GTA 4 Gets Selfies With New Mod -- How Will You Photograph Yourself?

Not to be outdone by Grand Theft Auto V, GTA IV gets a mod to allow you to take pictures and video of your character.


Grand Theft Auto IV launched in December 2008 on PC, and since then it's been receiving numerous improvements from its community. Recently, GTA IV's graphics were overhauled with the newest version of the comprehensive iCEnhancer mod, making it look as good, if not better than, some games released this year. Certainly, it gives 2013's Grand Theft Auto V a run for its money.

But GTA V still exceeded GTA IV in one way: you can take selfies of your character. Luckily, the modding community responded to remedy this omission. As reported by Kotaku, modding blog GTA X Scripting posted the mod and an accompanying video showcasing the new feature, and it looks expectedly ridiculous.

With the mod, you have the ability to snap pictures and videos of yourself while doing anything. This means that if you want to take a video of your character driving, that is now possible. Just don't be surprised when you swerve and crash because you can't see out the front windshield.

If GTA IV and its mods aren't enough GTA action, you can pick up a remastered Grand Theft Auto V for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 this fall.

What will your selfies document you doing? Let us know in the comments.

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