Grandia Xtreme on its way to the US

Enix confirms its plans to publish Grandia X in the US.


Enix has confirmed its plans to release Game Arts' PlayStation 2 RPG Grandia X in the US under the name Grandia Xtreme. The company has also released some new shots from the Japanese version of the game.

The game is the first Grandia game designed specifically for the PlayStation 2, and it comes from a team made up of people who worked on games such as Dragon Warrior, Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile, Lunar, and the previous Grandia games.

On the topic of Grandia Xtreme, Paul Handelman, president of Enix America, said, "Grandia Xtreme is the first result of our new partnership with Game Arts, the creators of the Grandia and Lunar RPG series. For many, the Enix brand is synonymous with quality RPGs due to our strong franchises such as Dragon Warrior and Star Ocean. Now we add Grandia to our profile, further increasing our mark of RPG quality and strengthening our active fan base."

The game, released earlier this year in Japan, is scheduled for a September release in North America.

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