Grandia fans getting transpacific double-shot

Grandia goes online in Japan as Square Enix preps Grandia III for in North American Valentine's Day launch.


It's a good-news day for fans of Square Enix's Grandia series, regardless of which hemisphere they call home. The role-playing series, which debuted in the late 1990s, is getting an all-new edition in Japan and a localized version of the latest in the series in North America.

Game Arts is currently making Grandia Online, and it's been scheduled for launch within the year. In an interview with Japanese site 4Gamer, Gungho Online Entertainment president Morishita Kazuki revealed that the PC massively multiplayer online role-playing game is scheduled for release before the Tokyo Game Show 2006, meaning that gamers in Japan will be able to play it before September 22. Morishita hopes to launch Grandia Online simultaneously with Gungho's new portal site "Gungho Mode" for maximum synergy. Because of scheduling conflicts, however, he admits it may be difficult.

Gungho Online Entertainment became the second major shareholder of Game Arts in May 2004 when it acquired 11.9 percent of the company's stock. Last November, it purchased additional shares of Game Arts and raised its stake to 51 percent, turning the studio into a consolidated subsidiary.

Though the aforementioned bit of info bodes well for Japanese gamers, American Grandia fans weren't left empty-handed. Square Enix, who took over Grandia's North American publishing duties from Ubisoft, today confirmed that a localized version of Grandia III for the PlayStation 2 will be in stores on February 14.

Grandia III, which was previously released in Japan, follows Yuki, a young boy who longs to become a famous pilot. His path crosses that of Alfina, a special girl who can talk to the world's mystical protectors. Together, they will stand up against Alfina's once righteous brother, who has been filled with hatred and plans to destroy the world.

Grandia III is rated T for Teen and will cost $49.99. For more information on the game, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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Go here to download and register for the open beta of Grandia online. << LINK REMOVED >> You don't need to give them your Social Security number just make up random numbers. I am already playing and it is a beautiful, deep game :)

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...You know, I resent it being called Square-Enix's Grandia, the series is better than Final Fantasy ever was.

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anyone know if Grandia Online is gonna be coming to North America??? That would be one MMO i would definitely pay for. Grandia 2 on DC was probably the best RPG ever made (screw GS for giving it a bad rating!!)

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what was different about it?

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I dont care! Grandia 2 for the Dreamcast was my favorite RPG! I played it 3 times. The Grandia games on the PS2 have been crap. So I will wait for extensive reviews before I buy this title. Grandia 2 on PS2 is hardly the same as the DC version.

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My girlfriend is gonna be so pissed. I'm gonna ask for this to be my Valentine's Day gift. *lol*

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I loved playing grandia 2 on the dreamcast and ever since then I have been waiting for another one has good as the second one to get my hands on and now grandia 3 is coming out and I can't wait to get this game

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Can we please have an RPG that ISN'T about a bunch of unlikely heroes that somehow save the world from some evil menace who wants to destroy it or take it over? Why are they always about that? I mean the description of the game started to sound good and then you get the old "to save the world from the evil someone or some-such" It's getting really frickin old, I mean seriously.

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Grandia 2 on the dreamcast was superb. One of the best rpg I ever played. The first one on the PSX was good also. I cant wait to put my hands on this one...

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Lets hope the euro release date isnt too far off...(I hate living euroland!) Grandia 1 and 2 were both excellent. Can anyone tell me if im missing anything good with Extreme? Just wished Sega would pull their finger out and make a Skies of Arcadia 2 or something! Or release Shining Force 3 (all 3 parts on one disk)

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Finally! Grandia 2 was a shiny gem. I hope that whoever does the english localisation - they have the same talents as those who translated Grandia 2 and write those excellent dialouges!

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this is great

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Pretty soon, but when it ships to the Europe?! o_O

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i cant wait, i want this game so much.

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"Japan gets everything first" I wonder why... Anyway, this sounds pretty Sweet.

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Sounds like another great game from Square Enix is on it's way... Japan gets everything first

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coolio, whats this game aboutt...

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Grandia = Best RPG combat system 3v4r......I don't care about grandia online, really. I've got FFXI going well and people trying to get me to play EQ, WoW, and DnDO...

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I can remember playing the second Grandia on the Dreamcast...ahh good times...hope the third installment will give me fond memories as well...I could care less about Grandia Online...there are too many MMOs as it is and Im way sucked into WoW anyway...

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I loved the second one. This one will probably be good also.

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Um Grandia Online is a seperate game so it hasn't take up any disc space...

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I wonder if they wasted disc-space & cut-throated these games just for the online capabilities.

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I wonder if online will have a monthly cost?

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Tales of Eternia Online and now Grandia Online... I hope one or both of these games goes international. T_T

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As long as it's better than Grandia II or Grandia Xtreme and at least as good as, if not better than the first, I'm there.

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hmmm....I just might have to give this game a try.

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Sounds like Grandia's day out is coming soon.