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GTA 5 Battle Royale Mod Turns The Game Into Single-Player Fortnite, PUBG

Complex Control tasks players with surviving an onslaught of skydiving and driving AI enemies.


Grand Theft Auto V has a whole new way to play that's sure to appeal to PUBG and Fortnite fans, thanks to modder Theaetik. Theaetik has created Complex Control, which transforms the game into a single-player battle royale/roguelite shooter. It's available now on PC, and promises "high replayability and feels as though there's always something new to experience every run."

Complex Control features 70 unique characters with color-matched weapons and vehicles. It tasks the player with controlling and surviving a deadly zone populated with AI parachuting from the sky or driving right towards you. There are more than 50 unique abilities (with cooldowns), and players can choose from a pre-made set of characters with their own weapons, abilities, and vehicles as they try to survive. You progress your own character until they die or until you trade them.

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The mod promises a fast, frantic experience. Move speed is boosted and you get in and out of vehicles more quickly. Theaetik says it isn't just a GTA5 copy of existing battle royale experiences; the combination of abilities and roguelite elements, like procedural gameplay, permadeath, and permanent progression, seek to set it apart. It also has its own save system independent of the core GTA5 experience.

You can get more info on Complex Control on the mod's page, and check out its trailer above. Meanwhile, GTA5 continues to see unbridled sales success five years after it came out, thanks in part to a brand new version of the game just being released. Relive the history of the iconic series in this lookback at Grand Theft Auto milestones from every game.

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