GS tourney report: BF2 is HOT

Team HOT secures trip to After Hours in recent GameSpot-sanctioned tournament.


Team 20ID put up a good fight but couldn't stop Team HOT from dominating the field, as Team HOT won GameSpot's Infantry Wars tournament and will fly out to GameSpot's After Hours event in October. The Battlefield 2 competition, which was infantry only, began with a definite back-and-forth, both teams claiming the lead for short periods of time. Early on, 20ID took and held on to a lead with excellent marksmanship. Not much later, however, the flags were back to an even split, before team 20ID lost the lead and couldn't recover. Team HOT won the first round 15 tickets to zero. In the second round, pressing their advantage, Team HOT took the lead and never let up. Over the course of the round, they claimed all of the flags and then systematically eliminated Team 20ID, guaranteeing them their trip to GameSpot's After Hours event next month.

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