GT Advance 2: Rally Racing powerslides into stores

THQ ships the rally driving game for the Game Boy Advance to retailers.


The sequel to the popular GT Advance Championship Racing, GT Advance 2: Rally Racing, has been shipped to stores. The game will include 15 cars and 42 different tracks to choose from. There will also be a variety of weather conditions in the game's 14 stages of racing. Each car is rated in handling, grip, acceleration, and maximum speed, and choosing the correct car for each race is an important part of completing the game. GT Advance 2 also includes streaming dialogue from your racing coach to help you through the more difficult portions of each track.

"As the number-one independent third-party publisher for Game Boy Advance titles, we are excited to solidify our position by releasing GT Advance 2," said Michael Rubinelli, vice president, product development, THQ. "It brings realistic rally racing to the GBA, giving gamers the chance to specialize and tweak multiple aspects of gameplay in a game that is easy to pick up and play."

There will be seven gameplay modes in GT Advance 2, including head-to-head modes using the Game Boy Advance Link Cable. Look for our full review of GT Advance 2 in the near future.

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