GTA 5 Celebrates San Andreas' 10-Year Anniversary This Weekend

San Andreas re-releasing on Xbox 360 this Sunday, and three mobile GTA games are currently on sale.

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This Sunday, October 26, marks the 10-year anniversary of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' release in North America. Rockstar is marking the occasion in a number of ways, the most notable of which is an anniversary event it's hosting in Grand Theft Auto Online.

The San Andreas Anniversary Weekend is now live in GTA V's online mode and runs through October 26. This consists in part of a new limited-time playlist, San Andreas Throwback Jobs, that offers fan-created missions with callbacks to San Andreas. (A list of the missions is available here.) By participating in the playlist, you'll earn double RP and GTA$, similar to past events.

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More interesting is what's happening in free mode, where you'll find special crate drops falling out of the sky for you to claim. These crates hold exclusive t-shirts featuring one of four radio stations from San Andreas (Bounce FM, K-DST, K-JAH, and K-Rose, as pictured above) along with in-game cash and weapons.

Other aspects of the event include 50-percent discounts on green clothing (the color of choice for your gang in San Andreas), BMX bikes, bandanas, and other accessories, as well as a 25-percent discount on lowered-suspension vehicle mods. There's also a Snapmatic contest that you can read more about at Rockstar's website.

Even if you've moved on from GTA V, there are still ways to celebrate the anniversary. As reported earlier this week, Rockstar plans on re-releasing San Andreas on Xbox 360 with 720p graphics, improved draw distances, and achievements on October 26. Alternatively, if you'd prefer to play GTA on the go, you can get the GTA III-era games on the cheap between now and November 9.

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I am a Ba77as in da real life

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OG Ballas all the way !

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I am saving up my app nanas to get $5 xbox code but i dont know if it will work ing the UK :(

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nice one. I have been waiting for this. Going to bring back fond memories. Oh the nostalgia but now with chievos too.

I could be playing GTA 5 and San Andreas all they way through Christmas!

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no ps3 HD remake?


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Why not on the Vita ?

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@sonicblast19 Well, the Vita doesn't even have the market share that the Sega Game Gear had 20 years ago, the latter wasn't exactly a success. We are in 2014, dedicated handheld consoles have been mostly killed by smartphones and tablets and are mostly useless if you have any of them if i put aside a few exclusive titles from Nintendo. Next question.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Because for some stupid reason there aren't enough people who care about the vita. Developers and Consumers alike...

They'd rather play the 3DS (Of which the only point I can even find to own one is Smash Bros and various Mario Games... the system is crap. I own both and it's not even a contest.)

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Maybe Rockstar will give us GTA: Vice City. It was, IMHO, the best GTA ever. I couldn't get into the whole "rap culture" of San Andreas. Plus, the soundtrack was so bad in SA that I ended up turning it off after a few hours. But I did like the game, and finished it 100%.

I think the later mis-numbered GTA games (those released on the 360) were inferior to Vice City & San Andreas, though. No way to stash your cars, the gameplay wasn't as good to me, and there were no lousy online modes to derail the purpose of the game.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> " the soundtrack was so bad in SA that I ended up turning it off after a few hours " You have got to be kidding me...

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Um, you 'stash' your cars in IV by parking outside your building in the squares. In V you can put it in your garage.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> The rap and funk stations were the only thing good about the soundtrack. The rest was garbage. Jane's Addiction sucks.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I feel bad for anyone who couldn't find at least a dozen songs in San Andreas that they enjoyed! That game had such a rockin' soundtrack, rather diverse as well.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Yeah, I don't know about this guy because San Andreas soundtrack was awesome.

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Anybody for some Hot Coffee? ;)

(ladies only please)

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Maybe when they celebrate the ten year anniversary of GTA V we'll get a PC version.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Dude you are not paying attention to GTA V news. It's been announce for a couple of months already.. I believe it's coming next year

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lol Any of you wise asses heard of sarcasm?

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Or maybe some news about Red Dead 2

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<< LINK REMOVED >> a pc version of what? Gta v pc is coming out january 27 2015

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@pcmastrrace @yngsten ... And that will put an end to 1 year and an half delay since the consoles release, as a PC user i should even feel privileged that they release anything for us following the red dead redemption complete snub... I had nothing to say about the 6 months waiting that used to be the norm for GTA games coming to PC, I understand that they had to make money on consoles before that it was wildly pirated on PC, but as a legitimate buyer 1 year and an half is quite an excessive delay...

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i want this on PSvita damn it

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Who wouldn't? it will be amazing

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I love all of the grand theft auto's. But my favourite is actually IV. I just really appreciated all the little details it had and the vehicle damage and handling was awesome. V was great but way too short for a GTA game.

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Woah woah the handling? It was like trying to drive a bouncy castle...

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Yes definitely the handling! Was very realistic especially for that type of game. Took real skill to pull off great manoeuvres and which made it all the more satisfying when you did. I'm so glad they didn't dumb down vehicle handling in IV, so refreshing. V was more dumbed down though.

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10's sound's unbelievable that it's so old... time passes...

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Time flies i know.

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I sold GTA V a couple months ago, but I'm curious about the current status in the heists, did they get released yet?

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<< LINK REMOVED >> They said fall then delayed them yet again we will see heists just before GTA 6 is coming out.

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10 years ago I was only 10 years old. 100% Completing San Andreas felt like an accomplishment to me with the annoying game mechanics at times. I played it so hard that my game save got ruined and the disc no longer worked.

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Grove street, home.

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Can't wait to play GTA 5 on a Galaxy Note 13! Maybe by then the PC version will be released too.

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Does anyone know if this going to come out for PS3?

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I know the answer to your question, but I'm not going to tell you sht. $100 first.

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It more than likely will... I'm sure MS payed them for timed exclusive

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I knew that somebody was going to say that MS payed for this. Do you know how dumb this is ? What company in their right mind would pay to have a 10 year old game be exclusive? The answer is nobody. There is nothing to gain from it.

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Besides the fact it's considered "One of" the best games in history: being (somewhat remastered) there is alot to gain from it...

what's your argument?

Do you realize how many people actually believe this is a 360 exclusive ? (Meaning sales for MS)

that's what MS gains from it...

to your defence, yes they would pay Rockstar to do it, and no its probably not that expinsive considering it is 10 years old.

say MS payed them 100k cash to remake it, okay... they sell 500k copies at *insert price* ...

It's win win for MS and Rockstar.

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