GS AU Infamous 2 event photo gallery

We check in with Sucker Punch developers and the Aussie community at a special GS AU hands-on preview event for Sony's upcoming Infamous 2.


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GameSpot AU teamed up with the good folks at Sony over the weekend to hold a special preview event at the publisher's Sydney offices for the upcoming PlayStation 3 action adventure, Infamous 2.

On hand to chat to the GS AU community were Ken Schramm (communications manager) and Joe Ifhikura (lead game designer) from Sucker Punch studios, who showed off some new gameplay trailers and talked about the game's new features, including a revamped karma system and a handful of new powers for Cole.

Punters also got the chance to try the game out, with Sony's supply of bacon and egg rolls keeping everyone powered up throughout the morning. Check out our photos from the event below!

No Caption ProvidedThe Sony offices…nice and neat before the madness descended.

No Caption ProvidedPunters start filing in; fingers itching to pick up the controllers…but not yet, guys!

No Caption ProvidedHmm…there sure seem to be a lot of cutscenes in this game…(the demo wasn't turned on until after the presentation).

No Caption ProvidedYay! The Sucker Punch presentation gets underway in the Sony boardroom.

No Caption ProvidedFinally, people can actually start playing the game!

No Caption ProvidedSucker Punch's Joe Ifhikura gets friendly with the GS AU community.

No Caption ProvidedThere weren't enough consoles to cater to the 30-plus punters, but people didn't mind waiting their turn to have a hands-on experience.

No Caption ProvidedGS AU community members pose for the camera.

No Caption ProvidedBacon and egg rolls, juices, and beer (for those who wanted it!) were on hand to keep punters happy throughout the morning.

No Caption ProvidedJess Hodgson trying out Cole's new ionic powers.

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