Gridiron Thunder delays release to go multiplatform

American Football game now coming to iOS and Android at the end of October.


Kickstarter game Gridiron Thunder has pushed the release of the American Football game to the end of October, its developers have said, so that the one-time Ouya exclusive can be made multiplatform.

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The game will now be released on Ouya, iOS, and Android on October 30. "Because we recently chose not to participate in the Free The Games Fund," reads an update on the game's Kickstarter page, "we are no longer bound by the exclusivity requirement of the program and can make Gridiron Thunder available on all Android and iOS phones and tablets, in addition to the Ouya."

Gridiron Thunder originally qualified for Ouya's Free the Games funding campaign, where the company behind the Android microconsole is offering to match any money gained from crowdfunding if the developers pledged Ouya exclusivity for six months.

Developer ModoTXT raised $171,009 for Gridiron Thunder. Many questioned the fact that the game was virtually complete when it took to crowdfunding, and that the total sum had been raised with just 183 backers. Gridiron Thunder was accused of inflating its Kickstarter page to make itself eligible for Ouya funding, and subsequently the developers removed the game from the fund as Ouya changed the rules of its Free the Games campaign.

"Gridiron Thunder is coming along very well and looking great," concludes ModoTXT.

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