GT Interactive Races Retro Classics

Racing games take up an amazing amount of space and many times a lot of them look alike. GT goes where other developers never go... back to the retro-classic Trans-Am.


Just when you thought every last type of car had been simulated....

GT Interactive, along with Sports Car Club of America and Engineering Animation Inc., has announced it's collaborating on a Trans-Am racing sim.

GT Interactive signed a license with the SCCA for the "worldwide rights across all entertainment software platforms for the Trans-Am Racing series seasons of 1968-1972."

EAI is providing software that, according to Linda Lannon, the company's senior director of interactive business development, "actualizes force, movement, and automobile orientation - in real time - on the computer screen." All this research for the sake of realistic car motion and crashes. EAI has already had some experience in the re-creation of realistic car crashes - the company has spent close to a decade using its software to re-create auto accidents for litigation purposes.

The game that is rising out of all of this collaborating will be slapped with the title Trans-Am Racing and is tentatively scheduled for a fall 1998 release. Players will be able to race in the '68 Chevrolet Camaro, '70 Boss Mustang FB, '70 Pontiac Firebird, '66 Dodge Dart, '72 AMC Javelin, and other muscle cars from that era.

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