canceled

Fall 2014 release date for open-world game "has not changed," Rockstar says.

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The PC version of Grand Theft Auto V has not been delayed or canceled, developer Rockstar Games has confirmed. After recent reports suggested that this might be the case, a post from a Rockstar Games support staffer confirms that the game's fall 2014 release date for PC in unchanged.

"I'm also looking forward to the PC release," the representative said in a reply to a fan who asked if the PC version of GTA V had been delayed. "However, this release date has not changed."

Officially, GTA V is set to launch this fall for PC, as well as Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game's actual release date for those platforms could be November 14, according to a recent--and unofficial--listing at United Kingdom retailer Gem.

GTA V launched in September 2013, generating over $1 billion in revenue in just 72 hours. The game has since shipped 34 million copies on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 alone. The new versions will offer better visuals, more densely populated worlds, and increased draw distances, among other improvements.

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