GSL Code A Brackets for 2014's Season 1 Released

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Consider this a public service announcement. According to the ever reliable Team Liquid, details for the upcoming Season 1 of 2014's GSL Code A Brackets have been released for public consumption. Given the nature of the beast, this may change at some point but this looks to a good barometer of upcoming events.

January 15

  • Group A (streamed): (P)sOs vs (Z)Shine, (P)Classic vs (T)GuMiho
  • Group B (unstreamed): (Z)EffOrt vs (Z)Curious, (Z)Sleep vs (P)Ruin

January 16

  • Group C (streamed): (T)Flash vs (P)YongHwa, (Z)Leenock vs (T)BrAvO
  • Group D (unstreamed): (T)KeeN vs (P)MyuNgSiK, (P)Trust vs (Z)Symbol

January 17

  • Group E (streamed): (T)FanTaSy vs (T)Bbyong, (P)Super vs (Z)Solar
  • Group F (unstreamed): (P)Hurricane vs (P)Panic, (Z)RorO vs (T)Cure

January 22

  • Group G (streamed): (T)INnoVation vs (P)Zest, (P)Stork vs (P)herO[jOin]
  • Group H (unstreamed): (Z)Life vs (P)ParalyzE, (T)sKyHigh vs (P)Squirtle

January 23

  • Group I (streamed): (T)Reality vs (P)Sora, (T)Hack vs (Z)DongRaeGu
  • Group J (unstreamed): (T)SuperNova vs (Z)CoCa, (T)TheBest vs (P)Stats

January 24

  • Group K (streamed): (Z)Hydra vs (T)Dream, (T)Ryung vs (Z)TRUE
  • Group L (unstreamed): (Z)Savage vs (Z)Dark, (P)Seed vs (Z)Pet

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