Graphics Will Become Indistinguishable From Reality, GTA Boss Says

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick says he's excited about the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett.

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Key Points:

  • Take-Two's CEO, Strauss Zelnick, is excited about the potential of next-generation consoles.
  • The PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will let developers make games with graphics that look better than ever.
  • Some of Take-Two's games will continue to have stylized graphics, like Borderlands.
  • The new consoles will give developers a "new canvas on which to paint."

Speaking to CNBC financial analyst Jim Cramer, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick talked about why he's excited about Microsoft's Project Scarlett and Sony's new PlayStation, both of which are expected to release during Holiday 2020. He said the increased horsepower of both next-generation consoles will give Take-Two's developers at Rockstar Games and 2K Games, among others, the ability to make better-looking games that are creatively improved as well.

"We have a new console generation coming, and that's going to allow us to do some things that we haven't been able to do before creatively, and that's exciting," he said.

Zelnick went on to say he expects the graphics of video games to eventually become indistinguishable from real life--if a developer chooses to pursue ultra-realistic visuals. He didn't specifically say that the new generation of consoles coming next year will allow for this level of realism, however.

"We're going to reach a point where you won't be able to tell the difference between what's created in the computer and what's real," he said.

The executive said there is no top-down imperative from executives that all games from Take-Two have photorealistic visuals, pointing out that the Borderlands franchise that's published by 2K Games is known for its stylized graphics--and that will continue going forward.

2K Sports' NBA 2K series, however, is one of the company's franchises that will benefit from the increased power of the new consoles to make the player models even more realistic-looking.

"But this promise of taking certain titles like basketball, and making it truly look live-action--it's pretty close now, squint a little bit and it looks like live-action--that's really exciting," Zelnick said. "And that gives our creative folks a new canvas on which to paint."

Microsoft has officially confirmed that Project Scarlett will release in Holiday 2020 with Halo Infinite as a launch title. Sony, meanwhile, has been more secretive. The company has begun to discuss the next PlayStation--confirming faster load times and other specs--but Sony has yet to officially announce the console and talk about when it will release.

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Avatar image for chubby170

Doubt that. The movie industry still cant get GCI to look real still.

Avatar image for Bamda

PC platform has had that since 2018!

Avatar image for iloveqwop

Indistinguishable to the human eye at a glance. Not even half way to what this article implies.

Avatar image for tsunami2311

they say this ever new gen and guess what its never true, we are long way out from graphics in game and in real time with acceptable frames that indistinguishable from reality. like long ways away

Avatar image for Kezzy123

Oh look its Captain Obvious

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

who cares. once you reach that point all games (exaggeration yes) will forever look the same.

old basketball games might look like shit from objective standpoint but ive liked seeing how different games focus on this and that. and i dont mean the exaggerated cartoon basketball games but actual ones

now seeing all the sportsgames around its like one big mass. they all look the same good. so easy to just ignore

but strauss knows where he can go anyway

Avatar image for thelostscribe

That's great news from the developer who put out one of the most stunning games this gen, Red Dead Redemption 2. If they are excited by the specs of these new consoles, that is pretty great for us.

Avatar image for just1mohr

I think we need 2 more gens for that, but sometimes from a distance it is hard to tell and ya gotta look closely. On another note the Real physical dolls are becoming more like the makeup & botox ridden blabber mouth girls of today and soon we will reach an uncanny valley of the flesh. No more hoop jumping for my girl and we can drink our beer and play our games in peace. Ya know the look on my girl's face when I told her that... I might be in the puppy pounder for a few days...AGAIN!

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

I mean sure, eventually. Not on some video game console though.

Avatar image for ecs33

They said this back in the PS3 area.

We are lightyears away from real time rendered photo realism.

Avatar image for Mamba219

Horrible idea. Games already look creepy enough today - as graphics get more and more realistic, slight oddities and animation gaffes become more and more off putting to the human eye. I already am weirded out playing most PS4 games because they look similar enough to reality but still have this eerie sheen to them.

Avatar image for ballis

@Mamba219: dont worry. Stick to Bethesda. Their games will always look awful

Avatar image for evilgrin

Seriously? Captain Obvious?

Avatar image for thelostscribe

@evilgrin: Not necessarily, the Atari guy a few years ago claimed we'd never get to CGI movie style graphics, yet this gen has definitely started providing that.

Avatar image for itchyflop

Ha yeah 1080p at 60 frames already ?

Some indie titles maybe and thats on ps pro!!

Microsoft may do little better but again in minor numbers.

This is always the pre hype and the truth lets us all down on arrival!!

Watch dogs anyone (though i still thoroughly enjoyed the games in that series)

Avatar image for naomha1

I don't know. Consoles do nicely for couch gaming and all but PC gaming has been there already for years. Devs just usually start with lower rez models now due to console restraints and then port that crap over to pc. However, if a game is built from the ground up for PC to start then the character models, textures, etc, will usually look amazing. Still, there are some games that use pretty nice photorealistic graphics now that do nicely. Games like Detroit: Become Human, Crysis (all of them), Beyond Two Souls, Battlefield V, Far Cry 5, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, The Division 1 & 2 , etc. I'm not just talking facial graphics either. Assets, world design, etc.

Still, I'm excited to see what the new consoles can do. Personally, I love my PS4 Pro over the Xbone X but the Pro sounds like a jet engine at times when playing in 4k. Something the X doesn't sound like. Hopefully that heating/fan issue is resolved with the new Playstation.

Avatar image for onehitta323

@naomha1: LOL sounds like a jet engine? Sounds like you got a dud. Mine isn't loud at all.

Avatar image for thelostscribe

@naomha1: Crysis on Ultra still stacks up pretty impressively against current games. The lighting on the character models is one of the only real tells that it is an older game. I will say the only game that has water as impressive as Crysis is Wolfenstein The New Colossus.

Avatar image for kiloman_74

@naomha1: hasnt console been around for years too?

Avatar image for Berserk8989

@naomha1: Yea, but noone would build a game solely for a high end PC. It's a death sentence for the dev, because noone would buy it, especially if it would be a mediocre one. Crysis from 2007 was the last one.

Avatar image for lonesamurai00

Next Gen consoles offer nothing more than "Buzzwords" really. Next gen console graphics won't be anything that a PC Gamer has hasn't seen already, but yes for a console gamer it will be something new. There will still be sacrifices in graphics and performance since neither Ryzen or Navi are blowing anyone away in benchmarks. Where gaming is concerned Intel is still better.

Avatar image for Berserk8989

@lonesamurai00: There will definitely be more than a PC gamer has seen already. AAA games are made with consoles in mind and are then slightly "buffed" for a high end PC (with some basic resolution and frame-rate increases), but they still look very similar and play the same. There was no game that was made solely with high end PC's in mind since Crysis from 2007 because it's basically a death sentence for the developer to make a game for that 1% of gamers that own a high end rig.

So when high budget AAA games will start to be made with the power of next gen console hardware in mind, PC gamers will definitely see a big jump in visual fidelity and graphics technology too (not in terms of resolution or frame-rate, though).

Avatar image for ecs33

@Berserk8989: As someone who has gamed on PC and consoles in parallel for years, I disagree. I have not noticed a meaningful increase in game graphics coinciding with console releases. When new consoles come out, I notice that the games at the time have the graphics set to what would look like "low" settings on the PC.

Rather, I think that graphic updates are incremental on PC and consoles are always equivalent to the prototypical low to mid tier PC build at the time they are released. For $300-$500 + yearly online gaming fees it comes out to about the same price as a low-mid build.

I mostly game on PC nowadays because I have a 3440x1440 ultra wide 100hz. Even the pro consoles can't output basic 2k and get 100+ fps. Right now that is the biggest limitation of consoles and I hope that diversity of output types makes it into the realm of consoles (playing on an ultra wide monitor instead of a TV)

Avatar image for Berserk8989

@ecs33: Well, you can compare any high budget multiplatform AAA title released in like like 2012 or early 2013 on it's highest settings whatsoever (be it Bioshock Infinite or Assassin's Creed Black Flag etc.) and it will look very dated compared to a new gen AAA launch title like Infamous Second Son, for example. That's because the new gen title offers new and advanced rendering techniques that aren't present in previous gen games (no, not even the PC version, because things like this can't just simply be "scaled" in those very limited option settings that are present in PC games, they have to be implemented into the game-engine first).

Assassin's Creed, the series that I mentioned above, is a good example actually: saying that Black Flag (released in 2013 with last gen consoles in mind) looks on the highest settings on PC anywhere CLOSE to how Unity does on PS4 (released in 2014 with current gen consoles in mind) is lunacy. This is just factually wrong and anybody who knows anything about graphics technology will tell you the same. Batman Arkham Origins and Arkham Knight would also be a clear example of that, an even better one. Play Origins on the absolute highest settings on PC, it still has nothing on Arkham Knight on a PS4 or Xbox One, be it scale or visual fidelity. That's why PC sees almost as much of a jump in graphics quality when a new gen releases, as console users do (just not in terms of image clarity and frame-rate, of course).

Nah, I doubt that diversity of output will make it to consoles anytime soon, if at all, because the vast majority of the console crowd doesn't care about that, as long as it supports mainstream standards. But that's exactly what PC's for - You have all those niche options there.

Avatar image for lonesamurai00

@Berserk8989: "There was no game that was made solely with high end PC's in mind since Crysis from 2007 because it's basically a death sentence for the developer to make a game for that 1% of gamers that own a high end rig."

Then you haven't seen Star Citizen. Cyberpunk 2077 is the most impressive looking third-party game that I have ever seen. It also looks better than any first-party console game, but as good as even it looks it can't do a damned with Star Citizen. Nothing currently on the market or currently in development looks as amazing as Star Citizen - nothing.

It's the only real custom made game with the PC strengths in mind.

As far as PC graphics in general, exclusive custom Nvidia graphics features are already on the table that not even AMD GPU owners in the PC space will have access to utilize. Not to mention that monitors with insane resolutions of 5120×1440 (custom), and 8K are out now with many more to come.

Philips Brilliance 499P9H 49" SuperWide Curved Monitor

Avatar image for Berserk8989

@lonesamurai00: I meant actually released games, not those in their Alpha stage or not playable at all. But yeah, Star Citizen could be one such game after Crysis (but by the time it will be out of a testing state, next gen consoles will already have dropped and be able to run it too), Cyberpunk on the other hand? Not so much, since it targets current gen consoles. Besides, the studio behind that game is also known for considerable downgrades in visual fidelity, if their previous game, The Witcher 3, is anything to go by. If looking at the E3 trailer of 2013 and the actual release 2 years later, it's clear that the lighting and shader models used in the finished product was completely different and of a much lower quality (though the game still looked really good and ran fine on lower end PC's and consoles because of it).

Regarding those nVidia features; don't hang too much on those. Their exclusivity is highly gimmicky. As with their ray-tracing now and physX and what not before it, competition always catches up with their own rendering methods very quickly.

Avatar image for lonesamurai00

@Berserk8989: Star Citizen is playable and hundreds of thousands of people are playing it right now, with each other - but you wouldn't know that though.

Now, the difference in graphics between The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk are literally night and day. There won't be any visual downgrades because they took a lot of flack from the PC Gaming community when the Witcher 3 released so they will be cognizant not to make that mistake again.

Let's not forget that The Witcher 3 is just trash on consoles. It was patched for two whole years, and is still inferior to the PC version - and when you add visual mods to the PC version... well.

Devs today are careful not to mix up consoles development with PC games development, that's because they see the two as very different platforms. This is why they typically get the console versions out of the way and out the door as to give extra time to the PC versions.

Now, no custom RTX ray tracing, no AI deep learning cores, no variable rate shading, and no mesh shading. Not on consoles nor on AMD GPUs. Folk like you been telling me that competition will catch up for 5-6 years now. True AMD caught up with Intel (sorta), but the benchmarks in gaming for Ryzen are still boring to look at. Ryzen is great for productivity though. It's just too bad this isn't a site about productivity.

Avatar image for Bryjoered07

@lonesamurai00: Really? The 5700xt trades blows with the 2070 Super a card that is $200 more expensive. The Ryzen line is beat by like 5-10% at 1080p and even less at 1440p and up. Your blatant fanboism for intel and Nvidia is bad for the industry. People like you, who can't look objectively at products are the ones that allow Nvidia to charge $1200 dollars for the 2080ti. They are allowed to do that because of their marketshare.

CD Project Red literally said The Witcher 3 could not be made without thinking about consoles first. IT'S THE TRUTH! Consoles sell about 10x what PC sells, you think they want to cater to you? If you think for one second that Cyberpunk won't be built for consoles first, I am not sure what world you live in.

I am a PC only gamer, (99% I still own consoles). But I'm not a foolish one to think that developers would cater to us before consoles who make way way way more money.

Avatar image for lonesamurai00

@Bryjoered07: The new AMD cards are 10nm GPUs that barely hold their own against 12nm GPUs. See, It isn't people like me who make Nvidia think that they should charge customers $1200 dollars for a GPU, it's AMDs lack of vision, innovation, and no how that gives Nvidia those ideas. AMD just came alive against Intel after 20 years and are finally starting to feel themselves. They're like a teenage girl who is starting to come of age.

They did an excellent job sneaking up on an ill prepared and lazy Intel, and I was glad to see it.

It's funny that you think CD Projekt RED prefers consoles, well I'm sorry that you didn't know this my good man, but the only devs who prefer consoles as a platform are the first-party devs who make the consoles. Every other developer on Earth says the most important platform to make their games is the PC platform. Today devs release games on consoles for the same reason that they release them on tablets and phones, the PC however is the most important, and singular platform for making a developer's games.

And as CD Projekt RED goes, I think the fact that The Witcher 3 on consoles is such a mess, and is the worst version to play would be unassailable proof to you which platform is most important when it comes to their games - the PC platform.

Avatar image for Bryjoered07

@lonesamurai00:Look man, PC isn't the primary platform for most AAA games. It's just how it is. While I do agree that CD Project Red has a soft spot in their hearts for PCs, they will put most of their focus in ensuring the console experience is great.

That being said, PC is bigger than it ever has been, mainly due to Twitch and E-Sports titles, but AAA games have had a console focus for decades, and I am really not sure how you could argue it. What evidence is there that developers cater to PC gamers? Mod Support?

AAA games play best on PC because they are usually much more powerful, but console developers are not catering to the platform that sells 1/3 of the copies. Why would they?

Avatar image for lonesamurai00

@Bryjoered07: "I am really not sure how you could argue it. What evidence is there that developers cater to PC gamers? Mod Support?

I was never arguing anything because there never was any argument on this topic.

GDC 2019


Which platform(s) was your *last completed* game released on?

Xbox 360 3%

Xbox One/X 20%

Playstation 3 2%

Playstation 4/Pro 24%

Nintendo Switch 9%

Smart Phones/Tablets 33%

Web browser 9%

PC 56%

Mac 15%

Linux 8%

VR Headsets 12%

AR Headsets 3%

Tabletop Games 2%

Other 8%


Which platform(s) are you *currently developing* games for?

Xbox 360 2%

Xbox One/X 28%

Playstation 4/Pro 31%

Nintendo Switch 18%

Smart Phones/Tablets 38%

Web browser 10%

PC 66%

Mac 20%

Linux 10%

VR Headsets 17%

AR Headsets 7%

Voice Powered Games 2% (Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc.)

Tabletop Games 4%

Other 7%


Which platform(s) do you anticipate your *next* game will be released on?

Xbox 360 2%

Xbox One/X 29%

Playstation 4/Pro 32%

Nintendo Switch 22%

Smart Phones/Tablets 35%

Web browser 8%

PC 62%

Mac 20%

Linux 10%

VR Headsets 14%

AR Headsets 6%

Voice Powered Games 2% (Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc.)

Tabletop Games 3%

Other 5%

For the fifth year straight we see PC on top and increasing its lead year-over-year, while dev interest in other platforms remains relatively steady.

Almost half of game makers think Nintendo’s Switch is the most interesting console.

Since the projects you work on don’t always reflect your true interests, we also asked devs to tell us which platforms (if any) interest them most. 60 percent of respondents said they’re interested in the PC, 45 percent said the Nintendo Switch, and 38 percent said PlayStation 4.


I will remind you once more that CD Project RED, one of the absolute best and premiere developers in the world, delivered a very shotty Witcher 3 to the console masses. The game was so bad on these platforms that it required patches and fixes for two years and still today is not a good version to play at all.

Also remember that CD Projekt RED didn't even want to give Witcher 3 upgrades to the newer consoles because they wanted to work on newer projects, but later changed their minds because they knew that the console versions were bad and had to keep the console gamers trust for the future.

The Witcher 3 Won't Receive PS4 Pro Upgrades. CD Projekt Red is focused on its new games.

Console gamers have always felt that CDPR has treated them worse than PC, mainly because the PC version of their games gets patched before the consoles. This has always been their stance and it ain't gonna change.

This is from a CDPR community forum which has console gamers discussing this very topic from January of this year.

CDPR is treating console players shockingly bad (change my mind....)

Wow! You really didn't know? This is the fifth year of the GDC survey, and every year the PC moves further ahead from the consoles. Third-party devs are on the side of the PC platform, and their games are best on the PC platform, the proof is in the quality of games that we get, and the fact that devs always feel that pushing the console versions out the door and out of their way, then hold back the PC versions of their games for further development to ensure that the PC version is the very best version.

P.S. Hit me back now. Don't lose touch.

Avatar image for Bryjoered07

@lonesamurai00:But, Witcher 3 sold way more on console and almost every AAA game does. Tomb Raider, Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Grand Theft Auto, Hitman, Metal Gear Solid, Nier Automata, Batman Series, Dishonored series, Doom, Wolfenstein, (maybe Skyrim?), (maybe Diablo 3?, sold 10 million on PC on release), Bioshock series, Mass Effect Series, Far Cry Series.

"The second important information is that on the year of the release, 70% of sales were sales of console copies and slightly more than 30% were PC copies." Direct quote from CDPR. I don't care what the survey says, the developers follow the money would you not agree with that?

Avatar image for lonesamurai00

@Bryjoered07: For one who plays 99% of their games on a PC you would be a pretty horrible representative for the platform if it ever came down to it - but I get the distinct impression that you are in fact way more console than you claim to be - just saying.

Avatar image for Bryjoered07

@lonesamurai00: Not sure what your end goal is here. I have a high-end PC, a switch and a PS4 and play good games on all of those platforms. If there is a choice, I always buy my game on PC. There are some that are annoying, like games with multiplayer that are literally dead a year later (Gears of War 4), or full of hackers (Dark Souls). By and large though, I will buy on PC. If it's a single-player game or a shooter I will buy on PC always. Hackers and dead multiplayer are a plague on PC and always have been especially the former. The hackers are prevalent in all the popular titles and the dead multiplayer occurs in niche games, like say Titanfall, Gears, Splinter Cell (actually had some awesome multiplayer), metal gear solid.

You are not being objective PC has very clear downsides that I just stated but it's upsides are enough for me to almost always buy my games on it. If you can't see the very clear downsides than you are just as bad or worse than any console fanboi. Actually worse, because PC Elitists Master Racers make us all look like losers.

Avatar image for lonesamurai00

@Bryjoered07: Every platform has its downsides. I don't think that there has ever been anything created or manufactured by man that doesn't have a downside in it somewhere, somehow. I personally detest playing games online, and I would never intentionally buy into one - except for Star Citizen. Star Citizen is one of only a few games that has been created specifically for the PC only. The community is kind and very helpful and there is a kind of pride in being a part of such a game and community of its scope since there is nothing else out there that comes close. iRacing is the same way, nothing but very professional sim racers are allowed, and it works.

Those games are the only online games that I would ever ever consider playing- everything else online is pure crap anyway. So you see, my experience with online gaming is very very limited and I have no interest in them at all. I do know that online gaming is a mess on the PC, but I personally don't understand people liking for the genre really. I myself find it quite unappetizing, as I specifically only buy singleplayer games myself.

Console are a pain to develop for, the hardware in them is quite limiting and I'm talking medium settings at launch - and that includes the new consoles coming next year. That alone pisses devs off severely and they can't speak about it. It's like when an F driver knows that his car is not good, but the golden rule is never say anything that makes the team look bad - ever.

A developer or studio can never say anything that makes the console look bad or inferior even though they know that it is.

Avatar image for lonesamurai00

@Bryjoered07: What you don't understand is that devs don't give a shit about consoles. Yes even I will admit that consoles are very much necessary, but that doesn't mean that developers like consoles. Consoles bring in extra money, that's all. I have friends that work for various games studios, and they laugh at consoles. The studios that they work for hate coding for consoles because it has become too difficult to find a middle ground for graphical quality, and performance. They say that the delicate balance drives them crazy.

They also hate dealing with Microsoft and Sony at the start of development cycles and during development cycles, but they like the PC because it is a free and open platform with better hardware on offer, which effectively means that it is more powerful so the ceiling is much higher, so there is no need for checkerboard solutions, dynamic scaling and other methods. Plus they don't have to deal with anyone making arbitrary rules, and also that are no licensing fees to pay on the platform.

They say that they complain in house, but they can never say anything in the public, it happens a lot, and one developer had the balls to admit this openly, and in the public.

Josef Fares - Hazelight Studios " When speaking about the PS4 and its limitations, he said -

“Do you want the honest truth? This machine is not so strong as you think. This is like a five-year-old PC. If consoles were as powerful as PCs are today, you would see all different games. Most of the work developers put out there is to make them work on consoles.” – Josef Fares

His words pissed off console gamers to the point that they wanted to boycott his game, and some even his whole studio. You can read it all for yourself if you want.

A Way Out dev hits out at the PS4, makes terrible comparison

Devs love the PC now, it's not at all how it used to be. They don't really like the consoles but the consoles can bring in some good money. Money doesn't always matter when that something gives you a headache everytime you encounter it.

There was a time when Japan didn't know what the hell PC Gaming was about, now the platform is officially a Japanese platform. They even chose the PC platform over doing business with Microsoft and the Xbox.

PC Gaming, and development is better, it just is, and devs know it - they just can't say it because it would alienate their customers.

Avatar image for ecs33

@Berserk8989: Ultra wide gaming has been out since PS3 era and consoles don't seem to be heading in that direction yet. One reason I've mainly gamed on PC these last few years. 1080p gaming on a TV just seems like stone age now and the pro consoles can't output 4k faster than minimum fps.

Avatar image for Barighm

@lonesamurai00: You should wait for the game to be finished before being proud of it.

Avatar image for lonesamurai00

@Barighm: Yeah, says the guy who has never played it, and the odd thing is they're the most vocal ones? My point is that it won't be on console at any stage because it's too big, very ambitious, and consoles are way too limited.

Being proud of it is the wrong word sonny, just say.... I am blown away by it.

Avatar image for WESTBLADE

Ultra realistic graphics? On PS5/Scarlet? What a joke... Don't we hear this exact same hyperbole shit since PS3?
It's NOT even possible yet in real time on top-end PC gaming hardware as of now, let alone some "next-gen" consoles that are not even released yet, but are already an equivalent of today's midrange gaming PC.

We are talking 16K at 300+ fps to meet the "indistinguishable" graphics from reality - and you need that per eye in a VR headset. LOL at the PR hype bullshit.

Avatar image for immortaltech6


You should read the whole article before going off.

"He didn't specifically say that the new generation of consoles coming next year will allow for this level of realism, however."

Avatar image for WESTBLADE

@immortaltech6: Nah. But it's a common knowledge that "we" are heading towards photorealistic graphics in real-time anyways. Just don't have the right hardware that can do that yet, and it won't happen on consoles first for sure, as they are on time of release just a bunch of old and underclocked PC parts (to keep the costs low - i'm aware of that).
Will end up getting PS5 anyway - well, if it got enough interesting games + it won't sound like a jet engine (original "FAT" PS4 models + first models of PS4 Pro, anyone?)

Avatar image for immortaltech6

@WESTBLADE: Don't care what you have to say after "nah" when it's clear as day what's stated in the article is what you misunderstood or didn't even read. It's a resounding YES to anyone that can read. I'll bet you'll keep on going though.

Avatar image for WESTBLADE

@immortaltech6: Of course, i admitted it if you didn't stop reading after "Nah" XD.

i just skimmed through it. Look at the title + then look at the keypoints of this article = misleading AF.

Honestly, do any of the long-time members read Gamespot's articles and reviews anymore, though?

I did in the past, but they (GS) lost all the credibility when "Jeff Gerstmann incident" happened and that infamous transgender "journalist" (no offense to trans people, just don't remember the name...) was here sneaking that feminist propaganda in every single review and article. You're registered here long enough to know what i'm talking about, right?

Avatar image for itchyflop

@WESTBLADE: apparently it is according to some of the "master race" comments on here !!

Its certainly gotten better, naturally.

Iv still no idea why rockstar or other companies dont imply the LA Noir realism for future games, surely that was and is a benchmark for graphical fidelity?

Avatar image for WESTBLADE

@itchyflop: Well it technically is possible, but unapplicable in game. Only one 3d character model, no background, unanimated, just a fly around camera and that's about it.

L.A. Noire? Man... I have it on PC and that game looks downright uncomfortable. Great game, but... akward to look at.

Avatar image for itchyflop


ha yeah i was being flippant at the master race comments and the "iv got a pc and can do it now attitude", i wasn't disagreeing with you, in fact i heartily agree.

There's no doubt pc's will be better but way more expensive, i think you have to keep in mind the price of the consoles in comparison, and i know if you want the best etc you pay the price and fair enough.

However mainstream gaming to millions is console based, me included.

aha some of the character lying mechanics in LA noire used to make me laugh!! yeah great game though :)

Avatar image for WESTBLADE

@itchyflop: I'm already preparing for a big PC upgrade next year and already can see shelling out way over over 1000 Euro, and that's just CPU+MOBO+RAM (DDR5). GPU upgrade is inevitable, but gotta wait till 2021.
But hey, i never felt that i didn't get what i paid for, at least in past 5+ years...;)

I have a PS4 Pro too, btw. So i don't consider myself as a part of "Master Race", because that would be hypocritical as f***. Also play almost all of my PC games on gamepad(s), so... :)

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