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Grounded Insect Hammer: How To Upgrade Your Hammer Quickly

The Insect Hammer in Grounded is arguably the most important tool to craft as soon as you can.


In Grounded, the Insect Hammer opens up a host of new items available to you that are critical if you're looking to finish the game. Without this hammer, you'll be unable to break down rock masses that grant you upgrade ingredients for any of your weapons and tools, among other things such as Candy Corn, Salt Clusters, and Ice Cap Mints. The starter Pebblet Hammer just can't provide the same smashing power to bust through these tougher objects. Here's how to get the Insect Hammer in Grounded.

How to get the Grounded Insect Hammer

Like other items, you'll first need to unlock the recipe for the Insect Hammer, which you can do in one of two ways: Either analyze all of its crafting ingredients at a Field Station, or by leveling up to Brainpower 6 where it auto-unlocks the recipe. The recipe for the Insect Hammer includes:

  • 4 Stinkbug Parts
  • 4 Berry Leather
  • 1 Boiling Gland

Like the Insect Axe, none of these items are cut off from you as soon as you start the game, so the major consideration is simply how combat-ready you feel. If you play in co-op and wear armor, your odds of survival will drastically increase. Next, we'll go over where to find each of these items.

Stinkbugs are found in several places, but most notably in the Dry Grasslands near where the Fire Ants dwell, and not far from The Haze, a perpetually poisonous region you ought not to enter without the Gas Mask (1 Weevil Nose, 4 Gnat Fuzz, 2 Crude Rope, 1 Stinkbug part).

Because the Gas Mask is so virtually essential to defeating a Stinkbug, but itself requires a Stinkbug Part to even craft it in the first place, you might feel trapped in a cycle of unpreparedness, but don't fret. You can either take out a Stinkbug at range using a bow, or, if you're really crafty, sic other insects on the bug, such as Fire Ants or a Ladybug, simply by making the Stinkbug attack those other bugs when they're going for you.

The Insect Hammer is truly smashing!
The Insect Hammer is truly smashing!

Once you've killed enough Stinkbugs to collect four Parts, you can head to The Grasslands or near the Flower Bed to find Bombadiers, who will sometimes drop a Boiling Gland when killed. You'll just need the one, so it should be a quick trip. Lastly, you'll need four Berry Leather, which is crafted from Blueberries (Berry Chunks) found all around The Hedge to the eastern edge of the map. Three Berry Chunks equal one Berry Leather, so you'll need to collect 12 Berry Chunks in total before heading to your workbench and crafting four Berry Leather.

Once you've unlocked all nine total ingredients, you can craft a Insect Hammer at any workbench and open up a whole new world of smashable crafting items. For more on Obsidian's bug-squishing survival game, check out out Grounded review.

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