GRID 2 gearing up for 2013

Codemasters Racing Studios prepping sequel to 2008 racer with new handling system and connectivity-focused, progression-based multiplayer.



After four years in the garage, GRID is being taken out for a spin. Codemasters today announced that it is readying GRID 2 for release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC next year.

But will it be darker and GRIDdier?
But will it be darker and GRIDdier?

Developed by Codemasters Racing Studios, GRID 2 will introduce a new handling system intended to hit a "sweet spot" between simulation and accessibility. Players will be able to get behind the wheel of cars from four decades and race them through courses throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Beyond the game's single-player career mode, drivers will be able to race head-to-head in a split-screen mode, or through a revamped online mode integrated with the publisher's RaceNet portal.

The original GRID debuted in 2008 to a warm critical reception. Beyond the standard racing action, it introduced a rewind feature that allowed players to undo costly mistakes, a feature that will return for the sequel.

For more on GRID 2, check out GameSpot's first preview of the game.

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