Groot's Last Avengers: Infinity War Line Translated, And It'll Punch You Right In The Heart

James Gunn reveals a spoiler-y line of dialogue from toward the end of the movie.


Avenger: Infinity War is an unusually dark movie for something with Marvel's name on it. Thanos is bringing the war to the MCU's heroes in a way we haven't seen before, leading to some emotional moments. Among the many characters in the movie is the now-teenaged Groot, who seemingly cares more about playing video games than anything else. Avengers: Infinity War spoilers follow.

As always, we're limited to hearing his dialogue through his signature "I am Groot" line with different inflections, but the character is actually communicating. Now, thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, who was involved with Infinity War's production, we know just what one of those lines meant.

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Groot is among the many characters in Infinity War who dies. Given his generally cute appearance, his was one of the tougher deaths to watch, and that's only more true now. Asked on Twitter what his last utterance of "Groot" means, Gunn provided a one-word answer: "Dad."

Gunn added that this isn't something he decided after being asked online; according to him, it was actually in the screenplay. Regardless, this makes Rocket's survival all the more tragic; not only is he the only member of the Guardians left alive, but he had to helplessly watch as his son-like figure faded away while referring to Rocket as his father. The eventual Blu-ray release of the movie had better come with a box of tissues.

Indeed, many have responded to Gunn's tweet to share how saddened they are by it. He apologized for upsetting fans but did seem touched that people care as much as they do. "I knew my answer to the spoiler question last night was touching and sad, but I really did not expect to wake up to so many tweets of people telling me they're crying," he said. "Sorry for that if you're at work or whatever. But it means a lot to me you love the characters as much as I do."

If you're still coming to grips with Infinity War, you can help process it with our favorite and least favorite moments. Or, if you'd rather get upset, check out our recap of every character who died.

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