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Great Xbox One X Discounts Continue To Roll In

One of the best deals yet is available now.


Although there weren't many deals on the Xbox One X in the immediate wake of its release, January has brought a flurry of offers involving Microsoft's new, 4K-capable console. Perhaps the best one yet is now available, getting you both a discount on the system itself and an additional freebie.

Over on Ebay, highly rated seller Antonline has the offer (via Wario64). It's selling the Xbox One X for $460, which is $40 off its usual price, and is throwing in a free $50 Xbox gift card. The latter is usable for anything on the Xbox Store--you can buy games or DLC, rent movies, and so on, making this a more flexible freebie than what's often included in system bundles.

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This is a new, unused system, and a free shipping option is available. It will ship to many places around the world, though this is a North American version of the system and its power cable. One important thing to note is that the gift card will be sent to you by email within a week of the system itself being shipped. As a result, it's possible you may not have it at the same time the console arrives. There's no exact date for how long this will be available, but it's possible it could sell out, so you should act fast if you're interested.

This isn't the only Xbox One X deal going on right now. Best Buy is also throwing in a free controller and Xbox Live subscription with the system but at the regular $500 price. We also recently saw one that bundled the system with the newly released Monster Hunter World, but that has since expired.

For an idea of what to expect from the system, check out our Xbox One X review. An increasing number of games are providing Xbox One X enhancements, including the aforementioned Monster Hunter World. One other thing to know if you're just now buying an Xbox One is that Microsoft plans to offer all future first-party exclusives through Game Pass.

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