GripShift, Jumping Flash! now on PS3 store

Home version of PSP racer and PSP version of PS platformer now available for download.


Sony introduced a pair of old games to new platforms yesterday, as the company released GripShift and Jumping Flash! on the PlayStation 3's online store.

Originally released in 2005 for the PlayStation Portable, GripShift is a racing game that blends elements of platformer and puzzle games into the action. For its downloadable debut on the PS3, Sony has included support for high-definition 720p graphics, online multiplayer for up to four players, more than 125 new or remixed levels, as well as 25 tracks and a modified soundtrack. GripShift is available for $9.99.

The other new release on the PlayStation Store is Jumping Flash!, the latest original PlayStation game that PS3 owners can download for play on the PSP. One of the earliest 3D platformers, Jumping Flash! put players in the oversized metallic shoes of a robotic rabbit as they navigated brightly colored levels from a first-person viewpoint. Jumping Flash! is available to download for $5.99, but players will first have to transfer it onto a PSP memory stick with 283MB of free space.

Both games are rated E for Everyone.

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do they do this regularly?

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Too bad the game stunk.

Avatar image for NND1

Jumping Flash was awesome!!

Avatar image for Bio_Spark

Ah, my first 3D platformer, and my first playstation game. Memories... (Maybe I'll pick it up in a few years when the PS3 price is more agreeable.)

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holy hell! Jumping Flash!! It sure has been awhile since I've played that game. Now if only I can get $599 U.S. dollars and a store with a PS3 in stock and I'll be in business.

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I am so sick of people saying Sony is coping its like saying target copied wal-marts super center. I mean what do u expect to happen its called competition for a reason. Then theirs the stuff only your system can do and if its good enough then maybe you can keep it that way. So stop hating and go play your xbox360's obviously its not keeping u entertained enough. So much to the point where every time you turn around all the xbox360 owners are over here hating like usual. Anyway I just started downloading the grip shift and its now done at the end of this message which didn't take long at all.

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Pretty cool once I have the PlayStation 3 I can see how the down loads are compared to the XBOX 360.

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You mean "now available on the Xbox 360 marketplace ripoff?"

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Sony wants us to spent and for them secure $850.00 (somehow thats what the ps3 really cost) for just playing OLD games on psp? oh and i forgot plus what the game cost.........thanks to God it is optional. you will see that in a few days they will sell those games on the internet or better,send them free.i think that Sony should think of this first.

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"so if they wanted 1080p they would have to redo the whole game basically" Not really, they could do it without redoing the textures...there would be little point.....but it wouldn't take much.

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Nothing to say ! Just CO0ol like c*caine

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Jumping Flash! Legend game.

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Anamnawshad...Jumping flash was originally ps1... and Gripshift is if they wanted 1080p they would have to redo the whole game basically (models sprites etc.) to get that kind of res. I believe the whole 1080p shpeal was over the PS3 games...

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more games to add to my PS3, but this time their from the PS Store

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Where is teh 1080p !?!

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awsome I am lucky to have both PS3 and PSP and 4 gigs on my PSP but Im still waiting for Alien Quadrilogy and Resident Evil 2...

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sry for dp but i just saw some screens and they look pretty amazng

Avatar image for peeweeshift

did they release any screens yet?

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awesome. jumping jack...having that would bring back some memories. they need to release Loaded. << LINK REMOVED >>

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sony's gotta give the fanboys something to play on their $600 console because god knows, nothing worth a crap is coming out exclusively for it in the next several months.

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W00T!!! Jumping Flash, I loved that game when I was a kid! Now I just need a PS3...

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KajTrooper, what's the difference? Wii is bringing back the old games. That's cool. Also their advantage since Nintendo has been in the game longer than others. X360 seems to have alot of simple arcade and PC games. Makes sense to me for PS3 to have PS1 and PS2 games for dL. However, the PSP exclusives, I don't know how I fee about that

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good price though

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lhardwick692, PC gaming is far from dead. Just look at the new direct X 10 games that will be comming out somewhere near vista's release, featuring the best graphics we have seen yet. Along with games like Crysis that will be PC exclusive and possibly become the best FPS we've seen yet. And what's wrong with remaking games anyway? Some of the games that have been created are really good and should be shown on the latest generation on consoles.

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I'd rather play "Bill Cosby; Warrior Princess"

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you know what-some people never figure out that microsoft never got into games until the xbox came out.sure there were pc games but the pc market is a dying market.thats what made the xbox com into existense.but funny thing is all the games that microsoft keep having for download if companies like atari akklain and other gaming companies so microsoft is getting rich off of games from long ago.someone mention 599 bucks for psp games..but yet if microsofts 360 had a handheld system they would be downloading games onto the 360 hard drive to port over to their handheld..its called smart marketing..most people that want to download these games for psp will more than likely want to take them games with them to play and play ps3 games on the ps3.................................................... .........................................and while people..mostly xbox fanboys that never seem to run out of bad things about anything thats not xbox--if you dont want psp or ps3 then dont buy it..where there are a million that think downloading stuff onto their ps3 and porting to their ps3..theres another million that thinks it is silly..i do agree that sony to make the games available to psp owners that dont have ps3 but maybe sony is just trying to keep people from hacking the games and causing them to loose money--.. sure nintendo has made millions for rehashing old school has the ps3 is doing it and everyone is whining..and it makes me sick

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The downloads seem to have more substance than the 360 stuff, but why in the hell can't I play the PSX on my PS3 in the first place. And for the millions with PSPs who don't own a PS3, why in the hell doesn't Sony just have PSP owners download the PSX games from their website...Oh well. Still better than paying the same amount of money for broken versions of Street Fighter...

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599 bucks for psp games, brilliant

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I guess Sony ran out of fresh ideas. At least MS is coming out with new material (and new hardware).

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Jumping Flash = classic

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Cool- Jumping Flash was one of my favorite PS1 games.

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Awesome, I like where they are going with all of this. First Tekken, and now this. Cool!

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whup dee doo...

Avatar image for heyhamburgerpim

It would be cool if they'd release some of the Metal Gear PSP games for those of us who didn't get a PSP...

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Jumping Flash was an awesome game.

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o.k... but how about more demos for ps3 games ??..

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classic games = [M*me] + [R*ms ] ;

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It's about time....It's not gonna be used much anyway,they might as well have released it on console launch.

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Well, these are a little lackluster, but waaaay better than what Nintendo release for their VC this week.

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I remember renting Jumping Flash! when I was about ten or so and loving it. I'll have to pick this up, though I'd much rather play it on my PS3 than PSP :?

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I remember Jumping Flash!. I still have it for PlayStation. That was a trippy game, not well-recieved in the North American market. I still liked it.

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dinkybinkleton crap....Jumping flash....I haven't played that in ages. I need to dig up my copy of that.

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Never heard of it either :?

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never heard of it

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"knicknut17 These games won't ever put a dent in my 4 GB Memory Stick Duo...Sweet! " Um... How about if you get 15 of them? ;-)

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Heres the problem with playstationstore. Its a big rip off of Virtual console, and the games available for download are all re-releases of old games people didn't buy the firs time!

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