Gravity Interactive staging US Ragnarok tournament

North American players of the Korean-made MMORPG can enter national precursor to global championships next month.


Ragnarok Online

American players of Ragnarok Online will soon have a chance to become the national--and eventually the world--champions of the Korean-made MMORPG.

Gravity Interactive, Ragnarok's developer and publisher, is holding a competition to determine the top stateside players of the game. A tournament-style elimination qualifier will be held online from June 10 to June 16. The two top teams will be flown to Anaheim, California, to compete face-to-face to become the US Champion at the 2004 Anime Expo.

Regardless who is declared the winner, both teams will be flown to the Ragnarok World Championship in Seoul, Korea, later this year. The official Ragnarok Web site has more details on the tourney.

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