Grandia gets voices

Enix announces the voice talent for the localized version of Grandia Xtreme.


Enix has announced that it has secured some vocal talent for its upcoming RPG, Grandia Xtreme. Mark Hammill will play the role of the cruel enemy leader, Colonel Kroitz. Evann will be voiced by Dean Cain, and Lutina will speak courtesy of Lisa Loeb, perhaps best known for her 1995 hit song, "Stay." She also will be doing voice work for the upcoming Spider-Man cartoon.

"We are extremely pleased to have Mark Hamill, Dean Cain, and Lisa Loeb as integral members of the Grandia Xtreme team and are thrilled with the work they have accomplished," said Paul Handelman, the president of Enix America. "Consumers today demand a total experience from their favorite games and utilizing the talents of such accomplished professionals increases the quality of the gaming experience and brings the characters to life in an exciting new way."

Grandia Xtreme will hit stores in September.

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