GTA 5: A Classic Sportscar, Big Discounts, And Major RP In GTA Online

"Pure and primal."


GTA Online players can get there hands on some slick additions to the game this week in Grand Theft Auto V. A new sports car called the Grotti Turismo Classic is now available at Legendary Motorsport. Rockstar says the Sports Classic class car is a "pure and primal" throwback to a simpler time. Check it out for yourself.

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Players can really clean up for the next seven days with some big prize boosts on the Special Vehicle Race Bumblebee (locked to the Rocket Voltic). Featured as a Premium Race this week, get behind the wheel for triple RP and place in the top three to win major GTA$ rewards until April 10.

There are a few discounts for you too. Available today and tomorrow, you can get 25% off many high-end items, including the chance to grab an Executive Office to run Special Cargo and Vehicle Cargo operations. Here are the two-day deals:

  • Executive Offices and Executive Garages
  • Vehicles: Debauchee Massacro, Pegassi Tempesta
  • Vehicle Upgrades and Modifications: Transmissions, Vehicle Armor, Brakes Handguns

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