GTA 5, Dragon Age, and More Discounted in PlayStation Essentials Sale

In addition to video games, movies are also on sale.


Those looking to save some money on video games will be happy to know that the PlayStation Store is currently having a sale. The PlayStation Essentials Sale is cutting prices on several titles including Dragon Age: Inquisition, Grand Theft Auto V, and Infamous: Second Son.

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The sale spans across the PlayStation 4 , PlayStation 3, and the Vita. The sales are up to 75% off with PlayStation Plus users getting up to 80% off (via PlayStation Blog). The sale also includes a selection of movies.

You can check out the regular weekly deals on the PlayStation Blog as well, though it should be noted there is a lot of overlap with the Essentials Sale.

The full lineup of discounted games is listed below. The sales runs until Monday, January 18.

PlatformTitleSale PricePlus PriceOriginal Price
PS4Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Gold Edition$25.00$19.99$49.99
PS4Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag$17.99$14.99$29.99
PS4Call Of Duty: Ghosts Digital Hardened Bundle$58.99$44.99$99.99
PS4Call Of Duty: Ghosts Gold Edition$29.40$19.79$59.99
PS4Child Of Light$8.99$7.49$14.99
PS4Dragon Age: Inquisition Deluxe Edition$17.50$13.99$34.99
PS4Grand Theft Auto III$10.49$8.99$14.99
PS4Grand Theft Auto V$44.99$38.99$59.99
PS4Grand Theft Auto V & Great White Shark Cash Card Bundle$55.99$47.99$79.99
PS4Grand Theft Auto V & Whale Shark Cash Card Bundle$71.49$60.49$109.99
PS4Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas$10.49$8.99$14.99
PS4Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy$20.99$17.49$34.99
PS4Grand Theft Auto: Vice City$10.49$8.99$14.99
PS4Infamous Second Son (Standard Edition)$11.99$9.99$19.99
PS4Infamous: First Light$8.99$7.49$14.99
PS4Metro 2033 Redux$8.00$5.99$19.99
PS4Metro Redux$12.00$8.99$29.99
PS4Metro: Last Light Redux$8.00$5.99$19.99
PS4NBA 2K16$47.99$44.99$59.99
PS4NBA 2K16 Michael Jordan Special Edition$55.99$53.59$79.99
PS4Need For Speed Rivals Complete Edition$12.00$8.99$29.99
PS4Olliolli (3-Way Cross-Buy)$5.20$3.89$12.99
PS4Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate (Cross-Buy)$7.50$3.74$14.99
PS4Project Cars$16.00$11.99$39.99
PS4Saints Row Gat Out Of Hell & Re-Elected$12.00$8.99$29.99
PS4The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Gold Edition Bundle$34.19$23.39$59.99
PS4Watch Dogs$17.99$14.99$29.99
PS4Watch Dogs PS4 Gold Edition$25.00$19.99$49.99
PS3Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Gold Edition$23.99$19.99$39.99
PS3Assassin’s Creed Rogue$20.00$15.99$39.99
PS3Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – Digital$11.99$9.99$19.99
PS3Batman: Arkham Origins$10.00$7.99$19.99
PS3Battlefield 3$8.00$5.99$19.99
PS3Battlefield 3: Battlefield 3 Premium Edition$16.00$11.99$39.99
PS3Breath Of Fire IV (PSOne Classic)$1.80$1.19$5.99
PS3Call Of Duty: Black Ops Complete Bundle$59.52$39.67$94.49
PS3Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2: Season Pass$34.49$24.49$49.99
PS3Call of Duty Black Ops & Black Ops II Bundle$39.60$29.69$109.99
PS3Call Of Duty: Ghosts Digital Hardened Bundle$58.99$44.99$99.99
PS3Call Of Duty: Ghosts Gold Edition$29.40$19.79$59.99
PS3Call of Duty: Black Ops II & Season Pass Bundle$58.99$43.99$99.99
PS3Capcom Arcade Cabinet: All in 1$15.00$7.49$29.99
PS3Castlevania: SOTN (PSOne Classic)$4.00$2.99$9.99
PS3Child Of Light$8.99$7.49$14.99
PS3Chrono Cross (PSOne Classic)$4.00$2.99$9.99
PS3Chrono Trigger (PSOne Classic)$4.00$2.99$9.99
PS3Demon’s Souls$10.00$7.99$19.99
PS3Devil May Cry HD Collection$7.50$5.99$29.99
PS3Dino Crisis 2 (PSOne Classic)$1.80$1.19$5.99
PS3Dino Crisis (PSOne Classic)$1.80$1.19$5.99
PS3DMC Devil May Cry$15.00$7.49$29.99
PS3DMC Devil May Cry Ultimate Edition$33.75$16.86$67.49
PS3Dragon Age II$8.00$5.99$19.99
PS3Dragon Age: Inquisition Deluxe Edition$12.50$9.99$24.99
PS3Ducktales Remastered$6.00$4.49$14.99
PS3Enslaved: Odyssey To The West: Premium Edition$8.00$5.99$19.99
PS3Far Cry 3$11.99$9.99$19.99
PS3Far Cry 3 Ultimate Edition$14.99$12.49$24.99
PS3Final Fantasy Tactics (PSOne Classic)$4.00$2.99$9.99
PS3Final Fantasy VII (PSOne Classic)$4.00$2.99$9.99
PS3Grand Theft Auto IV$6.00$3.99$19.99
PS3Grand Theft Auto V$31.19$25.19$59.99
PS3Grand Theft Auto V & Great White Shark Cash Card Bundle$33.60$27.19$79.99
PS3Jumping Flash! (PSOne Classic)$3.00$2.39$5.99
PS3Katamari Damacy (PS2 Classic)$4.00$2.99$9.99
PS3L.a. Noire: The Complete Edition$12.00$7.99$39.99
PS3Mass Effect Trilogy$12.00$8.99$29.99
PS3Megaman 10 Trial$4.00$2.99$9.99
PS3Megaman 9 Trial$4.00$2.99$9.99
PS3Metro Last Light – Complete Edition$8.00$5.99$19.99
PS3NBA 2K16$47.99$44.99$59.99
PS3Need For Speed Rivals Complete Edition$8.00$5.99$19.99
PS3Olliolli (3-Way Cross-Buy)$5.20$3.89$12.99
PS3Parasite Eve (PSOne Classic)$1.50$1.19$5.99
PS3Persona 4 Arena Ultimax$23.99$15.99$39.99
PS3Rayman Origins$10.00$7.99$19.99
PS3Red Dead Redemption$9.00$5.99$29.99
PS3Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare$6.00$3.99$19.99
PS3Saints Row IV$6.00$3.99$19.99
PS3Saints Row IV National Treasure Edition$15.00$7.49$29.99
PS3Shadow Of The Colossus$10.00$7.99$19.99
PS3Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 (PS2 Classic)$4.00$2.99$9.99
PS3Soul Calibur V (ps3 Full Game)$8.00$5.99$19.99
PS3Soulcalibur II HD Online$8.00$5.99$19.99
PS3Suikoden (PSOne Classic)$1.50$1.19$5.99
PS3Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack$3.20$2.39$7.99
PS3Tekken Tag Tournament 2$8.00$5.99$19.99
PS3The Amazing Spider-Man Franchise Pack$49.29$39.94$84.99
PS3Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist$11.99$9.99$19.99
PS3Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist Ultimate Edit$12.50$9.99$24.99
PS3Tomba! (PSOne Classic)$4.00$2.99$9.99
PS3Watch Dogs$17.99$14.99$29.99
PS3Watch Dogs Gold Edition$25.00$19.99$49.99
PS3Wild Arms (PSOne Classic)$3.00$2.39$5.99
PS3Xenogears (PSOne Classic)$4.00$2.99$9.99
PS VitaChild Of Light$7.50$5.99$14.99
PS VitaDanganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Full Game$18.00$13.99$39.99
PS VitaDanganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc$20.00$15.99$39.99
PS VitaFreedom Wars$7.50$5.99$14.99
PS VitaOlliolli (3-Way Cross-Buy)$5.20$3.89$12.99
PS VitaPersona 4: Golden$12.00$8.99$29.99
PS VitaPixeljunk Shooter Ultimate (Cross-Buy)$6.00$4.49$14.99
PS VitaRayman Origins$9.45$6.74$26.99
PS VitaTales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack$2.40$1.59$7.99
PS VitaTearaway$10.00$7.99$19.99
PS VitaVelocity Ultra (with Trial)$3.00$2.24$7.49

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Avatar image for Pyrosa

There are a lot of good games on there (and a boatload of repetitive UBIsoft stuff), but here are the absolute MUST-HAVE games on that list:

Grand Theft Auto V

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Castlevania: SOTN

Final Fantasy Tactics (PSOne Classic)

Mass Effect Trilogy

Demon’s Souls

Enslaved: Odyssey To The West

(I agree that Metro is impressive at first, but something about it didn't really keep me enthused for more than the first few levels... Never bothered with the sequel. Similarly, I loved the first ~3-4 hours of Child of Light, but never bothered to finish it.)

Avatar image for shay-cormac

San Andreas for PS4 worth it?

Avatar image for iammcgruber

Metro redux for $9 is a good deal

Avatar image for DrunkenPunk800

I had GTA V on PS3. It's best played on PC. I wouldn't even bother with the PS4 or XBone version... and i'm poor. Scrape up your beer can money, and get a decent pc.

Avatar image for livedreamplay

@DrunkenPunk800: You need more than beer can money if you want a decent PC (one that won't lag in games over 480p)...

Avatar image for mulder_000

@livedreamplay: I've been gaming on the PC since the 80's and I think I'm done. Lazy ports, bugs galore and $1500 startup price to see better grass. GTA V is fine on Xbone and I'm sure it's fine on PS4. The only thing that's missing are mods. Fallout 4 was the last PC game I bought and when I can no longer run new games, I'll pick up a PS4 in addition to my X1 and use my PC for por...I mean music and movies.

People attack console gamers as poor kids in their parents basement. Guess what, I'm in my 40's with my own place and I CHOOSE not to drop major coin on a PC.

Avatar image for livedreamplay

@mulder_000: True story. I'm sticking to my old PC and playing games like Civilization or Medieval Total War on Steam, you can't go wrong with those. And besides that I have a PS4 for the new games, can't afford both consoles at the moment.

One correction, you said people attack console gamers, no, validation seekers attack console gamers.

Have a great evening.

Avatar image for InYourMouf

@mulder_000: I actually just bought a PS4, having been a PC gamer for years and years. While I like the cloud convenience and low prices of Steam, it's definitely nice to just put in a game and have it work without fiddling around with it or just being flat-out unable to play the game because companies didn't give a damn about the PC port. The PS4 downloads an update and you play, and enjoy the same experience everyone else is enjoying.

You're on equal playing ground in all multiplayer games because of the controller, too--and there are far less hackers. As for mods, I don't care about them much since the game should be great just the way it is, and if it's not I move on to another game.

I'm definitely not done with PC gaming, but there is something nice about the simplicity of console gaming and I don't hate on those who prefer it. Sometimes less is more.

Avatar image for Golden_Gonads

@livedreamplay: A decent enough PC doesn't cost that much more than a console, and they last just as long without needing to upgrade, though by the end of it games will look and run slightly worse than the console equivalent.

Avatar image for livedreamplay

@Golden_Gonads: I don't think you know the prices then, mate. A console sells for about 350$. That's what I paid for my graphics card alone (and it's a medium end pc), the whole thing cost me about 900$, and I guarantee that the games will look worse than on PS4 in 2 years (i will probably have to go on medium-low settings). I understand why people that have lots of money get awesome PCs, the quality is visible, but let's not kid ourselves that the prices are about the same, cause they're not...

Avatar image for Golden_Gonads

@livedreamplay:A $100 or $150 card is more than good enough to run modern games on mid to high settings. People buy into the 'latest and greatest' cards which offer a whole 5% performance gain for an obscene amount of cash. I bought my mid-range PC eight or nine years ago, and other than throwing in a cheap soundcard, didn't upgrade till this past November, when I threw in one of those cheap graphics cards I mentioned (NVidia GT 740). It is showing its age now, but it still plays the latest games on mid to high settings (though load times are starting to get increasingly long).

It's not like it was when I starting gaming predominantly on PC at the end of the 90's where you had to upgrade every year or two or games simply wouldn't run - The rate of improvement has slowed to a comparative crawl since then, with many of the improvements being more a matter of efficiency as opposed to power. A $500 PC would get you through this generation of consoles, and whilst yes, at the end of it you may need to run games at lower settings, if you play a lot of games, the savings per game are well worth the cost - Especially as a great many people have a PC anyway for non-gaming purposes.

Avatar image for livedreamplay

@Golden_Gonads: I don't agree that a 500$ PC will get me past this generation of consoles since the weakest i5 processor is about 200$, but let's say that it will ... why would I buy a PC with 500$ and then constantly worry about graphics/whether the game will work, instead of buying a 300$ PS4/Xbox One and not have to worry about anything... the whole advantage of PCs is that it has better graphics, if you don't play with max (or close to max) settings the advantage disappears...

Avatar image for Golden_Gonads

@livedreamplay: That isn't how I approach PC gaming. For me its just gaming, but on a machine I can browse the net on, watch video's, listen to music (whilst playing games), work, and can alt-tab out to do any of these and more at any point.

There is no need to work about whether games will work - It's only in the last six months that games that require Direct X 11, as opposed to 9 have really started coming out, and 11 came out late 2009, so if you have a capable card (Less than 5 years old), the game will run - Even if the rest of your system is below spec. My CPU is well under the minimum requirements for some games, but runs anything I throw at it, albeit with the longer load times I mentioned earlier.

It's true that consoles are easier to run, but they aren't as versatile for uses other than gaming. So personally, I have the PC on anyway as well as the console on those rare occasions when I actually use my 360/PS3. All that said though, I don't generally care about the latest games with the flashiest graphics (I have a backlog going back 20 years over half a dozen consoles and handhelds), so whilst I will get around to playing the latest games, it may not be for some time (Though I am currently playing Fallout 4 on mid/high settings (Actually, I could probably go higher than I am running it, as every time I boost the settings, I don't see any change in the performance). If people want the best graphics for minimum effort and cost, then yes, a console is probably the way to go... Though by the time you've built a library exceeding 20 or so games, the price difference has practically vanished.

Long story short - Game on whatever system you prefer.

Avatar image for livedreamplay

@Golden_Gonads: Personal experience made me have a different opinion. Bought a 150$ gpu, lasted for 6 months on ultra and then had to go down a notch, after 2 years it was barely playing any game. Bought a 200$ one, same story. Now I have an expensive one and it works great, but I paid the price, and I'm pretty sure it won't play ultra for much long either. I definitely understand people that don't bother with this and just buy a 300$ console, something that I will probably also do in the future, unless things change...

True, everyone should game on whatever they feel most confortable with ...

Avatar image for rosinmonkekyx17

I'll buy if it drops to free :D

Avatar image for DrunkenPunk800

@rosinmonkekyx17: PC game, and it'll drop to under $10 eventually.

Avatar image for xantufrog

That's a pretty sweet sale

Avatar image for Barighm

Just as I buy Inquisition. Figures.

Breath of Fire 4...damn it, I'd like to see the PS1 games on the PS4 too.

Avatar image for lvsolja

@Barighm: ganes we amready purchased should be available to redoenload on ps4,honoring that purchase thats accounted for by that user.

Avatar image for thageorgian

@Barighm: do you like inquisition so far? For 15 bucks that is would you recommend it to somebody who liked witcher alot and the standards it set?

Avatar image for peekaboo0

@thageorgian: If you like mmo and bland main protagonist then this game is for you. Main quest is about 8 hours, the rest are fetch quests like "place flowers on the grave" or "escort animal" and you have to close like 200 rifts and farm other stuff in order to progress main story. Don't even compare it to The Witcher. And you're hearing this from a huge Dragon Age fan. Well, after Inquisition: former Dragon Age fan.

Avatar image for rosinmonkekyx17

@thageorgian: I mean, if you're a fan of ME then yes

People that made ME, best dialogue and storyline in their games

Avatar image for thageorgian

@rosinmonkekyx17: whats ME

Avatar image for rosinmonkekyx17

@thageorgian: Mass Effect

Avatar image for thageorgian

@rosinmonkekyx17: lol figured a little after posting, and actually ended up buying watch dogs with season pass and dragon age for 34bucks a pretty good deal. After playing both for a few hours they aren't amazing per say but deff worth the price

Avatar image for InYourMouf

Having just picked up a PS4 and primarily being a PC gamer, I'm pretty underwhelmed by these sales. You can get physical copies of most of these games for the same price, and physical copies are way better in the console world.

Avatar image for livedreamplay

@InYourMouf: PC will always be cheaper, but you'll spend more than the difference for always having an up to date PC...

Avatar image for InYourMouf

@livedreamplay: Not necessarily. That's only if you want the latest cutting edge graphics. Dialing in console-like settings on PC (which is what I've done for years) keeps costs down. Of course, we're talking about the games that are actually well-optimized. When Ubisoft releases turd PC ports that's a whole different story.

Avatar image for livedreamplay

@InYourMouf: That's the main problem, they're almost never properly optimized, because they don't care that you don't have the latest technology. I still play Civilization and such on Steam, but I have a PS4 for the new games, because I know that I bought it with 300$ and that I will play all the games properly for the next years...

Avatar image for InYourMouf

@livedreamplay: A lot of developers do care; in fact most do. It's just the stinkers like Ubisoft games, Dead Rising 3, etc that make it seem otherwise. I have a $200 graphics card and a 8-year-old CPU and there isn't a single game in my 300+ game Steam library I can't run on high settings. The Witcher 3 runs on Ultra, with far better graphics and performance than the PS4 version.

While I love the simplicity of playing games on consoles, and the more fair and level playing field of multiplayer, the argument that PC gaming costs more just isn't true--unless you're an Alienware-buying buffoon.

Avatar image for livedreamplay

@InYourMouf: So you're saying you're running The Witcher 3 on Ultra with an 8 year old processor? This will be my last comment as your lie is astonishing. 8 years ago the core 2 duo was launched, and the minimum requirement (minimum, not for ultra, just the minimum) is an i5 3.3Ghz. So please, move along....

Avatar image for InYourMouf

@livedreamplay: Wow. I guess you really don't know much about PCs after all. I'm running a Core 2 Quad Q9550. YouTube it if you don't believe it can run the latest games, plenty of videos out there for any game you can think of. I don't even have this one overclocked.

And every PC gamer knows minimum requirements are not the final word. Now, please apologize for calling me a liar or this will be my last comment to you, sir.

Avatar image for Barighm

@InYourMouf: Still early in the console life. "New" is enough to keep the prices up, but they're starting to drop into the single digits dollar range.

Avatar image for thageorgian

Is dragon age worth it for 15 bucks?

Avatar image for Barighm

@thageorgian: Depends. Did you hate DA2 because it was not like Origins? If your answer is yes, then no, it's not worth it at any price. Haven't played any Dragon Age game? Then it's worth it.

Avatar image for thageorgian

@Barighm: i havent played any dragon age games, however I have played Witcher 3 which I absolutely adored, and I know this game will be nowhere as good compared to witcher (most games now actually) but for 15 bucks im assuming its tons of content if rather mundane quests and combat so idk

Avatar image for hansbeej

@thageorgian: Dragon Age: Inquisition is probably the closest thing to Witcher 3 out there right now. And if memory serves it runs great on the PS4. It's an OK game, a ton of content.

Avatar image for Pawfalcon

Enslaved deserves more love. Might pick it up just for the DLC

Avatar image for meedokicky

Been wanting to get Drive Club for a while now... maybe I'll pick it up >_o

But even when not on sale, the PS+ version was cheaper, is that just a deal for PS+ members or is it different from the base game?

Avatar image for girlusocrazy

@meedokicky: The PS+ version was free and only had one country you could choose tracks from. You got a discount of $10 off the full price if you wanted to unlock the full game.

Avatar image for meedokicky

@girlusocrazy: Oh so that is why it has its own store page. Thanks for clearing that up :)

Avatar image for virtuasega

Damn, some really great sales!

Avatar image for deactivated-5c0b07b32bf03

Awesome sale! But I already have most of what I want.

Avatar image for gameroutlawzz

Bloodborne DLC on sale please?

Avatar image for Barighm

@gameroutlawzz: Sorry. It's still on the new side, plus Souls DLC very rarely goes on sale. In fact, by this point, I've seen copies of Scholars of the First Sin selling for less money than all of the game's DLC's. Bloodborne is likely in the same boat.

Don't bother waiting. Just get the DLC. It's good. The dev is well worth supporting, so don't cheap out on the good games.

Avatar image for girlusocrazy

@Barighm: This

Avatar image for keech

It's kind of telling when all the games I would like to buy during this sale aren't available on the PS4. It's like Sony doesn't want my money.

Avatar image for Barighm

@keech: Actually, you can blame the Japanese devs more than anything else. Unless they're Square or Capcom, they're pretty guarded about their releases. Inafune was crapping on the Japanese development scene because of stuff like that. The guy behind Pheonix Rising says they don't know how to develop modern games anymore.

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