GT Sport's PS4 Pro Improvements Detailed

The Ferrari's red color will be represented accurately for the first time in the series.


Gran Turismo Sport won't release in time for the PS4 Pro's launch next week, but when it does finally come out, it'll tout some improvements that can only be found on the upgraded console.

Series creator Kazunori Yamauchi revealed in a presentation that GT Sport will feature an 1800p checkerboard upscaled to 4K, as well as HDR and wide color support (via Eurogamer). Yamauchi said the game will be capable of reaching a brightness of up to 10,000 nits on HDR-enabled displays, employing a BT2020 color space. Because of this, it can take advantage of a wider range of colors, meaning it's the first game in the series to accurately reflect the classic Ferrari red.

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"Ferrari's red was a color that was outside the color space up until now," Yamauchi said. "With Gran Turismo Sport on Pro, the red of the Ferrari is accurately represented. All the McLaren cars, the color is outside of the color space that's been represented in the past."

GT Sport releases exclusively for PS4 next year. It was originally penciled in to release in 2016 but was delayed this past August. No specific release date has been set since, but we'll keep you updated as more is revealed. For now, you can check out some gorgeous racing gameplay here.

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In related news, the upcoming PS4 racing game will not feature dynamic time or weather. The decision to drop these two features, which were key to the series, was made "in order to raise the frame rate and the quality of the image." Players will still be able to set time and weather before the start of a race.

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