Grasshopper Manufacture taking up Black Knight Sword

Suda-51's development house teaming with Digital Reality on classic 2D action platformer, due on XBLA, PSN early 2012.


Black Knight Sword

Those who may have thought Grasshopper Manufacture had a full plate before can think again. As part of Gamescom 2011 today, Grasshopper Manufacture sound director Akira Yamaoka debuted Black Knight Sword, a 2D side-scrolling platformer that is expected to arrive for Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network in "January or February" 2012.

The Black Knight is mostly sword.
The Black Knight is mostly sword.

At a presentation debuting the game (seen below), Yamaoka described Black Knight Sword as pulling its visual inspiration from children's story books or puppet theater. However, the childhood throwback ends there, as the game maintains Grasshopper Manufacture's proclivity for over-the-top blood effects and deranged enemies.

And while many may find the visual aesthetic jarring, Yamaoka maintained that the gameplay will be familiar to anyone acquainted with classic side-scrolling action titles, such as Ghosts 'n Goblins. In the presentation, the titular Black Knight traveled multitiered levels from left to right, slashing at enemies in close range while avoiding projectiles and other damaging dangers.

Yamaoka also noted that while the game is being internally developed at Grasshopper Manufacture, it will be published in Europe by Digital Reality. Therefore, gamers may notice a "European soul injection in there." Grasshopper Manufacture is also teaming with Digital Reality on Sine Mora, a side-scrolling shoot-'em-up that's similarly due out early next year.

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