G.Rev developing next-generation game

Arcade shoot-'em-up game developer says it will announce an Xbox 360 game at the Tokyo Game Show.


TOKYO--Japanese game publisher G.Rev may not be the biggest publisher at this week's Tokyo Game Show, but its upcoming announcements will surely get people talking.

The company said today that it will use the show to announce a game for Microsoft's Xbox 360, together with another surprise game, the platform of which is also a mystery. Details of both games will be revealed at the event, but considering the company is best known for its arcade shooters, it's possible that more twitch games are on the way.

G.Rev is one of the few remaining arcade developers in Japan that is dedicated to creating shooting games. Established in 2000, the company is known for a number of hit games, including Border Down and the recently released Senko no Ronde, which plays like a mixture of a shooter and a fighting game.

G.Rev has a strong relationship with Sega, since all its arcade games to date have been released on the Naomi platform. A G.Rev statement says all announcements will be made at Sega's booth.

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