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Great Pretender Anime Deluxe Edition Preorders Are Live At Crunchyroll

This deluxe edition of Great Pretender comes with terrific extras like a huge art book and poster.


If you've been looking for an anime to watch that offers something different from the usual power fantasy and Isekai series that often dominate the charts, you can't go wrong with Great Pretender. A show all about heists, scams, and swindles, The Great Pretender is an energetic dive into the high-stakes world of pulling a fast one and leaving no trace behind. It's now available for preorder for $160 ahead of its March 12 release, and this deluxe edition of the entire series is loaded with extras.

Great Pretender deluxe edition
Great Pretender deluxe edition

Available at the Crunchyroll Store (free shipping included), the Great Pretender box set comes with five discs containing all 23 episodes. For the physical extras, there's a 129-page art book, 10 art cards, and a double-sided A3 poster inside of the colorful slipcase box. On the discs, you'll find textless opening and closing sequences, trailers, and Queen's Great Pretender music video, as sung by the late Freddie Mercury.

Great Pretender began airing in 2020 and wrapped up that same year. The show's storyline is divided into blocks of episodes called "Cases" and each one of these four arcs covers a caper pulled off by the cast. Like the best heist and conman flicks, each case features twists, turns, and ghosts from the past as each mission gets more ambitious and audacious. If you like quality animation, surprises, and an engrossing narrative, you can't go wrong with this fun series.

Great Pretender was produced by Studio Wit, the company behind the first three seasons of Attack on Titan, Spy x Family, and the upcoming Suicide Squad Isekai.

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