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GTA 5 Fall Update Will Take The Crew 2's Coolest Feature, Add A Version Of It For Free

Rockstar previews Grand Theft Auto V updates coming over the next few months.


Alongside news of Grand Theft Auto V's next big expansion, Rockstar has also previewed some of the other new content on the way to GTA Online over the remainder of the year. Among those additions is a new type of race that includes the defining feature of Ubisoft's upcoming game The Crew 2.

Having already gone silly with over-the-top Stunt Racing events, Transform Races will be the next mode to defy the game's reality. When passing through "strategically placed" checkpoints along a given race's course, your vehicle's class will change depending on what the next area consists of. That doesn't just mean improving the performance of your vehicle or swapping one car out for another--you'll move between radically different modes of transportation. As the image below teases, one such transition moves you from a jet ski to a car.

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If that concept sounds familiar, it might be because The Crew 2 offers something quite similar. The upcoming open-world racing game also allows you to seamlessly move between vehicle types--from boats to cars to aircraft--at the press of a button. That game will likely end up embracing the feature more than this single GTA V mode--and will allow you to do so whenever you wish, not just at pre-designated checkpoints. Still, it is striking to see a free update like this so closely resemble a marquee feature of an upcoming game.

Transform Races are just one of numerous features coming to GTA Online at some point in the fall. New customizable aircraft, four-wheeled vehicles, and Adversary modes are promised, along with holiday events for Halloween and various holidays in December. That all follows next week's big Smuggler's Run update.

As part of its outline for what's coming, Rockstar called for GTA V players to continue providing their thoughts through the official website regarding what they want to see. "The direct feedback we get from the GTA Online community is what helps us tweak, enhance, and improve the huge range of under-the-hood alterations we make with each and every title update," the studio said.

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