"Gratuitious Violence" Blocks Postal from Google Play, Google Responds

[UPDATE] Google issues statement.

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[UPDATE] Following the publication of this story, a Google representative provided GameSpot the following statement regarding Postal's Google Play rejection:

"While we don't comment on specific apps, we can confirm that our policies are designed to provide a great experience for users and developers. That's why we remove apps from Google Play that violate those policies."

The original story is below.

A port of 1997's ultra-violent game Postal has been rejected by Google for publishing on Google Play due to its "gratuitous violence."

That's according to the game's developer, Running With Scissors, which explained the matter in its forums. The forums are currently unavailable, but Eurogamer was able to capture the following message.

"It seems we have hit a bit of a snag," the developer said. "Unfortunately, it appears Postal has been rejected from Google Play due to it containing 'gratuitous violence.'"

The developer said blocking Postal but not other violent games such as Grand Theft Auto represents something of a double standard.

Although it appears Postal won't come to Google Play, the biggest Android app store, Running With Scissors said it plans to release the game through other means, including Amazon and the Humble Store.

According to Google's own publishing rules, while apps that feature "graphic violence" are permissible, apps that include "gratuitous real violence" are not. We've followed up with Google, asking for additional insight into why Postal was rejected. We'll update this post with anything we might hear back.

"We immediately filed an appeal and that was rejected," Running With Scissors told Eurogamer about the initial decision. "Trying now to speak to an actual human being with a f***ing brain."

In other Postal news, Running With Scissors plans to launch a new expansion for Postal 2--Paradise Lost--on April 17.

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