Grand Theft Auto V's online mode won't be available at launch

Grand Theft Auto Online will be released as a downloadable on October 1.


Grand Theft Auto V's online component, Grand Theft Auto Online, won't be available when the game launches worldwide on September 17, developer Rockstar Games has announced.

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Instead, Grand Theft Auto Online will be available as a free download from October 1. The online mode for the game will overlap with the single-player campaign, but the character the player creates for Grand Theft Auto Online will be separate from GTAV protagonist trio Michael, Franklin, and Trevor.

Upon selecting a Grand Theft Auto Online character, the game will automatically place players into an already-populated world. The world contains its own characters and ambient events, but players can also create their own missions, such as races and deathmatches, and share them with friends.

GameSpot recently visited Rockstar North to see Grand Theft Auto Online in action and discover more details about the game. "Grand Theft Auto Online represents Rockstar's effort to deliver on the multiplayer GTA we've all been dreaming of since the beginning," said GameSpot's Shaun McInnis, "balancing the unpredictability of an open world with the careful design of a multiplayer progression system."

"How close are they to delivering on that potential? Let's put it this way: October 1 can't get here soon enough."

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Avatar image for Stoopid_Fool

Is GTA online free fo everyone or jus tha people who bought the game already?

Avatar image for KelpsterD


You're really living up to your name there guy.

Avatar image for Stoopid_Fool

Actually its a valid question since they never specified n tha article but ya its cool I expected one of u lil internet fools 2 act like a douchebag

Avatar image for Thesuperstar2k

hope online is good since I am checking it for the first time.

Avatar image for ronnie345

How big will the GTA Online download/update size will be?Because I only have 800-900 MB left after installing GTA V(I have a 12GB Super Slim PS3 and I bought it only for this game).

Avatar image for lilflex1

this Is worth the online renewing

Avatar image for SavoyPrime

Cool that it's a free download, but I will be very surprised if that isn't a hefty download.

Avatar image for DantheMan9856

@SavoyPrime it is believed to be all on the discs and will be installed on the primary install, and there will be a "patch" or code to unlock it via live or psn when it is available. Check out GTA V oclock on youtube. They have tons of information about this game. IGN and GS have garbage compared to their info.

Avatar image for SavoyPrime

@DantheMan9856 Thanks for the info. I'll check it out.

Avatar image for Vendetta162

The one thing I don't like about GTA V is all this hard drive space it needs. Yes, it does mean more content in the game and a LOT to offer, but the bottomline is if your hard drive is already full, you have to buy more memory for the system, especially for the Xbox 360 version (which I'm stuck with).
In summary: For Xbox users who have full/near-full hard drives, you have to buy the game and more memory.

Avatar image for KelpsterD


Are you seriously bitching about that? Shut the **** up and clear up some space you lazy ****.

Avatar image for Vendetta162

@KelpsterD @Vendetta162 lol! Are you on your monthly or something? You seem pretty irritated.

Avatar image for shadowhunter0

@Vendetta162 what about the people who decides to get the digital version I was tempted to pre-order it on psn and now that I think about it I wish I kinda did since the size of the game doesn't really bother me that much since I still have over 500gigs free in my 1tb harddrive that is in my ps3

Avatar image for DantheMan9856

@Vendetta162 just delete a full game install you rarely play anymore, maybe on or two and you're good.

Avatar image for LJNkickstarter

Dont care, i want to get tired of single player first before jumping multiplayer. In other words better nailed the game before entering the chaos of online gaming.

Avatar image for hellangel_boy

This is a great idea as usual from R* and it shows that they reserved most of the space on the disc for the Singleplayer .

Avatar image for DantheMan9856

@hellangel_boy One disc for PS3, two discs for Xbox 360. Both require install and there will be no disc changing. My guess is that everything is on the discs, we will just receive a code to unlock the online portion once it is up and running and available.

Avatar image for xeoneex66

Good idea actually. Now people can enjoy the single player story while they prep the finishing touches on online. Still can't help shit myself over the trailer for online *seizures*

Avatar image for kerrman

Would have wanted to finish the single player anyways, so this sounds good to me!

Avatar image for UrbanMessiah


Same here. I didn't get on RDR's online for weeks while I screwed around in the SP.

Avatar image for d3nR

I just want to ride a motocross through the wilderness, uzi spraying campers & yoga bitches while doing backflips off cliffs... oh and strippers.

Avatar image for Morgueson

Whats the point of buying this game anyway. As far as I know it won't come out on next-gen consoles so the multiplayer and hence the game itself will have a... what... 2 year lifespan max?

Avatar image for DantheMan9856

@Morgueson solution, don't buy ps4 or xone out of the gate. I am perfectly content with this generation still. One of the greatest generations of gaming honestly. It is still strong and Rockstars dedication and hard work prove that next gen tech isn't everything.

Avatar image for residentgunnerx

@Morgueson u must be retarted is wrong with you ....?

Avatar image for Aaronp2k

of course it won't be available at launch, most people are going to wait for ps4 before they get the game meaning they could potentially lose money if they start the online service now. wait till the sales figures put them in a comfortable spot, then release online. well played rockstar.

Avatar image for DantheMan9856

@Aaronp2k They are waiting 2 weeks to acclimate people to the new format of the series. It doesn't flow like the old games, it has a different feel and flow. They are also waiting to make sure everything is good in the Online portion. If you haven't figured out, there will be a ton of things going on in the MP world than just 16 people playing in the same world. It is a constant living world, emulating real life...from stock markets, to car insurance, banks, health, wild life. It is much more impressive than most people can fathom. I have never seen anything like this ever. I think most people will agree with that come launch time. Check out GTA V oclock on youtube for the real info. This GS/IGN stuff is child's play compared to their information.

Avatar image for UniversalPie

@Aaronp2k Sooo... They're going to wait for PS4, to get a game that isn't on PS4... GENIUS!

Avatar image for EL_Bomberdor


They won't release for next gen. It would have been announced. Rockstar don't need to release on next gen, they will sell boat loads on current.

Avatar image for SeannTHEsheep

@EL_Bomberdor @UniversalPie they already have. the games out selling every game including fifa 14 . they have successfully taken control of 89% of the gaming industrys sales. as an independent retailer i havent been able to keep the game in stock. fifa on the other hand. i have sold 4 but people only traded games in towards them i havent had anyone want to buy fifa 14 with actual cash. considering trading all our stock of fifa 14 to CEX to buy in more GTA5s in case we run out from our wholesaler.

Avatar image for d3nR

@UniversalPie @Aaronp2k Although it probably will come out on next gen. There is now way R* will miss the opportunity to make more money off their hard work.

Avatar image for Meta-Gnostic

Is it only a free download if you own GTA 5 or is it FTP and financed through microtransactions?

Avatar image for Celiria_Rose

@Meta-Gnostic its an update to gta 5. You can't play it without the game

Avatar image for PaulJanson

@PyschoPS4truthh Wow, typical gamers. Complain about Day 1 DLCs you have to pay for. Now complains about FREE online DLC you have to wait for. -_-

Avatar image for sangdolee

i honestly want the game because of the story not the multi so im good maybe multi its important but most important is the storyline

Avatar image for ilantis

fap fap fap fap

Avatar image for SeannTHEsheep

the xbox 360 version is on two discs but its worth noting that it wont play on an arcade machine or a 4gb model without an external memory source as the 1st disc has a mandatory disc install of 8gb. on ps3 the new 12gb model may not cut it either if youve already installed a few updates to it etc. there is also a 8gb mandatory install on the ps3 aswel. youre gonna need a bigger hardrive or flashdrive.

Avatar image for SeannTHEsheep

the multiplayer would have taken up a full third disc for xbox 360 so they decided to wait and release as dlc instead. the main game is 3 times bigger than san andreas

Avatar image for twztid13

@SeannTHEsheep The dual layer dvd discs for 360 can hold about 7.4GB after MS protection software is loaded. There is NO way R* will make the online portion that large for customers to have to download. It will be an unlock of some sort, and possibly some assets not in the SP portion. I'd bet between 200MB - 2GB, though I seriously doubt they will have as much as 2GB. The game has a mandatory install on both systems, and that is the entire game world. R* guys are very intelligent. They know that a huge barrier to entry on a large selling point of this game would be a very bad thing. No way will they require a download anywhere close to the size of a 3rd 360 disc; No way!

Avatar image for deactivated-57fce13f1e8f6

Data cap = no online DL for this guy

Avatar image for johns30002

@skaterlogo91 Have had Att Uverse for almost 2 years now, the first year I had NO CLUE I was limited to 150GB a month. This past bundle I signed up for now put's it to 250GB. Still crazy lol.

Avatar image for Slim02

@johns30002 @skaterlogo91 I have At&t UVerse and they didn't add a cap.. At&t was going to bring it to my area put never turn it on.. So I am still unlimited no cap internet..

Avatar image for turnerdoc

i will be playing single player til next year, don't give a crap about muti, yes a waste of space for some like myself.

Avatar image for 19James89

That's going to take up so much room and take so long to download.

Avatar image for LesserAngel

Better not take up too much space, or the game might become a no-sale for me.

Avatar image for frylock1987


lol. yeah right. You say that now. Then you go to a friends house and watch them play it. You go out, buy it, and delete a **** load of things off your HDD and enjoy one of the greatest games and have a great time doing so.

Avatar image for liandrikonflict

I am glad the multiplayer will be a download because the Xbox 360 would have be on 12 game disc's instead of 6.

Avatar image for liandrikonflict

Rocket launcher to someones high rise apartment party?

Avatar image for deathblow3

@PyschoPS4truthh umm if i dont have to pay for it why would it matter. and personally i dont want to wait anylonger than i have to play this.

Avatar image for deactivated-5ca4fa9105c25

I wish more devs would make multiplayer an optional add-on...