GraphSim releases F/A-18 rolling demo

A stand-alone update to the 1997 F/A-18 Korea sets the action in Iraq and makes some graphical improvements.


GraphSim has released a nonplayable rolling demo for F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom, a new stand-alone update for the developer's 1997 combat flight sim F/A-18 Korea, which Xicat rereleased in 2001 as F/A-18 Precision Strike Fighter. The new stand-alone product isn't a full sequel, but rather it uses the gameplay and flight model from F/A-18 Korea and moves the action to the recent Iraq theater of operations, with terrain based on satellite images and with real Iraqi place names. There are 30 single-player missions in the game, which mostly involve strikes on targets in the Baghdad area and in southern areas, like Umm Qasr. Missions include plentiful air-to-air engagements and evasion of surface-to-air weapons.

The noninteractive demo is available for download from the link below and gives an indication of how the graphics have been updated since the original game's release. F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom is available for $29.95 directly from GraphSim's Web site.

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