GTA 4 PC Update Restores Cut Music But Renders The Game Unplayable For Some

GTA 4 on PC update reportedly added cut music but also corrupted users' saves, while an unrelated bug has since made the game unplayable.


Back in 2018, licensing issues caused music to be removed from Grand Theft Auto IV. Now, a new update for Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition on PC reportedly added cut music back into the game but also corrupted some Steam users' saves according to a discussion on Steam. The update rolled out early on May 28 and was quickly met with users upset about corrupted save files. According to other users the game was rolled back to a previous version within a couple of hours, no longer corrupting save files.

However this wasn't the end of GTA 4's recent issues on PC with players reporting a new bug on May 30, as the game reportedly began giving players an "Error 1001" when attempting to play. Users say the game fails to connect to Rockstar Social Club and is unplayable in its current state. Other users have posted saying that they have bypassed the issue by changing the date on their computers prior to when the issue started.

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The game has seen a spike in negative reviews since the issue started, going from about 10 negative reviews a day prior to May 30 and to roughly four times as many per day since then.

The PC version has had a rough couple months, with the game not being available for purchase on Steam temporarily due to issues with the defunct Games for Windows Live and the online multiplayer getting permanently disabled in the process.

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