Grandia Gets Release Date

After over two years of development, GameArts' epic RPG finally has an official street date in Japan.


TOKYO - After over two years of development and delays, GameArts' epic RPG, Grandia, finally has an official street date in Japan - December 18th.

Grandia is an excellent looking RPG for the Saturn that features fully navigable and rotatable 3-D worlds, a unique battle system, and a serious story with a lighter touch than most RPGs.

Currently, there are no plans to bring Grandia to the United States.

GameArts has a strong following in the US and Japan and is known for its excellent RPGs, most notably the Lunar series.

In addition to Grandia, the remade version of Lunar: Magic School has a release date as well in Japan - it is November 13th.

Originally a Game Gear game, GameArts and Kadokawa Shoten have been hard at work reworking the entire game and adding to it to make it as good a game as the Saturn can handle.

Spanning two CD's, new anime, quests, and an improved story should make Lunar: Magic School a game to watch for. Sadly, it's unlikely that Lunar: Magic school will ever be played in English.

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