GTA 4: New Report Compares Xbox 360 And Xbox One Versions

Faster on Xbox One.


Rockstar's acclaimed 2008 open-world game Grand Theft Auto IV was added to the Xbox One's backwards compatibility program this week. We played it. You might have as well. But how does the game perform on Xbox One compared to Xbox 360? According to Eurogamer, the Xbox One version runs faster, though there are some issues as well, apparently.

"It hits the same performance level as original hardware, but can actually deliver anything up to a 5fps advantage," the site reported. "In terms of the quality of Microsoft's virtual machine, this is impressive - GTA IV hits CPU hard, in particular."

According to Eurogamer, the frame pacing is different comparing the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions--and it's not to the new console's benefit.

"Where 360 delivers new frames in 16ms and 33ms intervals, Xbox One often tosses in a bunch of 50ms and even 66ms spikes," the site said. "The end result is that while mathematically, GTA IV runs faster on Xbox One than it does on Xbox 360, the experience is something else entirely. It feels choppier and more uneven, while controller latency--hardly one of the game's strongest points on original hardware--sometimes feels significantly laggier on Xbox One. In certain areas, frame-pacing seems to normalize but by and large, in-game performance seems less stable."

You can read Eurogamer's full report here and watch the video above to learn more.

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