Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Walkthrough

Tommy Vercetti's got a dirty job to do, and a lot of ground to cover. Help him sort out all his business and uncover every last one of Vice City's secrets in our comprehensive walkthrough.


By Justin Speer
Design by Katie Bush

Special thanks to Rodolphe Dupont & Nicolas Ganivet of ALL-VICE-CITY for providing the excellent location maps, an invaluable contribution to the guide.


Having just spent 15 hard years doing time, Tommy Vercetti is no sooner released than his old boss sends him to the hedonistic tropical paradise of Vice City to carve out a slice of the narcotics pie for the family. But his first big job in Vice City goes bad, leaving him penniless and out to get back his money and get revenge. As a stranger in a strange land, you have to prove yourself, make connections, and get your hands dirty in Vice City.

The newest Grand Theft Auto is a huge game in every sense of the word. A huge living city lies before you, boasting an amazing degree of freedom and a wealth of diverse gameplay options.

This guide will provide:

  • Strategies for survival and techniques for handling all vehicle and weapon types.
  • Tips on how and where to acquire properties and seize complete control of Vice City.
  • Complete walk-throughs for core, secondary, and extra missions in the game.
  • All the secrets, cheats, and bugs you need to know.
  • And more...



The eastern half of Vice City spreads out before you, from the scenic Ocean Beach to the swanky Vice Point. But before you begin, there are a few things you should know.

  • Keep multiple save files. If you really enjoy a mission, save on a different slot when you complete it, and keep your last save for future enjoyment. There are also other reasons you may want to keep multiple save files, which will be addressed in the following points.
  • Never save or reset with a cheat activated. The only way to disable a cheat is to load a previously saved game. If you get stuck with pink aggressive cars and a riot where the pedestrians are all out for your blood, you may have problems furthering your career.
  • When you're able to buy properties, do not save your game at the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory. There's a reasonable chance that your saved game will be permanently corrupted and will not load.
  • Play the game the way you want to. Feel free to play the game any way you want to. Anything and everything is completely optional. If you simply want to finish the story, complete the core missions and follow the additional instructions to reach the finale.



Each vehicle has its own characteristics: speed, acceleration, handling, weight, center of mass, braking ability, and so on. Helicopters and planes also have unique characteristics. As you spend more time in the game, you'll learn which vehicles you enjoy driving most, which are the most durable, and how to match the right vehicle to the right mission. And remember, let other drivers know what you think of them by pressing L3 (the left analog stick) to sound your horn. Hit select to change the view in any vehicle.

Wherever you are, remember that you can check a detailed map simply by pausing the game. You'll see roads, important places, and the exact locations of any destinations or targets. It's a great feature that wasn't in the last Grand Theft Auto, so use it well.


When you begin the game, Tommy is a bit out of shape. You'll be able to sprint only short distances before needing to take a breather. However, if you can stick to a rigorous exercise program, your endurance will improve and you'll be running for blocks before fatigue kicks in. Jump by hitting the square button, and look behind you by pressing down R3 (the right analog stick). Use the circle button to attack with your equipped weapon.


The Infernus boasts great performance and sleek looks.
The Infernus boasts great performance and sleek looks.

Get One
To get into a car, simply press the triangle button. If there's nobody inside, you'll slip right in. If there's someone behind the door, you'll toss him out. Very few vehicles in the game will be locked--manned police cars being the most notable exception. You can only jack a vehicle that is stopped or moving slowly, making stoplights a great place to snag a set of wheels. Blocking a car's path with your body or another vehicle will usually stop traffic as well.

Violence is another alternative. Bashing on a van with a melee weapon or putting a few bullets into a sedan will often cause drivers to vacate their vehicles, although they may instead opt to speed away. Killing the driver is a surefire option as well, but you should realize that any of these methods can attract police attention if an officer is in the area.

Drive One
Automobiles are the standard mode of transportation and the way you'll do most of your getting around. There are amazing vehicles out there, but there are also some real lemons. The most important thing to consider is which vehicles you're comfortable driving. A Phoenix may be fast, but if you can't control the vehicle at high speeds, then it's much less useful to you. You immediately have access to the best cars; it's simply a matter of locating and stealing them. The following are a few things to consider.

  • Drive aggressively but not recklessly. This only applies during missions, since you're free to obey traffic laws or to slam into everything in sight when you've got no reason to get somewhere fast. Reckless driving can ruin your chances of completing a mission or winning a race. If you pull far ahead in a race, drive carefully. One mistake is all it takes to blow your lead. Likewise, you may never take the lead in the first place if you slam into a wall on the first turn.
  • Make an effort to familiarize yourself with different vehicles. If you do so, not only will you learn which vehicles are best suited to different tasks, but you'll also have less of a problem finding specific cars when and if you purchase Sunshine Autos.
  • Hit the two-wheel motion. If you hit a ramp with one side of your car or pull a sharp turn on a hill, you can set your car on two wheels. You'll get a bonus and a record of stunt if you can maintain this for two seconds or more, though there's no real practical usage.

Bail--Hit the triangle button when you're traveling at a decent speed, and you'll bail out of the car, sustaining a small amount of damage. The car will continue flying ahead until it hits something. If you're pushing 80mph in a flaming car, this will be your best option.
Powerslide--To perform this technique, approach a turn at high speed, then slam on the R1 button until the car skids, and then let up and floor the gas. You can make drastic changes in direction this way, although it's hard to control.
Drive-by--L2 will let you look to your left, and R2 will let you look to the right. You can fire from your window with a submachine gun while pressing either of these buttons.

Bikes are a great way to get around in Vice City.
Bikes are a great way to get around in Vice City.

Get One
Taking a motorcycle is slightly different in that the method depends on your relation to the bike. If you're directly in front of a bike and press triangle, you'll leap onto the bike knocking off anyone who was previously using the machine. If you're anywhere else, you'll need to perform a quick elbow that will send the driver flying. Press triangle again to mount the bike. Just be wary that it's easy for police to do the same to you, and you'll be busted with a swift elbow.

Drive One
Bikes have a few distinct advantages over cars, but they also carry a few substantial handicaps. With a good bike, you can weave in and out of traffic with deft skill, zip down alleys that cars simply can't fit into, and even perform wheelies and stoppies. The downside is that if you hit something while on a bike, you'll go flying. Depending on the severity of your crash, you'll lose armor and health. Here are a few pointers on bikes:

  • Not all bikes are created equal. There simply isn't as much variety in bikes as there is in cars. The PCJ600 is definitely the cream of the crop. It's fast, agile, and stylish. The Sanchez is fairly agile, hard to wreck, and good on dirt or sand. The Faggio and Pizza Boy are scooters with medium stats, but they're unable to perform tricks. Lastly, the Freeway and Angel are clunky bikes with a high top speed but unresponsive handling.
  • Remember to use alleys and ramps. Bikes have a distinct advantage in being able to fit through narrow passages and cut through alleys. This can give you an edge over the police if you don't slam into something inadvertently.

Shifting your weight--Pushing up lightly on the analog stick will make you hug the bike and will increase your speed, and pulling back will slow you down and decrease your speed. Other tricks are possible through shifting your weight.
Wheelie--Pull back slightly on the left analog stick and accelerate. When your wheel is off the ground, pump the gas to sustain the wheelie. Keep it up long enough and you'll get a cash bonus and a record of your stunt. Wheelies can also be used to launch your bike over walls
Stoppie--The opposite of a wheelie, a stoppie is performed by shifting your weight forward to bring your back wheel off the ground. Simply press your brake (square) and your emergency brake (R1) at the same time while holding up on the left analog stick. You'll slide forward and can change the direction you're facing. On a fast bike like the PCJ, you can reverse your direction and open fire on your pursuers with a submachine gun.
Drive-by--This works just like it does in a car, except that you can also fire ahead of you. Simply press circle to spray lead straight ahead. You can check behind you by pressing the L2 and R2 buttons simultaneously.
Rev up--This trick will allow you to get slightly quicker starts from a standstill. Hit forward and reverse simultaneously, then let go of reverse. You'll switch gears earlier than normal and thus pick up speed a bit faster.


Get One
Boats play a considerable role in Vice City, and at some point you'll find that you need to take one. You'll find them parked at docks, and though you won't usually want to steal another when you're out on open water, it is possible. Jumping from one boat to another will often cause the panicked pilot to plunge himself into the water out of fear, or you can simply target the pilot with a weapon to take him out.

Pilot One
Sea vessels are simple to operate but difficult to operate with precision. Boats with engines have forward and reverse, while those with sails can only move forward. Unless you're pleasure-boating, you'll want a nice speedboat. You'll likely need to spend some time on the sea before you get the hang of things. Here are a few tips for boating:

  • Go easy on the controls. Because all the power comes from the back of the boat, steering is very sensitive. If you're rough with the controls you'll head straight into a spin instead of a turn. Slow and slight adjustments are the key here.
  • Stand up and look around. Boats are unique in that when you hit triangle to exit, you'll be standing on the deck of the boat. You can snipe targets on land or sea in this manner or make use of your rocket launcher. Just make sure you don't hit your own craft.

Drive-by--Like in a car, you can fire a submachine gun to the left or right while holding the L2 or R2 button. You can check behind you by pressing the L2 and R2 buttons simultaneously.


You have to break the law before you enforce it.
You have to break the law before you enforce it.

Get One
Helicopters are the dominant mode of air transportation, and they can normally be found on top of certain buildings. You won't have access to a plane until much later in the game, after completing the Film Studio missions. There's no way to steal another vehicle in midair, so you'll just have to keep looking on the ground.

Pilot a Helicopter
While in a helicopter use the X button to ascend and the square button to descend. Your tilt is controlled by the left analog stick, and turning the body relative to the blades is accomplished with the L2 and R2 buttons or the right analog stick.

Drive-by--When in first-person view you can use the L2 and R2 buttons together to look straight down. You can fire a submachine gun out of a helicopter with no mounted guns, but only in cinematic view. Its effectiveness is minimal. The Sea Sparrow can fire a machine gun when you press circle. The Hunter fires missiles when you press circle and fires guns when you press R1.

Pilot a Plane
The Skimmer is the only flyable plane in the game. It must take off from the water, since it has floats for landing gear. Gain speed by climbing and diving alternately, making sure not to touch down in the water again. You'll lose airspeed during turns, so be careful. Overall this vehicle is much less precise than a helicopter.

Drive-by--If you must, you can fire a submachine gun out of your plane window. The application is severely limited though.


If driving and piloting vehicles is at the heart of the game, the second major component of Vice City would be maiming and killing. Many missions will require you to eliminate a certain individual or group of individuals, and Vice City can be quite a dangerous place. Becoming adept at combat is one of the keys to success in this town. The following points will outline the finer points of the combat system:

  • Learn to use the targeting system. With most weapons you'll press the R1 button to target the highest threat in any situation. This means that if you're up against an unarmed man and a man with a handgun, pressing R1 will target the man with the gun. Hitting the L2 and R2 buttons will target the next available opponent in the respective direction. Releasing the R1 button after dropping a target and pressing it again will target individuals in order of threat. Both methods are useful. Also note that your accuracy is conveyed by the size of the targeting circle. The smaller the better.
  • Learn to use manual aim. Certain weapons like the Ruger or PSG-1 sniper rifle are aimed from a first-person perspective when the R1 button is pressed. There are several uses for this function. You can target specific regions of a target's body, cripple a car's speed and handling by shooting out the tires, or even kill the driver of a vehicle while he's still behind the wheel. Drivers of cars, boats, and even helicopters and tanks can be dispatched with one well-placed shot. Use this to your advantage.
  • Crouch and take cover. Your character will crouch down when the L3 button is pressed. This serves two important functions. First, it makes your character harder to hit and steadies your aim. Second, it allows you to duck behind cover such as a barrel, desk, or wall. This can be crucial to certain missions and is invaluable for first-person aiming.
  • Use elevation to your advantage and put a roof over your head. While this applies first and foremost to battling the authorities, it's almost always to your advantage to be at a greater height than your enemies. If you're inside a building, your enemies will have to come into a confined area to get a clean shot, and helicopters will be unable to get a bead on you.
  • Know when to run. After all, everybody runs. In many cases you'll find that your speed can triumph over the poor accuracy of your enemies. If a mission objective requires you to get somewhere fast, you may want to kill the foes right in front of you and run to the safety of a vehicle. That brings us to our next point.
  • Make use of vehicles. Unless your opponents are packing serious heat, you'll often be able to soak up a lot of gunfire in a vehicle. Running anyone over with the tires will kill them instantly, but simply hitting them won't always yield the same result. Drive-bys are another valuable technique to utilize.


You have to pack some heat in this city.
You have to pack some heat in this city.

Vice City offers an assortment of melee and ballistic weapons. Weapons fit into eight different categories, and you can carry eight at once in addition to your fists (brass knuckles can be worn on the fists to enhance damage). Below is the complete list of weapons with suggested uses and applications. Each weapon name is followed by its store price in parentheses and comments on its effectiveness.

Fists--Use fists when you just want to kick someone's ass. Grabbing brass knuckles will make your punch a bit more powerful. You can also occasionally throw in a kick by double-tapping in a direction before hitting circle.

Melee Weapons

Screwdriver ($10)--You can stab and stab again with the trusty screwdriver. It's more of a harassment tool than a serious weapon.

Hammer ($20)--Other than giving you the perverse satisfaction of beating someone in the skull with a hammer, this tool doesn't offer much in the way of offense. It's good for putting dings in cars though.

Nightstick (N/A)--Carried around by cops, it's more effective than using your fists and looks great with the cop uniform.

Meat Cleaver ($50)--Used by chefs everywhere to chop through flesh and bone, the meat cleaver does solid damage in a close-up fight.

Baseball Bat ($80)--Not only is it great for hitting baseballs, but it makes a solid melee weapon.

Knife ($90)--This weapon is more refined than a meat cleaver and a bit quicker. It's great for street fights.

Machete ($100)--As some may say, this is a knife--only bigger and better.

Katana ($300)--The katana is arguably the best melee weapon. You can quickly dispatch and decapitate enemies with it, plus it has a fairly good range. You can also run with it, unlike the chainsaw.

Chainsaw ($500)--This is definitely a case of style over substance. The chainsaw is powerful and very bloody when you deliver a final blow to someone on the ground, but it will slow you down when you carry it.

Remote Explosive/Incendiary Weapons

Grenades ($300)--Point a grenade in the desired direction (using the right analog stick to free-look can be useful), and hold the circle button down to throw--holding it down longer to throw farther. The explosion is very powerful, taking out vehicles with ease. Just make sure you don't get near it.

Tear Gas (N/A)--Tear gas immobilizes humans and does no damage to vehicles. You can pick up a few canisters by the Washington Beach police station. You may want to experiment to see if you can squeeze some fun out of this weapon.

Molotov Cocktail (N/A)--A Molotov cocktail sets things on fire and is an incredibly destructive weapon that's great for taking out groups of enemies. Be warned though, if you set yourself on fire, you'll take a lot of unavoidable damage.

Remote Grenades ($8000)--These are just like regular grenades, only you control when they explode with the tap of the circle button.

Car Bomb ($500)--Have your car rigged with a bomb at 8-Ball's bomb shop by the docks. The bomb will go off when you trigger the detonator using the circle button. Try to think of clever ways to integrate a car bomb into your mission.


Colt .45 ($100)--You can kill a man with a few shots from this weapon, although it's really the most basic of firearms. The Python is infinitely preferable. You can run while firing this weapon.

Colt Python ($2000)--The range of this weapon is inferior to some weapons, but you can't beat its knockdown power. One shot, one kill. The python is great for close-range gunfights, though you have to plant your feet when you squeeze off a round.


Let me introduce you to lil' stubby.
Let me introduce you to lil' stubby.

Shotgun ($500)--This shotgun has a low spread and high power. You can easily take a man out with one shot up close or from a medium distance, but the low spread makes it weaker for close combat than the other shotguns. As with all shotguns, you must stand still while firing.

Stubby ($600)--An extremely wide spread makes the stubby a great close-combat gun, but it's weak at medium range.

Spaz ($4000)--This shotgun has a medium spread and a seven-shot rapid-fire magazine. This makes its extreme long-range and close-range deficiencies disappear. You will have to reload the weapon, but its offensive power is still amazing.

Submachine Guns

Tec-9 (N/A)--Found only on the streets, the Tec-9 is an automatic pistol with a higher rate of fire than the pistol, and you can run while shooting it. Its effectiveness against multiple opponents is questionable.

Ingram ($300)--The Ingram Mac-10, as the name implies, is one step up from the Tec-9. This gun is slightly more effective overall.

Uzi ($400)--This is a reliable and effective firearm. It boasts an excellent rate of fire and good overall stopping power.

MP5 ($3000)--The MP5 is a military-grade weapon that excels in all categories. Without question it's the best submachine gun in any situation.

Assault Rifles

Ruger ($1000)--The main draw of an assault rifle is the ability to aim it from a first-person perspective, which allows you to shoot out tires and windshields. The other draw is its power. Although your aim will be thrown off quite a bit when you use this gun, you can go for headshots and mow down several men at once.

M4 ($5000)--The Colt M4 is like the Ruger, but it's superior in every way. Even with its considerable firepower it can't easily take out a helicopter. But it's still the best gun for the category. Remember that crouching will increase your accuracy with these types of weapons.

Heavy Weapons

Note: All heavy weapons must be purchased from Phil or found around the city.

Minigun ($10,000)--With the highest rate of fire in the game, the minigun chews up cars, people, or anything in front of it. The only catch is that you can't target a specific individual with the R1 button. The gun fires at a slightly upward angle, so it's best used against enemies that are standing on the same ground you are.

Rocket Launcher ($8000)--For many players in many games, the rocket launcher is the ultimate weapon. Even from a great distance you can create a large explosion that destroys people and vehicles with great accuracy. This weapon is aimed from a first-person perspective.

M60 ($8000)--The heavy machine gun is probably the most reliable weapon in this category. It has a high rate of fire and manual aim, and, unlike with the rocket launcher, you can't hurt yourself with it. This gun is great for shooting down helicopters, shooting up land vehicles, or taking out particularly tough people.

Flamethrower (N/A)--Wantonly tossing flame around is fun but risky. If a flaming individual makes contact with you, you'll start to burn as well. Still, because it has a decent range and instantly nullifies threats, the flamethrower can be a useful weapon.

Sniper Rifles

Firing through tires and windshields is a new feature in Vice City, use it well.
Firing through tires and windshields is a new feature in Vice City, use it well.

Sniper Rifle ($1500)--This is a single-shot rifle with a traditional sight. While it fires only one round at a time, the zoom capability is just as good as that of the PSG-1, and the sight is more reliable at extreme distances. One shot will kill.

PSG-1 ($6000)--The PSG-1 is a powerful semiautomatic rifle that can be used to kill people or destroy vehicles from a distance. It holds seven rounds, each capable of taking a man down in one hit. A car can be destroyed with one clip. The minor drawback to this weapon is that at great distances the laser sight indicator is hard or impossible to see. Take this into consideration when choosing between the two.


It's a good thing they didn't enlist the guys from N.A.R.C.
It's a good thing they didn't enlist the guys from N.A.R.C.

You can get away with a lot in Vice City, but caution must be exercised when the cops are around. If an officer catches you committing a felonious act, you'll receive a wanted star. This includes slamming into a police vehicle, killing pedestrians, attempting to hold up stores by targeting the owner, firing a weapon in the presence of an officer, and other similar behavior. Killing a cop will instantly stick you with a two-star wanted level, and walking into the police station brandishing a gun is just asking for it.

The following is a description of the wanted levels and what they mean. It's important to remember that completing a mission will always clear your wanted level.

One Star--In general, a one-star level is nothing to worry about. Police in the immediate area will give chase to you, but you won't be fired on. If you're beaten down and subdued or pulled out of your car, you'll be busted. Simply run or drive around for a while, avoiding contact with the police, and your wanted level will dissipate in no time.

Two Stars--At this point you've either killed an officer or several people, or you've triggered a mission-specific condition. The police will dispatch squad cars to chase you, and more will join in the chase if you encounter them. Police behavior is a bit more aggressive, both in driving and on foot. Escape is still relatively easy. Changing clothes, grabbing a police bribe icon to bring your wanted level back to one, or using a nearby Pay 'n' Spray are simple and viable options.

Three Stars--Things are starting to heat up. You'll get a strong reaction from the boys in blue, and undercover cops in the fast and agile Cheetah will join the chase. Police may set up roadblocks, and you can definitely expect them to shoot first and ask questions later. A helicopter may also join the chase. Changing clothes can still help, but hitting a bribe before you do so would be much more effective. The Pay 'n' Spray is a good option, and it shouldn't be too hard to reach. Check your map for the closest location.

Four Stars--When the wanted level hits four stars, you know you're officially in trouble. Swarms of patrol cars will pursue you doggedly, joined by the undercover cops and the SWAT team. Expect a hail of gunfire from the air and ground as helicopters and heavily armed law enforcement officers do their best to bring you down. Anything less than the Pay 'n' Spray simply won't be enough. Don't take chances here.

Five Star--The intensity you saw on level four increases with the presence of the FBI, who pack MP5s that can take you down in no time. You won't be able to round a corner without running into a law enforcement vehicle, and it will be a real fight to make it to the Pay 'n' Spray.

Six Stars--You're the baddest man this city has ever seen, in a bad way. In addition to everything that was thrown at you on the five-star level, military vehicles like the Rhino tank and the massive Barracks OLs will come at you hard. Hijack one of these vehicles if you can, but even still you'll be hard pressed to clear your name. Luckily the Pay 'n' Spray can and will work miracles.


Vice City is aptly named. It's literally crawling with criminals, Tommy Vercetti included. You may notice a pedestrian fleeing from an officer on foot from time to time. If you help out with your fists, not a deadly weapon, you'll get a cash bonus of $50 for knocking a thug down and up to three more bonuses for kicking him while he's down.

Gangs are quite organized and will often war with one another in the streets. The Cubans and Haitians in particular are always at each other's throats. You'll anger certain gangs at certain times, depending on the missions or the clothing you're sporting, but you'll never be so hated that certain areas will be impossible to access. If a local gang gives you trouble, simply do a few drive-bys and move to a new area. As you buy more properties, you'll notice groups of Italian goons hanging around. Many of them are named Mario. All of them will attack any other gang that crosses into your turf. If you're feeling frustrated, you can beat up or even kill your own men with no consequences.

One last important note is that there is no way you can miss out on future missions, like you could in Grand Theft Auto III. You can do any mission available at any time and never worry about closing a potential path due to a decision you've made.


You'll begin your life in Vice City with the noninteractive scene "An Old Friend" when you reach your hotel. You'll then meet with the lawyer Ken Rosenberg, who will provide you with your first few missions. From here the missions needed to complete the story portion of the game are listed in the order in which they occur.

These walk-throughs should aid you in completing every mission in the game. Some offer the quickest and simplest solution, while others have alternate strategies. Remember that there's always room for experimentation. Spoilers have been minimized for your protection. Good luck.

Ken Rosenberg

An edgy lawyer who's hopelessly addicted to alcohol and cocaine, Ken will provide you with the initial stepping stones you'll need to move up in the city.

The Party

In a situation like this, you have to relax.
In a situation like this, you have to relax.

Reward: $100

  • A large L will be visible on your miniradar in the bottom-left corner of your screen. This represents your lawyer, Ken Rosenberg. Visit him to start your first mission.
  • You're going to a party. The first thing you need to do is get a change of clothes. Simply drive south to the shirt icon on your map and step on the marker to get suited up.
  • Now drive to Col. Cortez's boat and get to know the powerful players in the city. The Colonel will ask you for a personal favor; take his daughter to the Pole Position club. It's marked on your radar, so simply escort her to the location safely. You shouldn't run into any trouble unless you go out of your way to make some.

Back-Alley Brawl

Nothing like a savage beating at 2AM.
Nothing like a savage beating at 2AM.

Reward: $200

  • Search the alleys behind your hotel for a baseball bat or brass knuckles if you like. Head to the Malibu club to talk to Kent Paul. Have a brief chat with him to pick up your next objective.
  • Targets are always indicated by yellow markers. Find yours and beat him to a bloody pulp. Welcome to the bleeding edge of 1980s technology. You've acquired a cell phone.
  • You'll now meet Lance, who will lend you a gun. The chef you've murdered has angry friends with sharp cleavers. You can kill them or run from them, but you'll need to make it to Lance's car.
  • Drive the slick vehicle to the Ammu-Nation on your radar. You can go in and browse if you like. Drive back to the hotel to complete the mission.

Jury Fury

That's quite a ding.
That's quite a ding.

Reward: $800
Special Notes: Following this mission you'll receive your first assassination mission. You should head to the pay phone when you want to accept the mission.

  • You need to change a jury's mind by causing some vehicle damage. A hammer will become available as you walk outside. Press L1 to pick it up if you're already carrying a melee weapon.
  • Head to one of the yellow dots and get ready to go to work. Make sure the cops aren't around when you're doing your smashing, or you could have trouble. Once you've done both cars, you're up several hundred dollars.

Reward: $1000
Special Note: You can now take jobs from Avery Carrington. Cortez will also contact you. You can take missions from him by heading to the C on your map by the marina. You'll also be able to pick up the coverall outfit from the tool shop in North Point Mall.

  • Time to incite your first riot. Head to Rafael's for a change of clothing before heading to the pink dot on your radar.
  • Run through the crowd punching and kicking wildly to stir up trouble. Once you've maimed/killed four different people, the riot will begin. Use the opportunity to destroy the three vans in the lot.
  • You can destroy the vans any way you choose, but the simplest way is to bring the van on the left right next to the ones on the right before taking out the explosive red barrel. The chain reaction should engulf all three vans.

Colonel Cortez

Juan Garcia Cortez is a well-spoken man with a good, but questionable, reputation. He charges you with watching over his daughter Mercedes and provides you with several lucrative job opportunities.

Treacherous Swine

The chainsaw is unwieldy but admirably brutal.
The chainsaw is unwieldy but admirably brutal.

Reward: $250

  • A chainsaw execution for a certain snitch is in order. Head to the target's condo and enter the pink marker. Chase him down and cut him up. If he escapes outside, you can simply run him down in a vehicle if you like.
  • You'll have a two-star wanted level after you kill Gonzalez. You can opt to go to the Pay 'n' Spray marked on your radar or take the police bribe to the right of the condo and drive off the other star. Either way you'll complete the mission.

Mall Shoot-Out

All of the Col.'s missions are accepted on his private yacht.
All of the Col.'s missions are accepted on his private yacht.

Reward: $500

  • You may want to pick up a submachine gun or other weapon for use in this mission. You're headed to the Washington Mall to meet a French agent. You'll need to take the escalator to meet him on the second floor.
  • After you make contact, you'll be ambushed, and the courier will flee. Chase him, kill him, and grab the guidance chip. It's possible to block an entrance to the mall to prevent his escape, but it's also fairly easy to chase his scooter down and run him over. However you eliminate him, realize that you'll earn a wanted level of two stars for doing so. Hurry back to Cortez to complete the mission.

Guardian Angels

A beautiful sunset.
A beautiful sunset.

Reward: $1000
Special Notes: After successful completion of this mission, Ricardo Diaz will ask you to do some work for him. You'll now have access to the western half of Vice City.

  • Take a car to the first floor of the multistory garage and grab the Ruger assault rifle that has been provided for your mission. Lance Vance will then pull up in his ride and join you for the mission. Find the alley where the meeting will be taking place, and take your place on the roof across from Lance.
  • Take a good position near the edge of the ledge and watch the area. Two hostile vehicles will come from the south, then one from the north. Kill the Haitians as they exit, and be ready to cover Lance if he calls for help. When the threats are gone, you'll see a cutscene.
  • Hop off the roof and onto the bike marked by the pink arrow and chase the perpetrator down the alley. The Sanchez's handling is very poor, so be careful. Fire your submachine gun (if you don't have one, the guy on the first bike will have dropped his) to take the man right off his bike. Grab the cash and return to Diaz.

Note: It's possible to obtain a damage-proof Admiral if Diaz is killed during this mission. It can explode if flipped over.

Ricardo Diaz

It seems that this temperamental drug lord is the man who's really running the city. He offers several challenging missions and has more to offer you than first meets the eye.

The Chase

Ricardo Diaz has quite a temper.
Ricardo Diaz has quite a temper.

Reward: $1000

  • Go to your target's house, as marked on the radar. After parking, you'll need to take a look in the window. When you do, you'll notice that the man you're supposed to tail is heading for the roof. Do not kill him. Follow him as quickly as you can, because he'll try to kill you with exploding barrels.
  • After you reach the end of the rooftops you'll have to pursue the punk using a vehicle. You can park something useful (as in a fast car) at the end of the row of houses by the dumpster before peeking in the window if you like.
  • Continue following the suspect until he reaches his destination. Keep a medium distance to avoid taking too much gunfire and to avoid collisions, especially if you're on a bike.

Phnom Penh '86

This is a mission you may want to replay for the sheer fun of it.
This is a mission you may want to replay for the sheer fun of it.

Reward: $2000
Special Notes: Completing this mission will unlock additional missions with Colonel Cortez and Avery Carrington.

  • This mission begins immediately after you visit Ricardo. You're going up in a whirlybird, and Lance Vance is your pilot. You'll be firing a heavy machine gun at grunts on the ground. Take them quickly; if the helicopter's life gauge is depleted, then it's all over.
  • When you've taken out most of the threats on the ground, you'll need to exit the helicopter to continue. You'll have 100 rounds left from the machine gun you were firing. There are several enemies left inside, so take them out from the doorway. Climb the stairs and head to your left to get to the roof. Grab the briefcase, and your mission is completed.

Colonel Cortez


Sir, Yes Sir!
Reward: $2000
Special Notes: You must complete the mission Phnom Penh '86 for Ricardo Diaz before you can take this mission.

  • There's a moving convoy you need to catch, so don't take too much time making it to your objective. A fast vehicle, such as the one found outside Cortez's boat, is highly recommended. You'll need to cross over to the eastern half of Vice City, so take the southernmost bridge and drive in the direction of the objective.
  • You now have to find a way to get the pilot of the tank to leave his vehicle. If you follow it long enough, the convoy will stop for donuts at the 24/7 store and leave the tank unlocked. If you're not patient enough to wait, blocking the tank's path will also coax the driver out of the tank to move your vehicle. If you'd rather do things the hard way, engage the army directly and cause enough havoc and explosions to force the crew to abandon the tank.
  • Jacking the tank will trigger a self-destruct mechanism. The time until explosion is shown on the meter in the upper-right corner of the screen. Drive the tank swiftly to the garage (point the turret backward with the right analog and fire rapidly to boost your speed if necessary), and park it for a two-grand reward.

All Hands on Deck

French boats block Cortez's escape.
French boats block Cortez's escape.

Reward: $5000
Special Notes: You'll receive a phone call from Kent Paul after the completion of this mission. You'll now be able to take missions for the band Love Fist.

  • This mission starts immediately after you take it. Make sure you have body armor and full health along with a weapon you can aim in first-person view with a plentiful supply of ammo. You'll begin by fending off a few French boats. After a certain amount of time you'll be given a new objective.
  • Several French ships form a barricade that blocks the Colonel's ship from exiting the harbor. You'll need to remove it by blowing up these ships and repelling a massive attack at the same time. If you hear the message that you're being overrun by the French, turn your attention to the deck and help Cortez's men with the firefight.
  • Two helicopters will attack--the first is a commercial helicopter and the second is a military helicopter. When each of these shows up, make it your number one priority. Clear the path when you can, and the mission will be completed.

Ricardo Diaz


The Fastest Boat
Reward: $4000
Special Notes: Completing this mission will unlock another anonymous pay phone mission.

  • Your radar will point you to the location of this rumored superboat. There are bodyguards around, so exercise caution. After taking out the guards on the perimeter, you'll need to lower the boat into the water.
  • Carefully sneak around to the front of the warehouse and gun down the men inside. Hit the switch and be prepared to fight off an assault before hopping in the boat.
  • Once you're in the boat, evade the police boats and head right toward the location marked on your radar. When you hit the pink marker you're done with the mission.

Supply & Demand

Reward: $10,000
Special Notes: Tracksuit clothing will be delivered to the Laundromat in Little Havana. You'll receive a cell phone call from Kent Paul, who will now offer you missions. He's indicated by the big K on the map.

  • Step into the pink circle to begin, and hit the gas as soon as you hit the water. This time you'll be driving while Lance does the shooting. You'll have to overtake several other speedboats in order to reach the yacht. You could use your Uzi to help Lance trash the competition, but keep your eyes on the waterway and go light on the turns. Speed is the only thing that really counts in this mission.
  • You'll switch with Lance for the second part of the mission and take up the gunner position. Boats will approach from behind. It doesn't matter whether you take out the men on the boat or the boat they're in--just waste them. A helicopter will attack you next, so train your gun toward the sky. Pass by a jetty full of gunmen and fend off a frontal attack to complete the mission and earn a whopping 10 grand as your paycheck.

Tommy Vercetti

Make it clear who's in charge of this town.
Make it clear who's in charge of this town.

Although the first two self-employed missions are picked up from different locations, they definitely have you going out for yourself. You'll receive no monetary reward for the first, but it's required to progress through the story.

Death Row
Special Notes: Take on this mission by meeting Kent Paul at the Malibu after his phone call.

  • There's no monetary compensation for this mission, but it's quite difficult, so be well prepared. You're up against a large number of gang members. Full health, body armor, and an automatic rifle are advised. As soon as the mission starts, you'll see Lance's health deteriorating. You need to get him out of there before he's had it.
  • Get a fast car and make your way to the location on the radar. As soon as you get in range you'll be under a hail of gunfire. Your best bet is to make it to Vance as quickly as possible and fight your way out. As an alternative you can try to approach from behind and/or use a helicopter to speed things along.
  • You need to get your friend to a hospital while being pursued by a number of hostile cars. There's a garbage truck on the left side on your way out. As long as you don't flip yourself over you'll be practically invulnerable for your ride back.

Rub Out
Reward: $50,000
Special Notes: This will be the end of Diaz. You'll end this mission with a luxurious new headquarters and new missions on your own behalf. It's time to start taking over this city.

  • Step onto the pink marker in front of the mansion. Lance will arrive with the heavy artillery in a scene straight out of Pulp Fiction. Time to get down to business.
  • Kill goons in front of the residence. The sniper rifle might be of use here. Move to the right side of the stairway, and you'll find a hedge maze. Follow Lance and help him take out the henchmen that stand in your way.
  • You'll now head into the mansion itself. Make your way down the corridors until you arrive in the decorated fountain room and cross to the stairs. Climb up, carefully eliminating the guards on higher flights as you advance.
  • It's recommended that you take on Diaz from the top floor. You may want to consider using an auto-targeting weapon like the Uzi to quickly and efficiently gun down Diaz and his men. When the smoke clears, the mansion is all yours.

Shakedown Reward: $2000
Special Notes: After you convince the local businesses that you're in charge, you'll be able to buy various properties on the map, which will yield new business opportunities. You'll receive a call from Avery and will be offered a fourth pay phone mission.

  • You have five minutes to convince Vice City that you're the new boss. Do this by smashing up all the breakable glass in Vice Point Mall. As soon as you can move you need to get outside, get in a fast car, and floor the gas. Get to the mall as quickly as you can, avoiding major collisions and keeping your speed up. You just may need those extra seconds. The best strategy here is to enter the mall from the south side so you come out right by The Gash department store. Bringing a bike in can help you save time with drive-bys, but it isn't absolutely necessary. Break the glass downstairs, then upstairs.
  • Your wanted level will increase naturally as you go about your business. Pay absolutely no heed to the cops. Keep moving and breaking glass. The money you make isn't that substantial, but this mission effectively cracks open Vice City so that it's yours for the taking. Good luck.

Bar Brawl
Reward: $4000

  • Someone's cutting in on your protection money. He needs to be cut out. Take your guards and head to the location marked on your radar, quite near the Ocean View Hotel. A quick drive-by will get rid of the guards. Talk to the manager to learn where the security company is located and pay them a visit.
  • The security guards are in a fairly well defended area and can be formidable in a firefight. On the other hand, they're in a confined space, which can be devastated with an explosion. Toss in a grenade or Molotov cocktail, or manually target a car and send the area up in flames. Step in to eliminate any survivors. When you've killed them all, two motorcycles will take off from the scene.
  • Give chase and eliminate the two bikers to pass the mission. They'll head for the southern end of the beach. When they're dead you'll have one less obstacle to deal with on your way toward dominating Vice City. The security company just might hold a grudge though.

Cop Land

A little tight in the crotch, but they'll do the job.
A little tight in the crotch, but they'll do the job.

Reward: $10,000
Special Notes: The protection asset will be completed when you complete this mission, giving you a cash icon that accumulates to a maximum of $6000 dollars in front of your mansion. Collect it regularly for a steady flow of cash. You'll also have the useful cop outfit available at the Washington Beach police station.

  • This mission starts easy and gets a bit more difficult. You and Lance will first need to lure at least two cops into a lockup marked on the radar. Start looking for cops when you near the location, and kill a cop to get noticed. Drive a bit until you have at least two cops on your tail, then swing into the garage. The garage will close and you'll come out with a nice new costume.
  • Now the game tells you to get a cop car and head to the mall. Actually you can use any car or motorcycle, you can walk, or you can bring a helicopter. The last option allows for an airborne escape, which is highly recommended.
  • Walk into the mall, walk into the marker to plant the bomb, and leave. You and Lance have earned a hefty five-star wanted level. Police, FBI, and SWAT teams have placed barricades on the road and are literally all over the city. The helicopter is definitely the safest option, but some fancy driving with a car or bike can get you home safely. Once you're done you'll come into a good chunk of cash and be paid protection money on a regular basis.

Cap the Collector
Reward: $30,000
Special Notes: This mission will not be available until you have bought up the majority of the properties and completed the majority of the assets. You'll be informed via cell phone when this happens.

  • The mafia is trying to take an unjustified cut from all of your owned businesses. To let them know that they're not welcome, you'll need to kill the messenger, or in this case the collector. Since the opposition rides speedy motorbikes, a fast vehicle will help you out.
  • Run down or gun down the mafia goons as they attempt to pillage your owned businesses one by one. The screen will display information on which business is being targeted, and the radar will display its exact location. Eliminate three pairs of bloodsucking leeches to complete the mission and earn a hefty reward.

Keep Your Friends Close

The Python proves its worth once again.
The Python proves its worth once again.

Reward: $30,000
Special Notes: This is the last main mission in the game. Suck it up and go for it.

  • Sonny and his boys have come to take your money. You'll have to defend your safe first. You'll go up against a lot of mafia here, so remember the locations of your health and armor stashes (downstairs to your left and at the very bottom of the multiflight stairway in the east wing of the mansion). If you charge out right at the beginning of the mission, you can eliminate three stretch limos that spawn goons. Then return and watch your money until you're given orders to kill a specific individual.
  • Chase your target up the stairs, firing at every opportunity to send him fleeing higher and eliminating any other opposition. Once you reach the top, you'll be under fire by several men behind barriers. If you want to grab the adrenaline pill to your left, that may help. Otherwise take cover and pop up to eliminate the threats. Once you kill their leader, head back downstairs.
  • The man in charge of the raid is here, and it's time for the final confrontation. You can choose to flee to your office and dispatch the wave of goons that fly at you and thin the ranks before taking on your nemesis. An equally viable alternative is to charge out with a powerful weapon (shotgun recommended) and end things quickly. For something in between, simply take position at the top of the stairs and crouch so that you can barely see the boss's head. Open fire and give him a face full of lead. Enjoy the ending, and the rest of Vice City!


Although not required to complete the main game, these missions contribute to the storyline and have rewards and lasting effects in the game. Their availability is determined by which core missions have been passed, as explained in the special notes in the above missions.

Avery Carrington

Avery is a good old Southern boy who's keen on real estate. Although his missions aren't required for completing the game, they tie in nicely to the story.

Four Iron

Reward: $500
Special Notes: After completing this mission, the country club clothing will be available for pickup at the country club.

  • You need to get onto a golf course to eliminate a certain individual. Go to JockSport to be fitted for colorful country club garb, then make the short drive to the course.
  • If you go through the security checkpoint, you'll temporarily lose any firearms you may be carrying. If you want to bring weapons in, park a car near the black ramp and hop onto the car, then over the fence.
  • There are several ways to complete the mission. When you get close to your target, he'll set his guards on you. You can try to overturn or destroy his golf cart by ramming it, gun him down with smuggled guns, or drive right back to the entrance (there's only one) and wait for your target to attempt to escape. If he escapes the course, you can still chase him down in a car, provided he doesn't get too far away from you.

Demolition Man

Reward: $1000

  • Your next mission is to destroy a building with a radio-controlled helicopter. It's marginally easier than it sounds.
  • The controls will be explained to you, but it'll be a bit of a challenge to master flying a miniature aircraft. Just keep trying until you get it right. Pick up a bomb and head to the building. There are four locations to drop the bombs, one on each floor. It's recommended that you start with the lowest and end at the highest because construction workers will follow and attack your helicopter when they see it.
  • Your best bet is to fly low when you're trying to bomb. If the bomb misses, simply drop down to pick it up again and drop it from zero range. Flying low can also get rid of the workers by slicing them up, but take care not to hit too many walls or take too much gunfire, or you'll explode just like any other vehicle.
  • When all the bombs are placed, the building will be heavily damaged, and you'll collect your pay.

Two-Bit Hit
Reward: $2500
Special Notes: You'll have the Havana set of clothing waiting for you after this mission. Unfortunately it seems that you can't access it due to an invisible wall. You'll also receive a phone call that will let you take jobs from the Cubans.

  • You'll first need to head to Little Haiti to pick up your Cuban colors. Once you've donned your disguise, commandeer a sturdy vehicle and get ready to crash a funeral.
  • The Haitians will spot you as soon as you arrive at the scene. Your target is clearly marked with an arrow. The best strategy is probably vehicular homicide. You may even want to rig your car with a bomb and bail out at high speeds before detonating. As long as you're not seen until you're just about to make your kill, you'll be fine.
  • The leader may try to escape in a unique hearse if he's not snubbed right at the beginning. The hearse will drop damaging coffins, so be careful as you try to trap and destroy the vehicle. After the hit, get out of Little Haiti as fast as you can and collect your reward.

Pay Phone Missions

These jobs come from an unknown client as a fluke, because you picked up a stolen cell phone. The later missions in particular are quite challenging and enjoyable.

Road Kill

This is going to be his last delivery.
This is going to be his last delivery.
Reward: $500

  • You need to run down and kill a pizza delivery boy. What he's done to deserve it you'll never know. Regardless, all you need to do is take a fast car and ram him. Once he's off the bike you can rub him out as you see fit.

Waste the Wife
Reward: $2000

  • A Mrs. Dawson will be leaving the jewelry shop soon. You need to off her and make it look like an auto accident, meaning you can't use weapons of any kind or pull the woman out of her car. Drive to the marked location.
  • When she leaves, follow her and keep ramming her car until it bursts into flames. She's a relatively good driver in a fast car, so keep that in mind when selecting your own vehicle. Quick and simple. If your car takes too much damage, swap it for a new one and continue the chase.

Reward: $4000
Special Notes: This is a long, timed mission with several targets to eliminate. Take care not to draw the attention of the police, or the mission will become next to impossible.

  • There are several people you need to kill within eight minutes. Make sure you grab the weapons provided at the blue dot on your radar. Your first victim is working for an advertising agency. Notice the yellow arrow pointing up and the pink arrow pointing to your target, and off him.
  • Your second target is already in a vehicle, but in a confined area. You can shoot him through his windshield or block him in with a car or larger vehicle and blow them both up. Grenades or Molotovs will work nicely as well.
  • Two more targets are waiting by the jewelry store. Approach from the west to ensure clean shots. Aim with the sniper rifle and take out the driver, then the passenger. Alternatively you can use an explosive or incendiary weapon, but if the car escapes your initial attack, you aren't likely to have enough time to finish the mission.
  • Number five on your list is doing a bit of pleasure boating. Make your way toward his location and line up a clean shot for the sniper rifle. To make things easy, drive your car straight up the stairs at the Standing Vice Point Hotel and make the shot from there. Any way you can get a clean shot will do though. After he's dead, there's only one more to go.
  • Your last hit for the day is biking around town with the wind in his hair. As long as your engine is fast enough, you should have no problem offing this last one. Your mystery client will compensate you for a job well done.

Check Out at the Check In

Reward: $8000

  • After receiving the phone call you'll be instructed to pick up a nearby sniper rifle. A woman will come down the escalator and have a conversation with a certain man. You're to shoot the man and bring the briefcase to a specific location. Park your car close to one of the security checkpoints to prepare for a speedy getaway.
  • You're given a distance meter, and the mission will fail if you come too close to your target. You can stay on the ground level if you want to make the shot early or wait for the man to take the escalator. Either way you'll need to kill him and the bodyguard who's with him. In fact, it may be wise to shoot the bodyguard, who's a younger-looking man, first since he's carrying a weapon.
  • Once you grab the case you'll be a wanted man. Although you may receive only two stars, you'll have police and undercover officers doggedly pursuing you. Hightail it to the Ammu-Nation downtown, or you may want to steal a Highliner big rig from the docks and bulldoze your way to your goal.

Loose Ends

Reward: $16,000

  • There's a very big deal taking place on the roof of the Cherry Popper Ice Cream building. Your mission is to kill everyone involved and take off with the goods yourself. A sniper rifle is almost a requirement here, and full health and armor are once again recommended.
  • Occasionally you'll be shot at through a wall on your right as you enter the location. If this happens you'll probably want to restart the mission. If things are fine, you'll be faced with two gunmen behind a black Sentinel. Before you progress, check the stairways and rooftops for enemies. Pick off anyone you see with your sniper rifle.
  • As you turn the corner you'll immediately be fired on. When you're walking into tight spaces or rounding corners where enemies might be lurking, select an auto-targeting weapon like the Python and be ready to fire. There's an exploding barrel to the right that will cause a beneficial chain-reaction explosion when you take it out. Round the corner, take cover behind a crate, and scan the rooftops again. Enemies lurk around practically every corner, so be careful as you advance. If you need it there's a body armor pickup in the southeastern corner of the lot. When the coast is clear, climb the stairway to your right and begin to make your way toward the Cherry Popper roof.
  • A man with a shotgun is hiding near the two big scoops. Make sure you find him before he finds you. Don't run straight ahead when you see the briefcase. Try going around the left corner and ambushing the final guards from behind. Now is the time to take the case and hop in the nearby Maverick to escape.
  • You merely have to fly the helicopter back to the marked location at the airport to complete the mission and earn a sizable reward. If you haven't already collected it, a hidden package is located on the helipad with you.


Umberto is obviously too much of a man for these ladies.
Umberto is obviously too much of a man for these ladies.

Headed by the colorful and hypermasculine Umberto Robina, the Cubans will adopt you as a brother and recruit you to help in their ongoing war with the Haitians.

Stunt Boat Challenge
Reward: Reward: $1000
Special Notes: You'll get a call from Auntie Poulet after completing this mission.

  • It's a one-boat race against time. Hit all the checkpoints and you'll win the approval of the Cuban gang. Remember to steer your boat with a steady hand, and make slight adjustments instead of last-minute heavy turns. Ease up on the throttle in tight areas, but make sure you floor it when you're out in the open if you want to beat the clock. If you miss any of the jumps you'll be hard pressed to finish the course.

Cannon Fodder
Reward: $2000

  • Bring a car that can hold at least four people to the front of the restaurant and drive to the location of the fight in Little Haiti. Keep moving to avoid being pulled out of your car. Bring a machine gun and/or sniper rifle to the party and be prepared for a tough fight.
  • Help the Cubans out by killing rival gang members marked with a pink arrow. After a cutscene you'll need to take out a sniper on the roof and several other heavily armed men. This will trigger the final charge. You now simply need to take the van and escape. This will be much easier if you gun down the Haitians who are already here, but know that there's a horde of them coming out of a building in the back.
  • Don't let the cops push you around as you make your way back. Simply press onward until the van is parked and you get paid.

Naval Engagement
Reward: $4000

  • Drive to the point indicated on your radar to meet Rico. He'll drive you alongside two ships stacked with Haitian gunmen. Take them out quickly while the boat is still intact. They won't react until after the first shot, so make that one count.
  • You'll be thrust ashore and charged with retrieving two briefcases. Crouch down behind the wall and pop up to eliminate the gunmen on the building. There's a hard-to-spot man on the top of the roof and a man on the right side of the mansion with a deadly shotgun. Make sure you take them out.
  • Pick up the suitcase by the boat docks, then go around back and bring the Landstalker up the stairs and close to the second briefcase's location. As soon as you grab the briefcase, hop in the car and drive. You'll have a four-star wanted level, meaning the police and SWAT teams will be hot on your tail, so watch out.

Trojan Voodoo

This stairway is the only way out, run!
This stairway is the only way out, run!

Reward: $8000
Special Notes: You'll need to complete the Haitian missions before this job becomes available.

  • Take your new friend Pepe into Little Haiti to pick up an appropriate set of wheels. There's a Voodoo parked right next to Auntie Poulet's place if you have trouble finding one driving around.
  • Drive the car to the location marked on the radar. Try your best to avoid confrontations with rival gang members for the time being. Join up with the other Cubans and head for the drug-processing factory marked on the radar.
  • Wait patiently to gain access into the compound. Once in, you may want to run down the Haitians standing inside the compound. They won't attack you if you don't open fire. You now should move inside and take out the guards. Once they're gone it's time to plant the bombs.
  • Climb the stairs and plant the farthest bomb first. This will give you more time to escape the compound before it blows. The gate has been closed, so head around the right corner to find stairs to the roof. Keep running until the bombs go off and you collect your fee.
  • After completing this mission the Haitians will have you marked. Be wary.

Love Fist

It's just not right.
It's just not right.

Love Fist is a drunken Scottish rock band managed by Kent Paul. Tommy feels that running errands for the band and driving them around is demeaning, and so might you. Think of it as charity work for Kent Paul, or at the very least a way to earn a bit more money and edge up your completed percentage.

Love Juice
Reward: $2000
Special Notes: You'll be introduced to Mitch Baker following the completion of this mission. He'll be marked by a spade on the map.

  • You need to collect the proper components for a complicated drug cocktail as a favor to the band. Park a car or motorcycle on the pink speck on the radar and sound your horn. A friendly dealer will take your money and leave with the drugs on a motorbike. Run him down, kill him, and pocket the goods.
  • The band is getting a wee bit lonely and could use some company. Before you pick up Mercedes from her apartment, make sure you have a speedy vehicle. As soon as you pick her up you're given a minute and a half to get her back to the recording studio. Do so and you're done.

Psycho Killer
Reward: $4000
Special Notes: You must complete the biker gang missions before taking on future jobs for Love Fist.

  • You need to stop a crazed killer bent on seeing Love Fist burn. You'll need to take the band's limo to a signing event to try to draw the killer out, then chase him down and eliminate him. The mission will begin in earnest when you park the limo on the designated marker.
  • Unfortunately, the limo is poorly suited to a high-speed chase because it fails to attain high speeds. You can remedy this by parking a much faster vehicle nearby beforehand. However, you'll need to enter and exit the car quickly or you'll lose sight of the killer (he won't show up on radar). Leave your speedy car's door open to save some time. Once the psycho comes out to play, try to corner his car or light it up using the drive-by technique. When he's dead, you get paid.

Publicity Tour

You must resist the temptation to bail on these guys.
You must resist the temptation to bail on these guys.

Reward: $8000

  • More problems for Love Fist--this time their limo has been rigged to explode if it goes under a certain speed. You'll need to drive around at high speeds while listening to the band's absurd chatter until the bomb is defused. The detonation meter grows steadily if you dip below a certain speed and shrinks when you exceed that speed.
  • Contrary to what the game might suggest, you don't have to travel at top speed to keep from blowing up. Press the button only hard enough to maintain a decent speed without allowing the detonation meter to grow. You should begin by traveling south, gently taking the left turn onto the main road. Making sharp turns and colliding with other vehicles is a great danger. If you slow down to a near stop, it's impossible to gain enough speed to prevent an explosion. Turning back and heading north after a long straight drive works well, as does touring Starfish Island.
  • Once the bomb has been defused you simply drive the band back to its venue and receive your payment.


A familiar voice will call you here and back again to perform favors, but you may not remember them afterward. The Cubans will never realize you're for the other side, and neither will you. Something about that tea...

JuJu Scramble

This is the place.
This is the place.

Reward: $2000

  • Full health and body armor are advised. You need to make it to Auntie Poulet's stash before the cops do. You have all the time you need to make it to the first package, but once you grab it you'll be given a 60-second timer, and SWAT officers will ambush and pursue you. You're also slammed with a two-star wanted level. If the timer runs out, you can track down the officer who has the package and take it by force.
  • Make it to the next yellow mark on your radar to find the second package. When you grab it you'll be given another 60-second timer and four stars.
  • There's one last package to attain. Once you have it you'll make one more timed dash, this time to Auntie Poulet's house. You're given a puny reward for all the trouble you just went through, but you may not remember it too well afterward.

Bombs Away

Keeping your plane in the air is half the challenge.
Keeping your plane in the air is half the challenge.

Reward: $2000

  • First make your way to the Top Fun van to begin the mission. You'll be briefly instructed on how to pilot the RC planes and then will be sent off to destroy the Cubans and their boats. The targets are clearly marked with pink arrows. Avoid enemy fire and send your targets to the big boatyard in the sky. One last man will try to escape by car. If you can tag him before he gets to the road, do so; otherwise, watch out for buildings and trees.

Dirty Lickin's
Reward: $5000

  • There's a large old-fashioned brawl between the Cubans and the Haitians. This time you're pulling for the guys from Little Haiti. You need to tip the odds with a sniper rifle, but if you're spotted, you'll fail the mission.
  • You need to get to the roof of the building overlooking the scene if you want to succeed. Grab the adrenaline pill nearby to slow things down and make your job easier. With a good aim you'll have no problem completing the mission.

Biker Gang

The bikers are a tough gang of lawless individuals headed by Mitch Baker. If nothing else, these missions will improve the way you handle a bike.

Alloy Wheels of Steel
Reward: $1000

  • To prove yourself to Mitch Baker, you'll have to race against a few of his boys to show that you can handle a motorcycle. It's a simple checkpoint race: You must pass through each of the checkpoints successively and be the first to arrive at the finish line. Driving bikes is very different from driving cars, so you may need a bit of practice before you can get it. The other drivers will help you out a bit though, as they're quite prone to slamming into things and taking spills themselves. You'll get a paltry sum of money for proving yourself, and you'll be able to attempt the next biker mission.

Messing With the Man
Reward: $2000

  • This is a very simple mission that can be quite difficult, and it's one that you'll want full health and armor for. You're required to cause as much chaos as you can within two minutes, which is measured by a handy onscreen meter. Killing people (especially cops) and destroying vehicles is the order of the day. You'll hear a tick each time you do something to fill up the meter.
  • Using a vehicle can definitely be to your advantage, because it will keep you from being damaged. The downside is that the police can easily bust you if you get stuck or stop moving for too long. Recommended weapons are the Colt Python, the MP5, and a weapon suitable for destroying vehicles, such as grenades or a machine gun. When you do fill up the meter, head for your hideout or the Pay 'n' Spray to get rid of that nasty wanted level you've worked up.
  • If all that was too much trouble, there's a glitch that lets you fill the chaos gauge by shooting a car until it explodes, then shooting it even more (use a weapon you can aim in first-person view). It works, but Mitch surely wouldn't approve of your method.

Reward: $4000

  • You'll be given a bit of an exposition before beginning the mission. You'll need to get a fast bike and make a beautiful jump to the roof of the downtown Ammu-Nation store. Once you're spotted you'll be swarmed by gang members, so be swift about it.
  • Killing the men on top of the roof first is a good idea. You may want to do this with a sniper rifle from the top of the stairs to avoid being spotted early, but you can just as easily stay on the bike and hose them down with your submachine gun.
  • You can opt to snipe the four patrolling gang members, or you can go down the stairs killing everyone with an auto-targeting weapon. The Colt Python works wonderfully. Don't stop shooting until you get on the bike and begin to make your escape. Loop the bike around to the north to jump the stairs and escape the area.
  • Regardless of whether or not you were spotted, gang vans will try to run you off the road and eliminate you before you can return the bike to Mitch. Drive as skillfully as you can and don't look back.

Phil Cassidy

While you'll meet Phil through the Malibu missions, he'll call in one or two favors from you personally. He's obnoxious, but he's not such a bad guy.

Phil is mentioned here to avoid confusion. His missions are listed in the following section, Properties and Asset Completion, since the game counts Phil's Place as an asset.


In addition to the Ocean Beach Hotel, where you start your game, there are several other hideouts you can procure. Below is a list detailing location, price, and description. These locations are also marked on the map in the "locations" section. You can save at any property you own, including potential assets.

Location: Ocean Beach
Price: N/A
Garage: none
Description: This fine hotel boasts a beautiful ocean view. All pickups earned by collecting hidden packages will be delivered to this location, guaranteed.

Location: Ocean Beach
Price: $7000
Garage: one single-car garage
Description: A towering building on the south end of Ocean Beach.

Location: Washington Beach
Price: $300
Garage: none
Description: A simple save point in the heart of the Washington Beach area.

Location: Vice Point
Price: $2500
Garage: none
Description: A simple save point at the northern end of the eastern half of Vice City, seconds from Vice Point Mall.

Location: Vice Point
Price: $8000
Garage: one single-car garage
Description: A swanky townhouse complete with a garage, a pool, and an assault rifle conveniently located on your rooftop. Great buy.

Location: Leaf Links
Price: $6000
Garage: one single-car garage
Description: Overlooking the expansive Leaf Links golf course, Links View Apartments offers luxurious living at an affordable price.

Location: Downtown
Price: $1000
Garage: are you kidding?
Description: Located on a rooftop overlooking The Greasy Chopper in the downtown area. This lovely shack offers several walls and a place to save your game.

Location: Downtown
Price: $14,000
Garage: one large three-car-plus garage, two smaller two-car-plus garages.
Description: The ultimate downtown living place. Hyman Condos has extensive storage space and your own personal helipad. Warning, only the pickups that you already own when you buy the condo will be delivered here. Future pickups will not arrive at this location. You should also be wary of saving your game with a garage open, as your vehicles could disappear and are not covered by the lease.

Some missions are done for the good of a location rather than the good of a boss. When you've completed the requirements, the property will begin to generate daily revenue for you. One potential asset, the Print Works, is completely necessary to your accessing the last two core missions. Bear this in mind when playing the real estate game.


Price: $50,000
Max Daily Revenue: $9000
Description: A good first or second buy, located in the western half of Vice City, north of the airport. Unlike traditional missions, the showroom lets you make money by running illegal street races or stealing cars. Procuring used cars for your dealership to sell is the way to complete the club's asset. Each car will give you a small sum of money, and you'll get a money bonus and a unique car in the showroom when you finish each list. Your maximum revenue will also rise for each list you complete.

Each race requires you to pass through a series of checkpoints in consecutive order. You either win or lose; there's no second or third place. If you want to earn money quickly and easily, you can open a race from the selection screen and destroy the three opposing vehicles with a rocket launcher. But that's just not sporting, now is it?

Race 1: Terminal Velocity
Track Length: 1.1 Miles
Entrance Fee: $100
Reward: $400

Race 2: Ocean Drive
Track Length: 1.652 Miles
Entrance Fee: $500
Reward: $2000

Race 3: Border Run
Track Length: 1.926 Miles
Entrance Fee: $1000
Reward: $4000

Race 4: Capital Cruise
Track Length: 2.438 Miles
Entrance Fee: $2000
Reward: $8000

Race 5: Tour!
Track Length: 2.86 Miles
Entrance Fee: $5000
Reward: $20,000

Race 6: V.C. Endurance
Track Length: 6.1 Miles
Entrance Fee: $10,000
Reward: $40,000

The lists are posted at the garage on your right when you drive down the front of the ramp. The garage will open only when you bring one of the required vehicles.

First List
Blista Compact

Max revenue: $1500
Bonus Vehicle: Deluxo

Second List

Max Revenue: $4000
Bonus Vehicle: Sabre Turbo

Third List

Max Revenue: $6500
Bonus Vehicle: Sand King

Fourth List
Cuban Hermes
Mr. Whoopee
Pizza Boy

Max Revenue: $9000
Bonus Vehicle: Hotring Racer


Price: $30,000
Maximum Daily Revenue: $4000
Description: Also a good first or second buy. The strip club is north of Ocean Beach Hotel and south of Collars and Cuffs.

In order for your club to start making money for you, you'll need to drop $600 on the girl who works in the first door to your left in the back of the club. Once that's done she'll be replaced by a new girl, and the room to the back right will feature a nice pole-dance scene when you walk in.


Price: $20,000
Maximum Daily Revenue: $3000
Description: A cheap property with relatively low returns. You'll want to purchase it to complete the last Sunshine Autos list, and also for the sake of completion. You'll need to complete a unique mission in order to complete the asset. When you cross to the west from Starfish Island, it's right in front of you.

$ variable

  • You need to vend your wares for petty cash along the streets of Vice City. This mission is more about patience than anything else. Click the L3 button to turn on the happy ice cream music and stop when there are people around. Gangs will try to stop you, and your wanted level will increase as you do more deals.
  • To complete the Cherry Popper asset you need 50 consecutive deals. Leaving your car for any reason before this happens will render your mission a failure. You need to completely avoid gangs and carefully manage your wanted level. If you reach a wanted level of one, you might opt to drive around until it wears off. If you reach two, you should head to a Pay 'n' Spray as quickly as possible. When you do acquire 50 deals, exit the vehicle on your own accord, and the asset will be complete.


Price: $10,000
Maximum Daily Revenue: $2000

If you can't handle a boat Checkpoint Charlie will be next to impossible.
If you can't handle a boat Checkpoint Charlie will be next to impossible.
Description: Another cheap property with relatively low returns. You'll gain access to a pair of speedboats when you complete its single mission. The boatyard is located at the docks, and it's quite hard to miss with all the large boats hanging around the area.

Checkpoint Charlie

  • This is a brutal checkpoint race (you'll actually be grabbing packages) with a low time limit and several difficult-to-hit jumps. Like in your other boat races, go easy on the controls and make sure you have the proper speed and alignment before hitting a jump. Good luck.


Price: $40,000
Maximum Daily Revenue: $5000
Description: Located in Little Haiti. The cab company is a good intermediate purchase. It's relatively affordable with good returns, after you complete three missions.


Better than your average fare, that's for sure.
Better than your average fare, that's for sure.

Reward: $1000
Special Notes: You must be in a Kaufman cab to accept any missions for the company.

  • Bring a submachine gun. Head to Starfish Island as quickly as possible to pick up a high-profile client. Another cabbie will try to steal your fare, insulting you in the process. Muscle him into the side of the bridge as he tries to escape, hang your arm out the window, and fill his car with a few bullets to show him you mean business. When the client agrees to take your car, let him in and speed off toward your destination--the airport.
  • There's no timer, so take your time and provide your client with a pleasant drive.

Friendly Rivalry

There can be only one.
There can be only one.

Reward: $2000

  • This is a straightforward and simple mission. There are three rival cabs marked on your radar. Destroy them. Do a drive-by, use a rocket launcher, or smash your car into theirs--anything will do. Just know that a flaming cab will attempt to take you down with him. To maximize your chance of success you might consider waiting for your wanted level to cool off before destroying each cab. Remember the Pay 'n' Spray if you need it, and good hunting.


Taxi Cabs don't get much cooler than this.
Taxi Cabs don't get much cooler than this.

Reward: $8000
Special Notes: After you finish this job, the taxi firm asset will be completed, yielding up to $5000 dollars per grab.

  • You have a special request from a special client. Drive to the location on the radar and sound the horn. Make sure you get your cab there in good shape, or if that fails, jack another Kaufman cab.
  • A fleet of angry cabs pours into the area, and you have a 60-second timer. They're going to try to take you out. Drive evasively and don't fly off into the drink.
  • When the timer runs out, you'll go face-to-face with a tiger-striped death cab. Defeat it in vehicle-to-vehicle combat, or if you'd like to keep it as a souvenir, shoot the driver in the head through the windshield and take his ride to a nearby garage.


Price: $60,000
Maximum Daily Revenue: $8000
Description: Located on the otherwise desolate Prawn Island. Interglobal Films requires that you complete four missions before it will begin forking over cash.

Recruitment Drive

Steve and Tommy express their creative differences.
Steve and Tommy express their creative differences.

Reward: $1000

  • You need new talent. Head to the location on your radar to meet the accomplished Candy Suxxx. Make sure you're holding a gun before stepping on the marker in preparation for meeting Candy's "manager."
  • The pimp will unload three punks to deal with you before scooting off in his cheap car. Take them out and chase down your target. This will be a bit more challenging than most chases, because the pimp can stop to spawn gang members from out of the vehicle he drives and will switch vehicles if his is about to blow. When you've eliminated him, go back and pick up Candy.
  • With Candy in tow, make a trip to see Mercedes to get her in on the action. Take both lovely ladies back to the studio and collect your pay.

Dildo Dodo

Take care not to hit any buildings.
Take care not to hit any buildings.

Reward: $2000

  • Here you'll take to the skies and distribute flyers to promote your studio's films. The seaplane you'll use is around the back of the studio.
  • Build up a bit of speed before you attempt to take off. The checkpoints you'll need to collect come in pairs, meaning that when you hit one you'll have to fly to a second designated point marked on your radar to complete the pair. You have limited fuel, but the amount you're given is pretty generous. The bigger danger is colliding with buildings. Fly safely.
  • Finishing the mission will get you $2000 and will take away the fuel gauge. If you like you can do some pleasure flying before your next mission.

Martha's Mug Shot

Stick close to the limo or you'll lose the target.
Stick close to the limo or you'll lose the target.
Reward: $4000

  • As soon as the mission begins, head toward the yellow dot on the radar that's to the north. Hop in the Sparrow helicopter generously provided for you and begin to tail Candy's stretch limo.
  • When you find where they're headed, park your helicopter at the nearby hotel marked by the pink arrow and find the door on the left side of the hotel. Ascend to the top of the building for a great photo-op. You can take the pictures by landing the helicopter on a nearby building, but you need to be quite close to see the couple. You're obviously meant to enter the building marked on the radar, but don't be afraid to try.
  • Once you've snagged three good photos showing both the congressman and Ms. Suxx, you simply need to bring them back to the porn studio. Unfortunately you've been found out, and there are hired guns blocking the stairs. Bouncing grenades down the stairs is a good way to take them out indirectly.
  • Escape to your waiting helicopter and head back to the studio. Land in a hurry, because there are guns all around you. Once you hit the pink circle you're home free.


It's bring your bike to work day.
It's bring your bike to work day.


  • You'll spend the entirety of this mission on a bike, minus the time it takes you to get back on if you fall off. Take your PCJ to the designated location, fly up the stairs, and drive around the left side of the building and into the office. There's a hidden package here if you haven't grabbed it already. Head into the elevator to proceed to the top floor.
  • After going to one more indicated location you'll be instructed on your mission. A number of checkpoints need to be cleared. The timer starts when you smash through the first pane of glass. There are a few things to consider. If you need to gain speed in a short distance, and you usually will, lightly press up on the analog stick to lean forward on your machine. Don't try to make a jump if you know you don't have the proper speed or angle; there will always be enough room for you to drive back and try again. Lastly, take note when the game drops a stairway back to ground level. This acts as a sort of checkpoint and will let you get back to the rooftops after you fall off.
  • If your bike gets too banged up, there's a Sanchez that makes a good replacement at the dirt track on your left side. The last jump is the longest, so make sure you get as much speed as you can before you hit it. Step on the marker to adjust the spotlight and complete the mission.
  • When you're through, the studio will start to make money for you, and Candy will send a few pictures to your mansion. They'll be on the left wall of your office.


Price: $70,000
Maximum Daily Revenue: $8000
Description: This asset is required if you want to witness all the core missions in the game. The Print Works is located on the northern edge of Little Havana. There are two missions that stand in your way.

Spilling the Beans

Be sure to scout out this location before you head in.
Be sure to scout out this location before you head in.


  • You need to pay a visit to Kent Paul at the Malibu to get some information. If you like, you can be driven to the club by a cab to your right for a small fee. When you arrive you'll waste no time getting the information you need. You're given a new destination: the shipping docks.
  • Before you attempt to board the boat to meet the shipping officer, use a sniper rifle to eliminate the visible guards. Park your escape vehicle of choice close to the boat and on the left side of the fence.
  • You're going to be spotted, so keep your finger on the targeting button and fire at anything you see. Move quickly up the stairs and onto the marker to squeeze some information from the shipping officer, then run and take a flying leap over the railing. You're a wanted man with two stars. It will probably take you two jumps to get down to the ground. Once there grab your (or any) vehicle and head for the location on your radar. If you need to, head for the Pay 'n' Spray first. It's over and done with when you arrive back at the printing press.

Hit the Courier

This is a great way to end a chase.
This is a great way to end a chase.

Special Notes: After this mission the Print Works asset will be completed. The location will generate a maximum of $8000 per collection.

  • The courier is arriving at the docks via helicopter and is already en route. You must intercept him and bring back the license to print money. You'll need a helicopter or a fast car/bike, and if you get there quickly, there are a number of strategies you can use.
  • If an explosion engulfs the plate, you're out of luck. Otherwise, you're free to steal the merchandise however and whenever you want. The helicopter will approach from the other island and land, and the courier will then enter a black car while her protection enters a red car. The cars will exit the docks and head north.
  • The most straightforward way to accomplish this mission is to load up on armor and health and charge in with guns blazing. If you can stop the courier before she makes it to her car, you'll have an easy time of things. However if you don't pick up the plates, then an associate will do so. There are two syndicate members on the roof, one with a sniper rifle and the other with a shotgun. About a dozen heavily armed women are on the ground. Once you have the package you can speed back to where you started and begin your money laundering.


Price: $120,000
Maximum Daily Revenue: $10,000
Description: The Malibu is the hottest club in Vice City. Ownership allows you to take on a number of missions to establish yourself as the nightclub king of the town.

No Escape?

Letting the man on the inside out.
Letting the man on the inside out.

Reward: $1000

  • Your aim is to bust a guy out of jail who can help you pull off one of the biggest jobs in the game. First make your way to the VCPD building in the Washington Beach area. Come with full health and armor, but don't walk in brandishing a weapon. Head to the locker room and stand on the marker to change into something less conspicuous. You'll be informed that the key card is upstairs, so head there next.
  • Just keep your cool and don't target any of your fellow officers. Pick up the keycard, and if you haven't already grabbed the nearby hidden package, now would be a good opportunity to do so. Head downstairs and stand on the marker to spring the prisoner.
  • Once he's out you're at a five-star wanted level. Use a shotgun or other auto-targeting weapon and clear out the police who stand in your way. Your new friend is a bit stupid when it comes to finding his way to cars, so take the car the game provides by turning left after you leave the station. If you want to bring your own, a vehicle with good acceleration and speed, like the Stinger or Hotring Racer, is recommended. Hop in, try driving through alleys, and pray you'll make it to the Pay 'n' Spray. After that it's a leisurely drive back to Cam's house.
  • Your reward may be insulting, but you now have a safecracker for future use. Consider it an investment.

The Shootist

Try and earn as many points as possible early on in the contest.
Try and earn as many points as possible early on in the contest.

Reward: $2000

  • You need a stickup man. Meet Phil Cassidy at the Ammu-Nation rifle range downtown. You'll need to prove yourself in a target-shooting contest.
  • There are three sections. The first involves three targets at different distances. Each target has five sections, and the farther a target is, the more points it's good for. Concentrate on clearing the far targets first.
  • The second section is a Hogan's Alley-style cutout shoot. There are no innocent targets, so kill without discretion. There's no real strategy here--just hit as many targets as possible.
  • The third section is the most challenging and features targets that barely peek past the corners. There are occasional targets in the upper corners, but these are very difficult to hit. You shouldn't need to score many hits here if you've done well in the past sections.
  • When you get more than 60 hits, you can talk to Phil after the mission to recruit him.

Note: There is one more mission you can take that is related to Phil that will earn you the fast-reload ability. Return to the Ammu-Nation pistol range and score 45 or over to earn the fast-reload ability. This is required to obtain 100 percent completion. Do not pass this up.


Hilary is good, but you're better.
Hilary is good, but you're better.

Reward: $3000

  • You're in a street race with a fast and indestructible car against a skilled driver. With various combinations of luck and skill, however, you can emerge victorious.
  • One strategy is to simply drive perfectly. Reckless stunts will most likely only result in your hitting a wall, spinning out, and losing time. Your car has inferior acceleration but a higher top speed. You will have a wanted level of two, however, and there's no accounting for traffic conditions and cop behavior.
  • Another technique that can be combined with the above is to ride Hilary's tail and attempt to spin his car out during turns. This can actually be accomplished in the first right turn if performed correctly. Just go easy on the steering and maintain your speed.
  • If you like, you can try to switch vehicles during the race by planting something along the route. A motorcycle like the PCJ600 is very fast, but if you hit something during the race it's as good as over.
  • When you do complete the race you're ready for what's arguably one of the coolest missions in the game.

The Job

Use auto-targeting weapons when inside the bank.
Use auto-targeting weapons when inside the bank.

Reward: $50,000
Special Notes: After this job is completed, the Malibu Club will generate revenue up to $10,000 per day. The bank job outfit will be available upstairs at the Malibu. You'll receive a call from Phil on your cell phone and will be able to take missions from him.

  • Time to knock off a bank. Pile your motley crew into the taxi waiting outside and drive to the location indicated on the radar. Hilary will circle the block while you, Cam, and Phil pull off the job. Head to the marker in front of El Banko Corrupto Grande to begin the operation.
  • After you don your disguises, Phil will stay downstairs while you and Cam head upstairs to the vault. There will be two guards on the next floor. Take them out quickly and proceed to the next marker. Once you're out of the elevator there's one more guard to eliminate and another marker to hit.
  • You need to track down the bank manager. Head back to the elevator, walk downstairs, and take the hallway to the left. There's another guard in a small security room where an armor pickup lies. You can check the security cameras by moving to the back of the room if you wish. Yet another guard lurks directly left of the door to the bank manager's office. Walk toward him and convince him to come with you. There is a health pickup in this room. Now, head back to the elevator to check on Phil.
  • Someone's triggered the alarm. Pull your best gun and step on the pink marker to prepare for the SWAT team. Back off initially to avoid the tear gas, and then kill the attacking SWAT team. If Cam dies, you'll need to grab the money yourself before heading outside. If Phil dies, you've failed the mission.
  • Quickly gun down the next wave of SWAT officers. Get your surviving men in the car and break through the barricade to the Pay 'n' Spray just up the road. Once you've gotten rid of the heat, drive back to Cam's apartment and celebrate your victory.


Price: N/A
Maximum Daily Revenue: N/A
Description: You won't run across this asset by purchasing it. Rather, after completing The Job, a Malibu mission, Phil will have two missions for you to accept. He'll sell you weapons once you've helped him out, hence the "asset."

Gun Runner

The Patriot is quite durable, great for ramming.
The Patriot is quite durable, great for ramming.

Reward: $2000

  • You need to knock off a few arms-dealer trucks driving around town. Take the Patriot and the detonator grenades generously provided for you. The process works as follows: Do a drive-by and use a grenade to kill the man on the back of the truck, ram the vehicle and smash the crate, and then pick up the dropped weapons. A drive-by can do all of this, and destroy the vehicle on top of that, so make this your main strategy.
  • After you've taken down two trucks, several gang members on bikes will try to disrupt your mission. Take them out for a bonus of $100 each, or simply ignore them. They will shoot out your tires, so be careful.

Boomshine Saigon

And to top it off, Phil's been drinking.
And to top it off, Phil's been drinking.

Reward: $4000
Special Notes: After this mission, the Phil's Place asset will be completed, allowing you to purchase military weapons at reasonable prices.

  • Phil needs some medical attention, and you've been affected by the powerful fumes. Drive first to the hospital, fighting the shaky camera. Don't drive too fast, but try to make good time or Phil won't make it.
  • Once at the hospital, Phil tells you that it's no good and that he knows of an ex-army surgeon who can help. Luckily he's located in Little Havana, not far from the hospital. A bit more impaired driving will get you to your destination.

When Phil and the surgeon are done, you'll be able to purchase the following military grade weapons:
Remote Grenades--$1000
Rocket Launcher--$8000


These missions are totally separate from the story but are required to achieve 100 percent completion.


These missions require a certain type of vehicle and are triggered by pressing R3 (the right analog stick). They occur on and around the area where you start them. So, logically, you'll want to start in an area that's easy to navigate and traverse. The airport is a good location for many of these missions.


Reward: Maximum armor value raised to 150 when level 12 is completed
Vehicle: Any law enforcement or military vehicle
Description: Criminals on the lam will appear on your radar, and it's your job to take them out using whatever means necessary. Time is gained by successfully eliminating targets. The mission ends when you run out of time or fail to return to a police vehicle during the mission. While it's possible to perform these missions in a police car or FBI vehicle, you can really breeze through them with a military vehicle such as the Rhino or Hunter.


Reward: Able to sprint infinitely when level 12 is completed
Vehicle: Ambulance
Description: You'll pick up wounded pedestrians and ferry them back to the hospital within a strict time limit. Time is awarded for picking up patients. More time is rewarded when the patient is safely dropped off at the hospital. The ambulance is slow and tips easily. You'll lose time for knocking your vehicle around, so take extreme care during these missions.


Vehicle: Fire Truck
Reward: Tommy takes no damage from fire outside of vehicles
Description: You'll drive the lumbering fire engine throughout town, extinguishing fires that show up as yellow targets on your radar. After you put out the vehicle fires, you'll have to extinguish the flames on the burning passengers. Try not to invite a wanted level over one star, or your missions will become nearly impossible to complete.


Vehicle: Taxi
Reward: Hydraulic jump added to all taxis after 100 successful fares
Description: This is a miniature version of Sega's Crazy Taxi. You have a limited time to pick up a fare (yellow dot), and doing so gives you a specific amount of time to reach a specific destination (pink dot). Do it quickly and you'll receive a speed bonus. Taxi missions can be quite lucrative, but you don't need 100 fares in a row to be rewarded. Just rack up 100 over the course of the game.


Vehicle: Pizza Boy (scooter found behind pizza restaurants)
Reward: Maximum health raised to 150 after level 10 is completed
Description: Scoot all over the land, bringing fresh hot pizzas to all. You must do drive-by pizza deliveries by holding L2 or R2 and hitting circle while passing your customers. If the box flies by them they'll run to retrieve it. You're given more deliveries to do successively as your level increases. Head back to your restaurant to pick up more pies, and remember to save the closest customers for last.



There are three Top Fun missions. Each involves finding and climbing into a van to pilot various RC vehicles in checkpoint races. You'll earn $100 each time you complete one of these missions.

RC Bandit (Plane)
Location: Go to the parking garage for the Vice Point Mall. Enter the van marked "TOP FUN."
Description: Hit every checkpoint in the race, finishing first.

RC Bandit (Car)
Location: At the dirt bike track at the north end of Vice Point Beach. Enter the van marked "TOP FUN."
Description: Take three laps around the track, hitting all checkpoints and finishing first.

RC Raider (Helicopter)
Location: Near the southernmost entrance to Escobar International Airport. Enter the van marked "TOP FUN."
Description: Hit every checkpoint in the race, finishing first.


Each of the following missions are checkpoint races. Simply pass through the checkpoints in the given time to complete them.

Location: Look on a pink rooftop south of Washington Mall.

Location: Near the Pay 'n' Spray on the eastern side of Vice City, hidden in the trees by an apartment complex.

Location: Climb the stairs of the building directly behind the police station that lead to an open office area.

Location: Hidden on a roof near the Kaufman Cabs building.



Make sure to hit the checkpoints on the roof and ground.
Make sure to hit the checkpoints on the roof and ground.

Reward: $1000
Location: There's a tall white building in Ocean Beach that's almost directly across from the steps of Club Malibu. Keep hugging the wall and traveling south until you find a PCJ600 nestled in a corner.
Description: This is a wicked checkpoint race full of great jumps in a race against the clock.


Reward: $1000
Location: There's a multistory parking garage in Washington Beach, east of the Pay 'n' Spray. Drive to the top and hop in the red Stallion to begin the mission.
Description: Complete the race in time without knocking over a single cone.


Reward: $1000
Location: The dirt track on the northeast tip of the western half of downtown Vice City.
Description: Race a Sanchez dirt bike through the checkpoints for two laps, watching out for the Haitian gang members. You'll have your time recorded the first time you finish the track, and you'll get money for each time you beat your previous best record.

Location: Same as above--dirt track in downtown Vice City.
Description: Also same as above, but with a wobbly Landstalker.


The Hyman Memorial Stadium doors open when the clock reads 20:00 and stay open until 24:00. There are three events, and you must complete one to reach the next. You're paid according to your performance. Once you've passed all three you can return to play them over again.

Description: You have a Sanchez and unlimited time. Your mission is to hit 32 checkpoints scattered over a course filled with flaming hoops, narrow planks, and wooden loops. The only dangers if you fail the mission are frustration or death.
Reward: You're given money based on your performance and for setting record times.

Description: Enter a souped-up Oceanic in a destruction derby combined with a checkpoint race. You'll constantly lose time from your timer. Each checkpoint you collect will raise your time. You need to collect enough time to meet or exceed the target time. Your car also has a life gauge. If it's depleted, you die. If you flip over, you'll be set back up and will have time deducted.
Reward: Bonus money is obtained from setting record times and destroying other vehicles. A Blood Ring Racer will appear in the parking lot on the left side of the stadium.

Description: This is a 12-lap race involving 12 cars. Your car has a health gauge that can (and must) be replenished by making a pit stop in the designated area.
Reward: $2000 for first place, $1000 for second place, and $500 for third place.


The 100 hidden packages are located in the areas indicated on the map. Each package will reward you cash, and every 10 will give you a new reward. Below is a complete list of the rewards.

10: Body armor pickup at hideouts
20: Chainsaw pickup at hideouts
30: Python pickup at hideouts
40: Flamethrower pickup at hideouts
50: Laser scope sniper rifle pickup at hideouts
60: Minigun pickup at hideouts
70: Rocket launcher pickup at hideouts
80: Sea Sparrow at Diaz's mansion
90: Rhino available at Fort Baxter Air Base
100: Hunter available at Ocean Beach Helipad and $10,000

Each rampage is marked on the map and has specific requirements for its completion. You'll be given a time limit, a specific weapon with which to perform the rampage, and a required number of gang members or vehicles to kill/destroy. The gangs generated for each rampage will be random, and if you are carrying the same weapon you used for the rampage you just completed, your weapon will be taken away (an apparent bug). Your reward will begin at $50 and will double with each successfully completed rampage.

Here are a few general strategies for rampages:

  • Use the terrain. No matter what weapon you're carrying, you'll have a definite advantage if you can put an obstacle such as a low wall between you and the gang members. Also remember that you may enter a vehicle and exit again during a rampage and that some rampages require that you remain in a vehicle to perform drive-by shootings.
  • Keep your distance when you can. If your rampage involves a firearm, make sure you start firing on a group when they're a considerable distance away. Being surrounded and killed is the most likely way you'll fail a rampage. Gang members will spawn in and around the area in large groups, so you'll usually have plenty of targets.

Unique jumps are located as they appear on the map. Concrete and wooden ramps and piles of dirt or sand are what you'll need to launch from. You'll need a relatively fast vehicle for any of these jumps, and some can be completed only while on a motorcycle, notably the ones on top of roofs. When you see the cinematic camera view, you know you've hit one. You'll have to clear a certain distance for each to get your reward, so keep trying until you're credited. Like with rampages, your cash bonus will increase exponentially.





There are two documented so far. Check the missions Guardian Angels and Driver for details.


The Hunter is the attack helicopter you'll see in Cortez's All Hands on Deck mission. It features a machine gun with unlimited ammo, which can be fired with the R1 button, and unlimited rockets, which are fired with the circle button. There are two ways to unlock it. One way is by collecting all 100 hidden packages, at which point it will appear on the helipad at Ocean Beach. The second way is to finish the Keep Your Friends Close mission, at which point it will appear at the Fort Baxter Air Base.

For the latter option you can fight your way in and out or simply disguise yourself as a police officer using the outfit you unlocked at the Washington Beach police station. Head to the stairs on your left to bypass the barbed-wire fence, then find two holes in the fences to the north to reach the chopper. Be sure to try the Brown Thunder vigilante missions by pressing R3 (the right analog stick).


Not quite as amazing as the Hunter, the Sea Sparrow is like the Sparrow only with the added abilities of being able to land on water and fire machine guns. Pick it up from the top of Diaz's mansion after collecting 80 hidden packages.


There are numbers in the game that you can actually punch into your phone, and you'll get an answer. Try these within the US or Canada.



Note that using most cheats will cause your criminal ranking, as displayed in the stats screen, to lower and eventually plummet into the negatives, causing you to be branded with very disgraceful titles. As a general rule, never save your game with a cheat activated if you care about the well-being of that game continuum.

The button combinations for the cheats are to be entered on the controller during gameplay. The key is standard PS2 button notation, as follows:

U = UP
X = X
C = Circle
T = Triangle
S = Square
R1 = R1
R2 = R2
L1 = L1
L2 = L2

Cheats that affect gameplay:
Full Armor = R1, R2, L1, X, L, D, R, U, L, D, R, U
Full Health = R1, R2, L1, C, L, D, R, U, L, D, R, U
Tier 1 Weapons = R1, R2, L1, R2, L, D, R, U, L, D, R, U
Tier 2 Weapons = R1, R2, L1, R2, L, D, R, U, L, D, D, L
Tier 3 Weapons = R1, R2, L1, R2, L, D, R, U, L, D, D, D
Suicide = R, L2, D, R1, L, L, R1, L1, L2, L1
Ladies' Man = C, X, L1, L1, R2, X, X, C, T
Raise Wanted Level = R1, R1, C, R2, L, R, L, R, L, R
Lower Wanted Level = R1, R1, C, R2, U, D, U, D, U, D

Cheats that change Tommy's appearance:
Mercedes = R2, L1, U, L1, R, R1, R, U, C, T
Switch Clothes = R, R, L, U, L1, L2, L, U, D, R
Ricardo Diaz = L1, L2, R1, R2, D, L1, R2, L2
Lance Vance = C, L2, L, X, R1, L1, X, L1
Candy Suxx = C, R2, D, R1, L, R, R1, L1, X, L2
Ken Rosenberg = R, L1, U, L2, L1, R, R1, L1, X, R1
Hilary King = R1, C, R2, L1, R, R1, L1, X, R2
Love Fist Member 1 = D, L1, D, L2, L, X, R1, L1, X, X
Love Fist Member 2 = R1, L2, R2, L1, R, R2, L, X, S, L1
Phil Cassidy = R, R1, U, R2, L1, R, R1, L1, R, C
Sonny Forelli = C, L1, C, L2, L, X, R1, L1, X, X

Cheats that spawn specific vehicles:
Rhino = C, C, L1, C, C, C, L1, L2, R1, T, C, T
Bloodring Racer = D, R1, C, L2, L2, X, R1, L1, L, L
Bloodring Banger = U, R, R, L1, R, U, S, L2
Hotring Racer 1 = R1, C, R2, R, L1, L2, X, X, S, R1
Hotring Racer 2 = R2, L1, C, R, L1, R1, R, U, C, R2
Romero's Hearse = D, R2, D, R1, L2, L, R1, L1, L, R
Love Fist limo = R2, U, L2, L, L, R1, L1, C, R
Trash Master = C, R1, C, R1, L, L, R1, L1, C, R
Sabre Turbo = R, L2, D, L2, L2, X, R1, L1, C, L
Caddie = C, L1, U, R1, L2, X, R1, L1, C, X

Cheats that affect the entire city:
Speed Up = C, C, L1, S, L1, S, S, S, L1, T, C, T
Slow Down Time = T, U, R, D, S, R2, R1
Sunny = R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, D
Cloudy = R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, T
Overcast = R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, S
Stormy = R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, C
Fog = R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, X
Blow Up Cars = R2, L2, R1, L1, L2, R2, S, T, C, T, L2, L1
Aggressive Drivers = R2, C, R1, L2, L, R1, L1, R2, L2
Pink Cars 1 = C, L1, D, L2, L, X, R1, L1, R, X
Pink Cars 2 = C, L1, D, L2, L, X, R1, L1, R, C
Black Cars = C, L2, U, R1, L, X, R1, L1, L, C
Low Gravity = R, R2, C, R1, L2, D, L1, R1
Perfect Handling = T, R1, R1, L, R1, L1, R2, L1
Citizen Riot = D, L, U, L, X, R2, R1, L2, L1
Angry (at you) Mob = D, U, U, U, X, R2, R1, L2, L2

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