Grounded Patch Notes Include Fixes For Top Community-Requested Issues

Obsidian's Honey, I Shrunk the Kids-meets-Rust survival game has been updated again.


Obsidian's survival game Grounded has been updated on all platforms to address a number of issues raised by the community and more. The new 0.8.1 update is out now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, and the patch notes are outlined below.

Starting off, bases built on certain objects will no longer return an "Unsupported" error when you try to load them. Additionally, melee and ranged attacks should now register more like they should, while you should experience less lag and hitching when looking at buildings. Furthermore, any backpacks that escape the game world will now resync with you.

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Outside of these fixes, Grounded's trail market for the "Weed Killer Peak" quest will now show up in the right place, while any insects you've stuffed can be placed on furniture.

There are also some UI changes. Hammer build icons are now part of the "Toggle Trail Marker and Backpack" icons action, while the "Eat/Drink or Die" warning, along with the breath meter, should no longer become stuck on the screen after you respawn.

You can see the full list of patch notes below, as shared by Obsidian. The Microsoft-owned studio's next project is the RPG Avowed, which is set in the Pillars of Eternity universe.

Grounded Bug Fixes -- All Platforms


  • Bases built on certain objects will no longer be considered "Unsupported" on load, and will not collapse after being modified.
  • Clients will no longer randomly fail to register melee and ranged attacks.
  • Reduced lag/hitching when looking at buildings in large bases.
  • Backpacks that fall through the world for clients will eventually resync back to the correct host position.


  • The Trail Marker for the BURG.L Quest: "Weed Killer Peak" will now be in the correct location if it already existed in your world.


  • Stuffed insects can once again be placed on furniture.


  • Bees aren't as clumsy around flowers and thus will drop pollen less often.


  • Hoop's hair and other dangling pieces on chest armor should behave more appropriately in Photo Mode.


  • Hammer build icons are now included in the "Toggle Trail Marker and Backpack Icons" action.
  • The breath meter and the "Eat/Drink or Die" warning elements no longer get stuck on screen after respawning.
  • The "[Type] Tool Required" warning no longer overlaps the harvest resource name on the HUD.


  • Reverted the new day base music changes back to the night music to continue work on this for a future update.

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