Gregory Horror Show E3 2003 Preshow Report

Capcom's kooky hotel adventure game is coming to the States this year.


Capcom has released new information on its upcoming schedule-driven puzzle adventure game, Gregory Horror Show. The game traps you in an otherworldly hotel known as Gregory House. To escape this alternate dimension and get home safely, you'll have to move around the hotel and collect all the wandering souls roaming its hallways.

The quest to Capture souls will lead you to many different puzzles, as each soul has a weak point for you to exploit. You'll need to keep an eye out for clues and even spy on the hotel's other guests to learn their behavior. Timing is a major factor here, as the guests follow specific schedules that govern their actions, including when they sleep, eat, and watch television.

Once you've stolen a soul from a guest, that guest will become enraged, and you'll have to hide from the guest before it can attack. Attacks drain your character's mentality points, and running out of points renders you just as crazy as the rest of the hotel's guests, presumably ending the game.

Gregory Horror Show was originally planned for release in early 2004, but now it sounds as though Capcom is planning to release it this fall.

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