GTA 5 Adds New Parachuting Multiplayer Mode

Plus, Benny's gets an update as well.


Rockstar Games has announced and released a new gametype for Grand Theft Auto Online, the multiplayer mode for Grand Theft Auto V. Called DropZone, the Adversary Mode sees teams of paratroopers jumping out of helicopters (called Cargobobs in GTA V) and then racing back to earn to control a piece of land.

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"No man is an island here," Rockstar said. "Players will need to attack and defend as a unit."

DropZone supports four teams and up to 16 players at once. It sounds like a rush.

"This mode is fast, chaotic, and prone to huge swings in fortune," Rockstar said. "First team to hold the drop zone for a total of two non-continuous minutes wins. There are five Drop Zone maps, each requiring a unique approach to deal with changes in terrain and cover."

The maps are located at Pillbox Hill, Richman College, Elysian Island, the Mirror Park cul-de-sac, and the Sisyphus Theater. DropZone is only available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions of GTA Online.

The new GTA Online update also introduces changes to Benny's Original Motor Works, the in-game shop for lowriders. You can now bring the cars Karin Sultan and Bravado Banshee to the shop and upgrade them into the Karin Sultan RS and the Bravado Banshee 900R, which are "high-performance wide-body" race car versions.

"When fully modded, the Sultan RS and the Banshee 900R can even compete with top tier Supercars like the Zentorno and T20," Rockstar said.

As Rockstar often does when updates are released, the developer is celebrating the launch of DropZone and the Benny's updates by offering Double GTA$ and RP and in-game discounts this coming weekend. More details will be announced later.

Finally, Rockstar teased that a Valentine's Day event is coming to GTA Online next month. "Keep an eye on GTA Online next month for some items you're sure to fall in love with..." the studio said.

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I just got GTA V for PS4 and despite having a PS Plus subscription I can't play GTA Online at all. It keeps on giving me cannot connect so Social Club or simply says connection time out. I've got my PS4 on DMZ and Network Test shows NAT Type 2.

Can anyone help me out?

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Here comes the lonely people hating on multiplayer games because they have no friends.

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@TheWalkingGhost: Lol...

A lot of multiplayer fans don't like GTA V's multiplayer. It has nothing to do with multiplayer friends, and it definitely has nothing to do with your actual friends. It's GTA V. You could just join a crew if it's that serious.

Some people just don't like the direction the series is headed. If you can't understand that, here's an example. You seem to like the multiplayer. What if they shifted back to focusing on the single player? Even if something doesn't affect you directly, you can still understand what other people are dealing with. You know what your favorite games are and you know how you would feel if /when they change into something else you don't like.

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@PS2fweak: That's not what they are doing, these people are just hating on it in general. Very little reason is giving other it teh suxorz, not really a valid reason. Also why have online and ignore it?

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I wish they would stop focusing on crappy multiplayer updates and release some proper single player dlc like they did for GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption!

GTA5 Multiplayer is just full of scumbags who want to kill you and blow up your property, and the co-op missions are just aggravating as **** because they dont allow much room for error or give you enough lives.

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Ah, more multiplayer crap. How useful.

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That's neat I guess, I would like for them to add another survival map.