Green DS Lite bundle planted May 3

Nintendo's money-minting handheld picks up apt new hue; packaged with Personal Trainer: Cooking, carrying case next month.


The Nintendo DSi launched to impressive demand earlier this month, selling 600,000 units total in North America and Europe during its first two days. However, even with that impressive demand for the DS's latest hardware revision, Nintendo still has plans to support its best-selling DS Lite.


Today, Nintendo announced that the latest color to be added to the DS Lite's hardware rainbow will be green. The green DS Lite will be available on May 3 and comes bundled with Personal Trainer: Cooking and a green and white carrying case. Nintendo did not specify a price point for the hardware-software combo and had not responded to requests for comment as of press time. However, retailers are currently listing the package for $149.99.

Released in November 2008, Personal Trainer: Cooking is not so much a game as a digital cookbook. The software contains more than 245 recipes, pulling tastes from countries around the globe, such as Argentina, Portugal, and Thailand, and offering step-by-step guidance on how to prepare the dishes. Check out GameSpot's hands-on with Personal Trainer: Cooking for more on the title.

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