Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Walkthrough

It's time to take another trip to Vice City in this PSP-exclusive Grand Theft Auto game. GameSpot's Walkthrough will show you all the hotspots!


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Game Guide

Don your white jacket and turn the radio to Phil Collins’ "In the Air Tonight" because it’s time to return to Vice City. Rockstar continues the Grand Theft Auto series with Vice City Stories on the Sony PSP. You assume the role of Vic Vance, a soldier in the army who’s forced to exchange fatigues for pastel and enter a violent power struggle between crime lords.

Vice City Stories uses a familiar Grand Theft Auto free-roaming world, offers an array of story missions and optional tasks, and features several returning Vice City characters, including Phil Cassidy and Lance Vance (brilliantly voiced by Gary Busey and Phillip Michael Thomas respectively). Plus, you get to save the aforementioned Phil Collins from assassins!

GameSpot’s Game Guide to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories includes a complete walk-through for all story missions, details and tips on many of the optional pastimes, and cheat codes to replenish health, armor, and your weapon inventory. For more info on the game, including maps that detail the location of red balloons and rampages, check out the Vice City Stories gamespace of

Chapter 1 - Walk-through

We’ve sorted the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories story missions by the person who gives them. Although you will complete all of these missions, the order may differ from game to game. You could have up to three missions available at once; other times you may only have a single mission available. We’ve also divided the missions by mainland (western island) and beach (eastern island).


Sergeant Martinez


Meet Sergeant Martinez, not the finest example of our proud fighting forces. The Sarge asks you to deliver a package to a friend. This segment basically serves as a tutorial mission. Take the package to the docks, enjoy a short boat ride, get shot at, jump off, and finally swim to shore. Return to the base. You’ll hide the package in your barracks where you can save your game.

Exit the barracks and follow the marked location on your radar to find Martinez. Head north and enter the billet to speak against with the Sergeant. Receive your $50 reward for completing the mission.

Cleaning House

You tell the Sarge that he needs to get rid of the package; you can’t go back to jail. But then again, you do need some money. You don’t want to associate yourself with drugs...but guns don’t seem to pose a moral issue. The Sergeant tests some of his merchandise while telling you about a guy who can sell all the guns you can get him. Martinez wants you to head down to the docks and pick up some money from the guy.

Completing Cleaning House unlocks Phil’s Shooting Range, an optional pastime that offers a sizable reward: a discount at the Ammu-nation stores. Check the Pastimes section of this game guide for instructions and tips on completing the shooting range.

Go and meet Phil Cassidy. You’re heading southeast through Little Havana to Viceport. Locate the marker on the southeastern tip. You find a makeshift gun range down at the docks. Phil doesn’t have the money on him but offers to take you to it. Get into Phil’s truck. Drive north a bit to Phil’s old place. He’s having trouble with Mexican gangbangers who are trying to take over the gun running.

The money is in the floorboards of Phil’s old place, now overrun by the Cholos. Equip your pistol and eliminate the Cholos out front. Proceed inside. Eliminate a couple more gang members with either your fists or your gun. You automatically recover the money from the floorboards and exit the building. Take the money to Martinez. Drive one of the Cholo Sabres for fun. Return to the army base in Escobar International and to Martinez. Complete the mission for $100.

Conduct Unbecoming

Martinez is checking out the latest Internet sites and he tells you about Mary. Martinez says he’ll move the drug package out of your barracks if you’ll pick up Mary--she’s over in Viceport. Oh and go see Phil because he has a gift. Meet Phil and his old place. It is now Cholo-less.

Phil has a gift. Martinez wanted you to have it--a spiffy new Stinger. You accept reluctantly and now much look around Viceport for Mary. Start driving toward Mary’s marked location. You’re told to ask the girl on the side of the road about Mary’s possible location. Mary is at a party--the same party the girl wants to attend. She hops in; turns out her name is Mona. Head north through Little Havana and take the bridge onto Starfish Island. Pull onto the marked location.

As you crash the party, you discover that Mary has been paid for--these gentlemen aren’t pleased to see you. When you regain control you must protect Mary from her irate former customers. Shoot or punch your new enemies. Watch Mary’s health bar and don’t let her die. Now take her back to Fort Baxter. While not use one of the sweet cars parked at the party--they won’t need them any longer.

You return only to discover that Martinez has double-crossed you. They found the package in your barracks and now you’ve brought Mary onto the base grounds. You still have a friend in Phil, though; he pages offering work and a place to stay. Return to his old place. You can now use it as a save house and use the garage to store a vehicle. Find Phil’s next task at Viceport.

Phil Cassidy

Cholo Victory

Your new "friend" Phil greets you with the barrel of a shotgun. He’s got something to show you--he attempts to drive but he’s barely in the condition to walk. You must take Phil to the police station to look for Cholo. That’s where you can pick up the gang’s trail. Drive north through Little Havana to the police station.

There’s nothing going on, except for Phil’s scary version of conversation. Phil suggests checking out the hospital. It’s not far. Drive north a few blocks and find the marker designating the hospital. Strike two...until one wanders up the hospital steps then back to his Cholo Sabre. Chase him!

Get close enough to the Cholo so Phil can take him out. Phil’s truck isn’t optimal transportation but it will have to do. Get close behind the Cholo Sabre and Phil will shoot--not the greatest aim in his condition! After the battle, Phil’s truck needs repairs. Drive it to a "Pay N’ Spray" to get it fixed. Pull in the garage. Phil’s payin’! Drop Phil back off at his place in Viceport and get your $200 reward.

Boomshine Blowout

You awake Phil from his drunken stupor. He tells you the Cholos are going to blow up his boomshine...his liquor. You stick around long enough to receive some "too much information" stories from Phil (Gary Busey has never been better!). Phil gets up and hops in his old truck; get into the driver’s seat.

Drive north into Little Havana to locate the warehouse marked on the mini-map. Park the truck around the back of the warehouse as instructed. It’s The Big Package Storage Company. Phil opens the warehouse door only to get greeted by an explosion. The Boomshine is about to blow; you volunteer to man the forklift to rescue the overheating liquor.

This mission is all about memorizing the route between Phil’s truck and the boomshine boxes. However, there’s another good time saving tip. While moving the forklift from one location to another, raise and lower the lift so you don’t have to do so when you reach the truck or boxes.

There are four boxes of liquor on the right side of the warehouse. Load a crate onto the forklift then move left toward the truck. Raise the fork lift to drop the liquor onto the truck. After rescuing the first, explosions cause debris to block a path in the warehouse. You can’t go straight right; move north and around the flaming boxes to get back to the boomshine. Return the second box to the truck, which triggers more debris.

The maze of debris and crates is becoming worse. Go a few rows above the boomshine and move all the way to the right to reach the correct column. Deliver the third box--now the warehouse is almost completely trashed. You will have to move to the very northern end of the warehouse to move around the fallen debris. Navigate the crates and to the back right end of the warehouse and turn toward the last box of boomshine. Get the fourth back to the truck before the heat meter rises fully to complete the task and receive $250.

Truck Stop

Phil and Sergeant Martinez are waiting for you in Viceport. Despite double-crossing you to save his own skin, Martinez has a job for the two of you--he has some guns he can sell but you need to retrieve them first. Get into the car and take a ride with Phil...time to get some backup.

Drive to the Beachcomber Hotel to pick up the backup. Orders are to find the truck; it’s currently marked on the mini-map. As you near the truck, you’re instructed to get close so your gang can attack it with machineguns. Drive close and allow your gang to take out the three enemies on the back of the truck. Once they’re dead, block the truck’s path to force it to stop. Phil drives the truck back; you’re ordered to protect him.

Stay close behind. Check behind your car to see when an enemy car approaches and cut it off. Try to stay between Phil and the enemy vehicle. Phil isn’t the best driver; if he gets stuck on a building, give him room to reverse. Keep your machinegun-wielding gang members shooting at the opposing car while Phil resumes course to Viceport. Collect your $300 payment for mission completion.

Marked Men

Martinez sends you and Phil to a warehouse to check on merchandise. Phil needs to get back in Martinez’s good graces--while drunk, Phil revealed he didn’t trust the shifty Sergeant. Drive Phil’s truck to the lockup--the last of Phil’s boomshine rests in the back of the truck. Avoid hitting walls or other cars; there’s a damage meter for Phil’s truck that becomes very important in a short matter of time.

The lockup is a trap set by Martinez. Drive Phil’s truck over Martinez’s henchmen. Get out of there quickly and drive to the main road going south through Little Haiti and Havana toward Phil’s place in Viceport. Phil can handle the pursuing vehicles; check out his proficiency with the Molotov cocktail. Reach Phil’s place to complete the mission.

Marty J Williams


You look for Marty in the trailer park but he’s not there, though someone pulls up while you’re speaking with an unknown woman. One you mention you’re a friend of Phil Marty speaks up and offers some work. A business interest is having trouble with a few hooligans. Drive to the shop and set them straight.

Marty turns you loose against the goons outside the shop. Target the nearest enemy and unleash your punch attacks. Finish off the second then head into the shop. The clerk inside is being threatened by more goons--one with a baseball bat and another with a gun. Attack the closest enemy with punch attacks. Quickly eliminate the second before suffering too much damage.

Marty wants to shakedown a Cholo store--proceed to the marked location. There’s a nervous clerk inside along with a bunch of breakable stuff. Tear up the marked items to scare the owner into paying for protection. Grab the nearby bat. A trio of Cholo enters the store during your dirty work; take them out with the bat. This convinces the clerk to pay. Collect your $500 payment.

Fear the Repo

Louise is doing jazzercise when Marty gets home and ruins the good mood. You join him for another job. Get in Marty’s truck; you’re taking him to his lockup. It is close, near the Beachcomber Hotel. He hands you a list of cars that need repossessing.

Drive a short distance and find the first car. Ignore the poor fellow screaming at you nearby. Hop in and return it to Marty. Avoid inflicting damage to the car or you’ll have to take it by a Pay N’ Spray for repairs. With the car returned, it’s time to track down the second. This one is on the move. You’ll have to force the guy to stop; guide the car into a wall or stop in front of him and quickly jack it. Odds are you will inflict damage to this car as you chase it down so head to a Pay N’ Spray and spend 100 bucks fixing it for Marty.

Locate the delivery van. This one is parked so getting it isn’t a problem--getting it back is the problem. Don’t pull your car up all the way. Walk up and shoot the two guys to the right of the delivery truck with a weapon. Hop into the truck and drive off; this automatically raises your wanted level to two. Cops will be chasing and ramming the delivery truck. You can’t allow too much merchandise to fall out the back. Drive as quickly as possible back to the lockup without ramming into too many cars, walls, or poles. Get to the lockup; the mission completes even if the cops have you surrounded by that point. Earn your $500 and move on.

Waking Up the Neighbors

The Cholos are trying to muscle in on Marty’s repo business--Marty’s plan for retaliation involves grenades. You must destroy the Cholos’ vans before they leave for work.

You’re on a time table but it’s not too much pressure. Grab the grenades and get into Marty’s truck. Drive straight out of the trailer park and to the closest marked van. Two Cholos’ guard each van. You can get out of the truck and eliminate them with guns or simply run them over with your truck until they die. Drop a grenade right in front of the Cholo van, run off quickly, and wait for it to explode. Putting another car nearby can help ensure destruction.

Grab another car and head to the next Cholo van. Perform the same actions: run over the two guards then drop a grenade in front of the marked van. Run off and find another vehicle. Get into one quickly because the Cholos have upped the ante and will now pursue you in one of their Sabres.

Drive the final van as quickly as possible. Run over the two guards. You can try ramming the final van until you detonate your own car (escape quickly!) or wait for the pursing Cholos to get out of range briefly while you exit the car, drop a grenade, and take cover behind a nearby building. Destroying the third van instantly completes the mission and donates $500 into your account.

O’ Brothel, Where Art Thou?

Marty is taking over a new business and wants your help in cleaning out the place. Get into a car and proceed to Stonewall J’s. It’s not far; drive west out of the trailer park and find the building just north on the corner. You’re shopping for a weapon. Marty, the nice guy that he is, has left you a Stubby Shotgun. Grab the weapon. You can buy more weapons before leaving if you wish.

Drive a car to the brothel marked on the mini-map. Destroy the Cholo car. You can do so with a baseball bat and ramming it with another car if you want to conserve ammunition. Once the car is destroyed, eliminate the four nearby Cholos using your new Stubby Shotgun. Enter the Brothel. Clean out the place by finishing off the remaining Cholo and destroy the assets with your baseball bat and receive your $500 reward.

Got Protection?

You find Marty and some of his best friends at his trailer. Marty has new problems with the Cholos--the Cholos are harassing some of Marty’s new girls. Drive north into Little Haiti and return to Marty’s brothel.

Three of Marty’s girls are scattered a few blocks from the brothel--and they’re under attack from the Cholos. A small meter onscreen depicts the girls’ remaining health. Quickly locate a car with four seats. Drive to the closest girl; she’ll be in a firefight with enemy Cholos. Park close to the girl and she’ll get into the car. Drive to the second girl and finally the third. The girls will return fire against pursing Cholo Sabres. Collect all three girls and return to the brothel. Collect your $500.

Louise-Cassidy Williams

When Funday Comes

Louise invites you over to her sister’s place and she’s rather depressed. The two of you bond over mutual problems. This blossoming friendship eventually leads to a date: quad bikes and boomshine. Sounds like a normal date, right? Get a car and drive Louise to the trailer park. Drive to Marty’s trailer park and find the marked location.

Who doesn’t love a good trailer park quad bike race? The goal, obviously, is to finish in first place. Although the quad is machinegun equipped, don’t kill other racers--that’s a big date downer and ends the race in failure. Check your mini-map to find the next two checkpoints to keep your quad pointed in the right direction. Try not to over steer and run into obstructions, which will put you far behind. Take corners carefully and don’t overdo the throttle. Be an observant driver through the trailer park especially and avoid poles. Win the race and receive a $500 reward.

Takin’ Out the White Trash

Louise left some of her things back at Marty’s place. In pure chivalry mode, you offer to go get them back. Take Louise to the trailer park. The equivalent of the white trash militia is waiting for your arrival. Assist Louise and her baseball bat in taking out the opposition. Target an enemy, whack him around with the baseball bat, and move on to the next unlucky guy.

A few guys with pistols show up near the end. Quickly charge them with your bat or retaliate with your own firearm. Look around for the health pick-up if needed. After the beatdown, return Louise to her sister’s house and collect a $200 reward.


According to the sister, Marty has kidnapped Louise. Get the Marty’s place at the trailer park. As soon as you arrive, Marty drives off with Louise in his truck--he’s headed for the brothel. Eliminate a couple of Marty’s goons that he leaves behind then run to your car and follow Marty. To preserve health, just run to your car immediately and drive over the goons as you leave.

Finishing this mission unlocks the compound safehouse as a new save point location. Also you earn the trailer park trash outfit. Nothing says style like a beater.

Follow Marty’s truck. If you aren’t behind Marty when he reaches the brothel, the mission ends in failure. To complicate matters, a few goons from Marty’s gang are in hot pursuit. When you reach the brothel, the objective quickly changes: kill Marty. Exit your car and shoot Marty with firearms or run him down in your vehicle. Beware of a couple other enemies hanging around. Get back into the truck and drive with Louise to a new safehouse. Pocket your $200 reward.

To Victor, the Spoils

Louise has a plan--you’ll take over Marty’s business. Put it this way, both you and Louise could use the cash. She suggests trying to find some muscle. Get a four-seater car and drive over to the marked location at Sunshine Autos. Exit the car and target each henchman and press up to recruit the men into your new gang.

With the gang all piled in, drive over the Marty’s loan shark business. Louise takes the car looking for more new members. Equip a weapon and eliminate Marty’s guards, approximately five in all, that are scattered outside Marty’s loan shark business.

After clearing the area, drive to the marked location on the map to wipe up the remnants of Marty’s protection racket. You can cut through Marty’s old trailer park. There are a bunch of guards here. Drive over them! Exit the car and enter the building. Ready a weapon and eliminate the two enemies; one is hiding behind the bar. The site now becomes part of your business empire. Look here for your gang members, which can be recruited. Collect a cool $1500 for completing the mission.

After this mission, a page arrives notifying you that someone is waiting for you at the airport. Drive a vehicle to the airport

Jive Drive

It’s recommended before you take on this mission that you collect some body armor and also acquire a shotgun and plentiful ammunition. Check behind a trailer in Marty’s park for an excellent shotgun weapon.

Your brother Lance surprises you at the airport. After some uneasy tension, the two brothers quickly bond again--only to be ambushed by Cholos. In this mission, Lance takes the wheel and it’s your responsibility to hold off the Cholo attackers with your machinegun.

The Cholos are everywhere and your car can’t sustain much damage. Watch the mini-map to see where nearby Cholos are stationed and point your weapon in their direction as quickly as possible. Aim for the Cholos not their cars. Be careful shooting up a car that’s driving right next to you; if it explodes, you will inflict significant damage to your own ride, which will essentially fail the mission unless you’re extremely close to completion.

Essentially you need to memorize the location of the Cholos. Look for the red arrows indicating a Cholo and shoot that area. In segments where a Cholo car drives in front of your car, shoot the Cholo vehicle until it has to pull off the road; in doing so you can avoid the Cholos that exit the car and fire on your vehicle.

After one last ramp jump, you and Lance exit the car only to find yourselves ambushed and surrounded by more Cholo. This is one of the toughest parts of the game so far--not only do you have to live but you must ensure Lance survives as well. From the start position, turn around and eliminate the Cholos that started behind you. Clear that area then turn around and do the same. Keep moving and avoid being stuck in Cholo crossfire, which can lower your health with dramatic speed. Use a shotgun to blast Cholos in quick fashion.

Once the attackers are wasted, you must take Lance to his hotel. You’re a wanted man--two wanted stars--so the cops will be giving chase. If you are busted, the mission ends in failure and you must start it all over again. Reaching the hotel ends the mission no matter how many cops are in pursuit. You can also drive to a Pay N’ Spray to eliminate your wanted status.

Hose the Hoes

Louise has bad news for you--your "cathouse" is going up in flames. Louise knows where there’s a fire truck parked. You’ll need it to put out the fire. Hop in a car and drive north. Locate the fire truck parked on the right side of the road. Get out and jack the fire truck.

Take the first left toward the marked cathouse. Park the fire truck perpendicular to the cathouse and use the fire hose (circle button) to spray the cathouse flames. Hit the flaming cars to avoid an explosion that will make the fire worse. You must douse the fire before the girls’ die (watch the onscreen health meter). Point the water at the flaming sections of the cathouse (check the arrows).

Apparently Marty’s cousin started the fire. When you regain control, you must chase down the arsonist. Proceed up the stairs at the nearby building and eliminate the arsonist with your favorite weapon. A shotgun works nicely. Collect your $300 reward, which completes the mission.

Robbing the Cradle

Welfare has labeled Louise a bad mother and she’s planned revenge against the welfare man. You must stop the thugs from killing the poor guy (Louise didn’t know any better!). Drive north and find thugs chasing the welfare man in a vehicle. Destroy the pursuing vehicle with drive-by shooting or trap the car against a wall and lob a grenade underneath it. Or blast it with a shotgun. Whatever it takes!

Hop back into a vehicle and go find the welfare man and warn him off. Don’t let him get too far away; find a fast vehicle if possible to give chase. You must force the welfare man to stop so you can give your warning. Continue to push his car off the road. If he gets away, start following him again until you can get the welfare man to stop and listen to your warning. Once he’s out of the car, you give your warning and receive a $300 reward.

Umberto Robina

Nice Package

You greet Umberto with the barrel end of a gun. Umberto says you can rely on him but you’ll have to prove it first. He’s got a package waiting for collection downtown. Umberto sends an assistant to ride along--think of him as Umberto’s eyes and ears regarding your worth. Unfortunately there are others after the package.

As you approach the package location, expect someone else to get there first--you’re ordered to take him down! Chase his car, force it off the road, and allow Umberto’s muscle to shoot at the opposing vehicle. If you’re told to pick up the package, get out and grab it. Otherwise another "player" may take it. You can’t let an opposing vehicle get into Viceport or the mission ends in failure.

One of the best ways to complete the task is to force all opposing vehicles into a jam. Run the lead car off the road and get others to follow to create a traffic jam where all cars are trapped and can’t escape. While the guys are shooting at each other, get out and toss a grenade into the fray. Get away from the inevitable explosion.

Stop the enemies, force them to drop the package, and grab it. With package in hand, go the marked location in Viceport to collect your $750 reward. All the commotion will likely have raised your wanted level so stop by a Pay N’ Spray if necessary.


The mission opens with Umberto invoking his special kind of charm. He sends you off with a couple of his henchmen to stop Cholos from causing havoc in Little Havana. Check the "havoc" meter on screen--don’t let it fill! Make sure both of Umberto’s men get into your car, which must be a four-seater.

The marked locations on the mini-map indicate the position of Cholo thugs causing trouble. When you encounter Cholos on foot, run them down with your vehicle; allow Umberto’s henchmen to provide supporting firepower. Corner any Cholo vehicles and allow the henchmen to fill the enemy car full of bullets. Once you spot fire, drive away as quickly as possible so you aren’t caught in the explosion. Save Little Havana from havoc from the Cholos and return to Umberto’s house to receive your $800 reward.

Papi Don’t Screech

Umberto’s upset over a situation with his father, Alberto. You agree to go pick him up. Get into Umberto’s car. Note that you can’t allow Umberto’s car to get destroyed--so drive carefully and don’t try any crazy stunts! Otherwise you could end the mission in frustrating failure. Drive Umberto’s wheels to the northern side of downtown to the stadium to pick up Alberto.

You must get Alberto to his café before the indicated time. It’s not that far--that isn’t the problem. The real danger is Alberto’s heart. He can’t handle much stress so you can’t drive too fast or run into too many objects. To make matters worse, Cholo patrols are ready to pounce around each corner. The stress of a Cholo attack could be too much for Cholo.

Watch the mini-map and spot the Cholo locations. Look for side streets and alternate routes to move around the Cholo patrols and reach Alberto’s café. Note that it’s not the end of the mission if you’re spotted but if the Cholos attack, it could cause enough stress to raise the onscreen meter. Reach the café to complete the mission; this successfully completes the task even if Cholos are in hot pursuit. You receive a reward of $1,000 for getting Alberto safely to the café.

Havana Good Time

Umberto is still trying to rally his henchmen. His men are going to collect a gift for the Cholo. You’re responsible for clearing the area--kill the warehouse guards. Drive to the marked location and eliminate the guards, either with your vehicle or with a weapon while on foot. After clearing the warehouse guards, Umberto’s men roll in.

You’re ordered to protect Umberto’s guys. Watch the mini-map for approaching Cholos. Use your targeting function carefully--you don’t want to target one of Umberto’s men! If you accidentally shoot and kill one of Umberto’s men, the mission ends in failure. The Cholos arrive with increasing numbers. Watch the mini-map closely to see where the Cholos are approaching from and intercept them. Umberto’s men must successfully load the guns (watch the onscreen meter) to complete the mission.

Near the end of the task, the Cholos arrive in pairs; a shotgun is great for taking out multiple Cholos. Watch the backdoor of the warehouse (back right side) because the Cholos may arrive from there and go after the closest henchman.

Now you must return the van to Umberto--of course the Cholos have different plans. To say the van is sluggish is putting it mildly. Cholo cars will force you off the road. Return fire but concentrate on staying on the road and reaching Umberto’s house. As soon as you reach the marked house, the mission concludes. Enjoy revenge on the Cholos. Completing this mission unlocks the Cuban style outfit at the safehouse as well as earns $1,500.

Bryan Forbes

Money for Nothing

You meet with Lance and Bryan Forbes to discuss the plan. Your job is to be the decoy--keep the cops occupied while Lance and Forbes steal the merchandise from some scum. Get into the nearby car; Lance and Forbes will join you. Drive to the marked location to find the decoy van. It’s in a parking lot behind a building.

With everyone packed into the van, drive it to the marked warehouse. At the warehouse, Lance and Forbes paint the decoy to look like their own van. Get back into the van and drive it out. You’re ordered to drive it away from Lance--proceed south. As soon as you’re spotted by the cops, your wanted level jumps to three stars. The cops mean serious business.

You must outrun and avoid the police with a three-star wanted level. The van is sluggish and fragile. Avoid colliding head-on with incoming police cars or ramming civilians and walls. Get onto the main road that runs down the river as it’s the fastest route down south and you don’t have to start and stop through turns and backstreets. You’ll face police roadblocks down this route. Drive to the left or right around the roadblocks.

Keep the cops behind you. If a cop blocks the van, backup quickly and continue moving down south. A progress meter onscreen reveals how much longer before Lance and Forbes finish the job. Try to drive the last seconds of progress down south near the Pay N’ Spray--as soon as Lance gives the go ahead, drive into the Pay N’ Spray to successfully avoid capture and earn $1,500.

Leap and Bound

You and Lance interrogate Forbes. He provides some information about a dealer’s boat that’s mooring up downtown--this guy isn’t a trusting guy and will only meet one-on-one. Your orders are to find a good vantage point to watch over Lance. Drive to the marked building and walk up the staircase to the roof.

You must watch over Lance using the binoculars. Hold the "R" button to activate the binoculars and zoom in using the "Square" button. Lance is in trouble. Quickly descend the stairs and approach the pier just to see the boat pull away. Hop into the nearby car and proceed south to follow the boat.

Lance’s captor escapes onto a large cargo vessel. You must get on that ship. The only entrance is a ramp. Lance’s car, if you are driving it, is fast enough to make the jump. If you need another car, find a Comet near the cargo vessel. Get some speed and hit the ramp. Aim at the cargo ship and land on the vessel.

Eliminate a nearby enemy and move around to the other side of the cargo ship. Enter the door and eliminate the closest guard. Proceed left and down some stairs. Take out a couple guards below and follow the corridors to find Lance protected by a trio of guards. Dispatch the guards and approach Lance to untie your brother.

It’s time to recover the contraband. Exit the ship the way you entered and grab the contraband before exiting onto the ship’s deck. Once outside you must recover more contraband. Climb the staircases near the door. Be prepared to aim and shoot at remaining guards that are protecting the goods. Watch the mini-map to see the location of the remaining pieces of contraband. If the piece is on the same level, search the deck before moving onward.

A final piece of contraband is at the front of the boat. There are numerous guards positioned near the front. Eliminate them with your favorite firearm and recover the last piece of contraband. You must now get off the ship and meet Lance at the designated spot on shore.

There’s a motorbike on the boat--on the left side near the "ramp-like" structure. Your car is wherever you left it as well. Drive along the edge of the ship and hit the ramp. Point yourself toward the marked location; get out and meet Lance to complete the mission and receive $1,500.

The Bum Deal

Despite what happened in the previous task, you get more information from Forbes. He tells you about a major shipment arriving; find the contact at the White Stallionz Bar. Drive with Lance to the marked location. Get out and enter the bar.

This isn’t your type of place. The Stallionz attack! Eliminate these leather-clad bikers with your favorite weapon. The second room is tougher; these guys have guns and are hiding behind tables. Toss a grenade into the back corner of the bar or use your favorite firearm to eliminate them. Exit the bar when told and find more Stallionz waiting for you. Get into your car or take out the remaining bikers. Return to Forbes’s location.

As soon as you arrive, Forbes makes his escape. Fortunately he’s on a bike so eliminating him isn’t much of a challenge. You can give chase or even wait for him to double back and just collide with the bike head-on, which sends Forbes flying. Get out of your car and eliminate Forbes for good. Return Lance to his hotel to complete the task.

Lance Vance

The Audition

Lance has found a promising job--big money for doing absolutely nothing! The contact’s name is Forbes and he’s going to call you at the burger bar any minute now. Drive the car to King Knut’s in downtown by the specified time. It’s right down the street.

During the phone call, King Knut’s is robbed. When you regain control, shoot the robbers and exit the establishment only to find the police waiting for you. Escape authorities and get Lance to the Port Authority Building. You’re a wanted man. Run past the cops and get into the alleys on the right side. Locate a car and get out of there. Drive to a Pay N’ Spray and erase the wanted level. Continue south into Viceport and hit the marked location.

Forbes’s car is in the impound yard; Lance suggests going in the back door. Exit your car and grab the nearby motorbike. Lance automatically hops on the back. Drive the motorbike up the stairs to the rooftop. Aim the bike at the ramp and drive as fast and as straight as possible.

After jumping the gap, locate the staircase and drive down into the impound yard. Forbes’s car is way in the back and there are enemies everywhere. Drive quickly to the car--it’s going to be destroyed soon. Get off the bike and hop into the car. There are probably still gunmen everywhere. Don’t hang around or the crossfire will inflict big damage. Find the ramp marked on the mini-map and launch the car over the impound fence to complete the mission and receive a $750 reward.

Caught as an Act

It all goes down at the stadium. Lance pulls a gun on Forbes--he admits he’s a cop, but he’s a dirty cop who needs some money. A brief scuffle ensues and Forbes escapes with you and Lance in chase.

Forbes has your money and it’s currently flying out of his trunk. You must stop and capture Forbes before all of your cash flies away (check the onscreen meter). Avoiding the money-loving crowds won’t be easily and hitting scores of them will just raise your wanted level and involve the police.

After Forbes drives off, grab the nearby Cheetah--it’s plenty fast. Forbes doesn’t drive quickly so it’s easy to catch him, but forcing him off the road is the greater challenge. On the backstreets, push Forbes’s car into the wall and attempt to pin him there. Telephone poles also make great barriers. As soon as Forbes’s car is not moving, get out of the Cheetah and "get into" Forbes’s vehicle to complete the mission. You receive a $750 reward.

Snitch Hitch

A surprise visit from your mother prevents a huge fight between you and Lance. Meanwhile, Lance comes up with something to get you out of that hotel room before you see something you wish you hadn’t. Lance knows a dealer about to leave the airport. Drive the car to the airport by the designated time.

The main route along the river is quick enough. Turn just before your original safe house and follow the mini-map to the marked location. Don’t explode your car on the way; if Lance dies, the mission ends in failure.

Enter the airport, which removes your weapons (the blasted metal detector!) and meet with the contact. Apparently the goods are already gone. Get into a vehicle and drive behind the terminal to find the thugs waiting to take off in their private jet. Run over a couple thugs then exit the car and grab a weapon. Start shooting at the thugs and use the plane as cover. Recover dropped weapons for more ammunition. After clearing out the enemies, the Stallionz arrive. Defeat them with your gathered weapons and receive a $1,000 reward.

From Zero to Hero

Lance still has a plan: one big shipment for nothing! Once again you still have your reservations...until Lance mentions that the drugs are Sergeant Martinez’s goods. Now you’re interested!

A couple gang members enter your four-seater. Drive to the docks in Little Haiti. Lance checks out the scene--trucks are being loaded. When you regain control, follow Lance into the firefight. Lance and the trucks must survive. Target each enemy gang member in turn and eliminate them. Watch out for gang members standing inside the trucks. Back up and aim for the head so you aren’t shooting the side of the truck. It doesn’t take much damage for the truck to ignite.

After eliminating all of the guards, you must get into a truck and follow Lance. Once again the truck must survive the trip--check the onscreen damage meter. You will be attacked by gang members along the way but they don’t inflict much damage unless you’re unfortunate enough to get trapped somewhere. Keep the truck moving forward and drive carefully so you don’t get pinned.

One of the biggest dangers comes at the bridge connecting the western and eastern islands. Sergeant Martinez attacks from a helicopter! Watch where his missiles attack--if he strikes the left side of the bridge, move the truck to the right side and vice versa. Don’t get hit by or drive through one of these explosions because the damage to the truck is significant.

The other danger is your inflated wanted level: four stars! Now the SWAT trucks are after you. Don’t allow the SWAT vans to pin you against a building or into a telephone pole. Drive through their block attempts and keep moving forward.

Follow Lance the rest of the way to complete the mission and receive $3,000. You also unlock a new purchasable item at the compound safe house, new multiplayer content. Drive to the northern side of the eastern island to find a new safe house, the Clymenus Suite.


Lance Vance

Brawn of the Dead

Lance debuts his new "terrifying" outfit while you harass Martinez over the phone--your old Sergeant friend threatens to turn states evidence and ruin you. Lance figures you can sell the goods, pay off the Feds, and everything will work out. First things first--meet with a potential buyer. Hop into the car and drive to the mall before the indicated time. It’s to the far north on this island.

You find Spitz at the mall; he’s filming a zombie movie and needs a stuntman. You fill the role while Lance discusses snow business with Spitz. Fill the "gore" meter by shooting the zombies. Don’t allow the gore meter to empty. If the meter empties before the timer runs out, you’ll fail as an actor! Basically just press the "R" button to target, shoot the zombie, and then move on to the next one. If there are no targets, move around to find the closest zombie.

In the next scene, zombies are invading the record store--prevent them! Do your best Frank West from Dead Rising imitation and hack up the zombies with your katana blade! Keep close to the record store entrance to ensure none of the undead enters. Hit the targeting button and slice up the closest zombie. If you don’t target, you may end up kicking already hacked up zombies.

After these two tasks, Lance is ready to head back. Drive back to Lance’s apartment only to discover mom ran off with the goods! Collect your $850 reward.


If you haven’t been building an empire then Lance will think you’re being lazy--why aren’t you out expanding your empire? Before you can accept this task you will have to expand to a total of five businesses.

Apparently the Mendezes’ don’t want you dead any longer--but they do want to ruin your businesses. Oh and maybe inflict physical pain. Lance takes off to protect the empire. Follow him! He’s headed over to the western island. Drive to the marked location. Lance must survive this battle--hordes of enemy gang members approach from the west and east along this road.

Target each approaching gang member in turn and eliminate them. Don’t shoot your own posse and don’t let Lance die. Finish off the attackers to complete the mission and earn your reward.

Turn On, Tune In, Bug Out

Lance thinks his apartment is bugged--the DEA are on to you guys. Lance claims if you destroy the police antennae, the DEA won’t receive a signal. You must destroy the antenna with a rocket launcher or a grenade. There’s an onscreen evidence meter that slowly rises. Destroy antennae to slow it down. Don’t let the evidence meter to get full or the mission ends in failure.

The first station is at Washington Beach. Drive to the police station and use the stairs behind the building to reach the roof. Destroy both antennae on top of the Washington Beach police station. You’ve alerted police forces. There’s a helicopter nearby, which can be used to fly to the next police station or you can use a car.

Your destination is the Little Havana police station. Pilot the helicopter or drive to the back and find the staircase. Destroy the next two police antennae--this raises your wanted level to four. Take a helicopter or a car to the final police station, due north into downtown.

On the way to the next police station, if you’re in a civilian car, stop in the Pay N’ Spray and you will get some relief; however, the relief doesn’t last long. The police will spot you again before you reach the downtown police station.

In a car, drive to the back eastern side of the police station and climb the stairs to the roof. Eliminate the officers here or just go for the antennae. Obliterate the antennae before the evidence meter completes to finish the first part of this mission. Now your wanted level is five. The Feds are after you and they don’t mess around: even with full armor you won’t last long against their firearms. To complete the mission you must lower your wanted level completely.

The best way to survive this section is to use the police helicopter. Fly it to a nearby construction site. Land next to the crane and find the police bribe icon. Grab it to lower your wanted level to four, which is much more manageable. Hop into the bulldozer and plow your way to the nearest Pay N’ Spray--receive your $300 reward for mission completion.

Taking the Fall

Lance claims the bikers are helping themselves to the product and he wants to enact a little revenge. You’re tasked to pilot the helicopter while Lance mans the weaponry. Pilot the helicopter toward the bikers. There are a couple onscreen meters. The first is the damage meter; don’t get shot down. The second is a balance meter. Tilting the helicopter lowers Lance’s balance; if balance is lost completely, Lance stops firing. Straighten the helicopter to restore the balance.

Follow the bikers closely and keep the helicopter level so Lance fires and fires accurately. After eliminating the first group, fly toward the hotel to find additional bikers. Point Lance toward the bikers; don’t get too close or you will suffer damage. Ascend toward the hotel roof and eliminate remaining bikers--however, the bikers inflict enough damage to down the helicopter.

Once you’re on the ground, you must rescue Lance and defeat a horde of bikers. Eliminate the bikers on the ground. There’s a police bribe nearby if you want to keep your wanted level down. Go to the far end of the construction site past the truck to find a ramp leading up the scaffolding. Terminate the bikers on the scaffolding and inside the structure. Find Lance at the marked location. He escapes on a bike and leaves you to your $300 reward.

White Lies

You catch a strung out Lance with Louise. To make matters worse, Lance seems intent on either using the rest of the product or just giving it away. You must prevent your brother from doing something drastic. Go get into the hovercraft.

Lance is piloting a helicopter and dropping packages of product everywhere. Collect the packages dropped behind the helicopter. Check the onscreen meter--it must fill completely to finish the task successfully. This is a simple mission. Just follow the helicopter (keep it in view at the top of your screen) and drop the green packages that fall. Be prepared to maneuver the hovercraft across land and narrow docks and bridges to grab dropped packages.

The mission ends as soon as the meter fills. You can miss a couple packages and still complete the mission. Note that the dropped packages disappear after a short time so if you run into a problem, return toward the helicopter and ignore packages that may disappear momentarily--don’t fly after a package that has been on the ground for awhile. Complete the mission and receive $1,500. Also, a new purchasable item appears at Clymenus Suite.

Where it Hurts Most

While Lance sleeps off his stupidity, Louise needs your help--Martinez has been following her. She’s hiding out in the back of some burger place. Go to King Knut’s Burger Bar marked on the mini-map; it’s on the western island. Just as you arrive, some of Martinez’s goons take her away while more goons wait around to beat you to a bloody pulp.

Ignore the goons and grab the nearest car. There are three marked cars on the mini-map--one of them contains a dying Louise. More of Martinez’s goons surround each car. You don’t have to deal with them. Just pull into the area containing the car.

If you’re told it doesn’t contain Louise then leave immediately and ignore the goons. If you find Louise, get out of your own car and quickly get into the one holding Louise. You will be under fire from the goons. You can return fire if the Louise meter is still fairly full; otherwise, it’s wiser to just get into the car and drive out as fast as possible.

She needs to get to the hospital quickly. It’s not far. Follow the mini-map to the marked location. Drive the car into the marked spot to complete the mission.

Blitzkrieg Strikes Again

You must have a total of seven businesses in your Empire before starting this mission. The Mendez brothers are striking your businesses. Join Lance and his new M4 in defending against the attacks.

Travel to each of the three businesses in turn and eliminate Mendez’s attacking hordes. Additional attackers arrive sporadically throughout the battle. Watch the mini-map to spot incoming enemies and target accordingly. A vehicle containing more enemies arrives at the end of each attack. Target the car with a rocket or just wait for the goons to exit the vehicle then mow them down with your favorite firearm.

Lance must survive the mission and you must defend all of the businesses within the onscreen timer. Complete the task for a reward of $700.

Lost and Found

You’re concerned about Louise. She’s getting out of the hospital soon and Martinez may "pay her a visit". Proceed to the downtown hospital. You pick up Louise only to learn that Lance has gotten himself into trouble again--he’s trapped in a burning building. You need to take the helicopter on top of the hospital to rescue him. Go to the marked door to reach the rooftop.

Pilot the chopper to the marked building. As you approach, Louise points out the landing spot. You have 30 seconds to land before Lance perishes. Descend the chopper to the marked rooftop and Lance climbs aboard.

Proceed toward the marked boats. You must maintain the helicopter’s balance so Lance can fire accurately on the fleeing boats. Fly on the left side of the boats; descend and fly level so Lance can fire accurately. Start with the last boat and work your way to the lead boat. You must eliminate all of the men on each boat to consider the job complete.

After killing the enemies on the last boat, position the helicopter overhead so Lance can commandeer the boat. Your final task is to take Louise home. Fly to the marked location and land the helicopter in the median to complete the task and receive $1,500.

Light My Pyre

Armando Mendez has Louise. You and Lance mount a rescue attempt--Lance takes off on a bike (since Mendez’s men greeted Lance’s car with a rocket launcher). You must protect Lance and destroy the attacking cars.

This can be a very difficult mission, primarily because Lance doesn’t seem to drive his motorcycle with much sense--perhaps he’s been sampling the product again. If you manage to stop an attacker’s car, Lance drives around in circles instead of continuing onward. The guy has a deathwish!

A good option is to grab your own motorcycle located on the right side of the road next to the tree. Reach Lance’s position and shoot the car using your "Circle" button. Remain behind the enemy car and keep firing. Don’t let Lance get in your line of fight; you can hurt Lance! You should also work well ahead of Lance. Drive your motorcycle quickly ahead of Lance and combat the cars waiting for him farther up the road.

There are a couple tricks to this mission. First you can just drive all the way to the mansion and hope Lance survives. The mission continues to the next stage as soon as you reach the mansion, regardless of Lance’s current location. During the fight at the mansion, don’t hesitate to leave and drive to Ammu-nation for more ammo. Plus there may be fewer guards when you return! Finally, completing the firefighter pastime makes you fireproof--which makes defeating Mendez and his flamethrower a breeze.

You must reach Prawn Island to continue to the next part of the mission. The entrance into the mansion is through the marked back door. Take your time and eliminate enemies in your path toward the back door. The enemy weapons rip through armor so watch the mini-map to gauge their locations. Don’t get surprised by an enemy that appears right next to you.

Once inside the mansion it’s a battle against Mendez...and he’s packing a flamethrower. Fight fire with a shotgun! Blast Mendez with a shotgun, which knocks him down. Continue to fire over and over again at his fallen body to finish Mendez off. There are power-ups in the room if you need to replenish health or armor. Receive a $2,500 reward for completing this mission.

Reni Wassulmaier

Accidents Will Happen

Spitz puts you in contact with the flamboyant Reni Wassulmaier over at the film studios. Perform well in Reni’s commercial and he’ll/she’ll put you in contact with many potential buyers and users of your products. Get into the stunt car and drive to the starting line. Your task is to hit stunt cars to keep the action meter high. Don’t let the action meter get to zero or you’re fired!

Follow the marked route of checkpoints to earn more time. Ram the red stunt cars (similar to your own vehicle); these are marked by red arrows. Hitting the stunt cars raises the action meter. You must keep your time and action meter up. Finish the course before either run out to complete the task.

Check the mini-map and you can spot the location of upcoming checkpoints and stunt cars. Near the end of the task you’re told to line up for the last jump. Take your time around the final corner and get good speed and center the car so you complete the final shot. You’ll earn $850 for completing this mission.

The Colonel’s Coke

Reni sets up a meeting between you and a friend, Gonzalez--he’s got some product to move. Grab some wheels and drive downtown to the meeting place marked on the mini-map. Gonzalez needs to get product to the port; he gives you the chopper.

Fly the chopper behind Gonzalez’s boat--but not too far behind--so the gang members can provide support fire against the enemy boats that approach from behind. Watch out for the bridges! Make sure your gang members have a shot at the opposing boats. Check their firearms and ensure they are returning fire against the hostiles. Use the "Circle" button to aid the support.

As you near the port, an enemy helicopter arrives. Point your gang members and the helicopter’s weapons at the helicopter and eliminate it as soon as possible (check the onscreen meter to ensure you are inflicting damage). Resume your escort of Gonzalez’s boat after downing the enemy helicopter. Reach the port to complete the mission and receive $850.

Kill Phil

Reni’s friend Barry needs a driver; Barry needs to pick up a rock n’ roll friend. Drive the nearest car to the marked location on the mini-map--it’s a bulletproof limo. Barry tags along. Once in the limo, take it to the meeting point.

The meeting point is an ambush--Barry’s talent is under attack. Equip a weapon quickly (shotgun works well because the enemies are tightly packed) and eliminate all of the goons. You’ve saved Barry’s talent, who turns out to be Phil Collins! Yes, that Phil Collins!

Everyone gets back into the bulletproof limo. Take Phil to his hotel. Apparently Barry has more enemies that you realized because your bulletproof limo is under heavy attack by pursuing vehicles and gang members. But the important word is bulletproof. Just keep driving toward the hotel and avoid ramming into walls and other cars. Reach the hotel to complete the task. You receive $1,000 and a new purchasable item at Sunshine Autos.

Say Cheese

Reni is having movie problems again. He needs you to be the driver for a fast-paced chase sequence. Proceed to the jetty, marked on the mini-map, and find the JetSki! Follow the course--the camera will start rolling when you reach the first marker.

Each marker you strike increases your time. As aid, you can check the mini-map to spot the location of the next marker. Drive quickly but carefully and hit all of the ramps and markers. Eventually you will land on shore and be instructed to get onto the nearest bike. The time is still running so get off the JetSki and hop onto the bike.

The task remains the same: hit the markers to increase your time. Drive carefully around the tight corners and avoid hitting cars, poles, and buildings. Finish the bike sequence and earn $850. You can also now return to the film studios’ JetSki for additional challenges.

Kill Phil: Part 2

Phil Collins is preparing for his concert, though he’s worried about those assassins he encountered. Barry wants you to make sure the concert hall is secure. Drive to the stadium on the western side of the island. Enter the upstairs stadium entrance.

Inside you must check the security at all of the locations. Grab the nearby BMX for a faster ride. As you approach each location, get off the bike and eliminate the assassins. After the second location, turn right toward the stage. Watch for the assassin at the top of the stairs before you continue. You can ride the bike up the stairs or ditch it. Cross the stage and search the remaining sections of the arena.

Before approaching the last area, grab some health and armor along the left side of the arena. Terminate the assassins here and pick up the basement keycard. Retreat down the corridor and find the marked entrance. The assassins are attempting to bomb the arena. Shoot the remaining assassins to foil their plot. Take cover behind columns; you may have to maneuver to find assassins that are positioned behind obstructions. Receive your $1,500 reward for completing the mission.

So Long Schlong

Reni needs your help with a delicate matter. While Reni heads to the hospital you must ensure that Mendez’s goons don’t discover that Reni has left the film lot. Stand close to the open stage area (near the golf cart) and eliminate the enemies that approach from the lot entrances.

After some time, Reni pages you--he’s been discovered! Get into the nearby vehicle and drive to the eastern island. Pull up to Reni’s marked location. She’s taken cover behind a car against more attacking goons. Eliminate these enemies. You can shoot the enemy cars, which creates explosions powerful enough to eliminate the nearby hostiles.

Get into the car and drive Reni to the hospital. Reni will fire on other cars. It’s important to keep driving and don’t get stuck. It is possible to exit the vehicle if it’s on fire but Reni must survive the mission. Reach the hospital and earn $1,000.

In the Air Tonight

Meet the brand new Reni at the Ocean View hospital. Your initial orders are to drive Reni to the airport on your way to Phil Collins’ concert. Grab a car in the hospital parking lot or take the hospital’s helicopter. There are some gang members that attack on the way and the helicopter will certainly be safer. Pull up or land at the airport entrance to bid farewell to Reni.

By saving Phil Collins from the assassins and completing this mission, you unlock a new purchasable item at the stadium--for $6,000 you can watch Phil Collins in concert. Apparently ticket prices were really expensive in 1984! Those darn surcharges.

Drive or fly to the stadium. Security requires you to leave your weapons at the door. You promise Barry that you’ll keep an eye on things--someone’s trying to sabotage the light rig! Target and punch the enemies attempting to cut the wires holding the light rig. Check the mini-map for the locations of the saboteurs.

You will have to deal with multiple enemies when there is a saboteur doing his work. Quickly target and punch out the enemy then target switch to the saboteur and punch him before the line is cut. Stand in the center of the light rig so you can reach each location as fast as possible. If you’re quick, you can reach the saboteur before any other enemy reaches you. Hold the target button as you approach and punch the targeted saboteur. Save Phil Collins and receive a $3,000 reward.

Armando and Diego Mendez

The Mugshot Longshot

You and Lance meet with the Mendez brothers--four brothers who will now work as partners, at least temporarily. You’ll have to prove that it was Sergeant Martinez who ripped off the Mendez brothers. Lance tells you to get some photos of Martinez talking to the Feds, grab Forbes’s ID from Lance’s place, and then meet Lance at the Print Works.

Drive to the Washington Beach police station down south of your position. Martinez is entering the witness protection program as you arrive. You must take a picture of Martinez with the DEA agent before they leave. Move to the marked vantage point and equip the camera. Press the "R" button to activate the camera then zoom in with the "Square" button. Zoom in as close as possible on Martinez and the DEA agent to take a good photo.

Return to your car and follow Martinez. Don’t get too close but don’t fall back to far. After reaching the location, keep driving so you’re closer to the vantage point. You need to take another picture. Don’t run toward the location because it could take too long. If you take too long, the mission fails. Get out of the car when you reach the walkway, hop out, and jump down toward the vantage point. Get a close-up shot of Martinez.

The good news is you have good photos and can now head to Lance’s apartment. The bad news is that you were spotted and now you have a four-star wanted level. Enter a real car (not a cop vehicle!) and drive to the closest Pay N’ Spray to clear your wanted status. Drive south to Lance’s apartment and you will obtain Forbes’s ID.

Drive over the Print Works marked on the western island. You meet with Lance and automatically complete the mission.

Hostile Takeover

Mendez needs your help getting rid of problems over in Vice Point--people are ripping off his businesses. Your orders are to remove the problem and set up shop. It could be a good place to distribute product.

Drive over to the marked business in Vice Point and prepare for battle. Run over the bikers if possible but many hang close to the building (or are found on top of the building). Exit your car and eliminate the enemies threatening Mendez’s business.

Several bikers escape your wrath. Get back into a car and follow them. You can try to ram the bikers but those hogs are strong. Plus your cars will likely get ripped up by the collisions combined with the bikers’ gun fire. You can move to a position in front of the bikers’ path and get out of your car and shoot the bikers as they approach. Eliminate the bikers to complete your mission and receive your reward.

Unfriendly Competition

The Mendez brothers want you to get rid of the competition: the degenerates are over near Ocean Beach. The first is relaxing at his place--proceed there. Drive a car to the marked location. The goons are hanging outside. Eliminate from long-range ideally; they have a lot of firepower and close quarter fighting could drain your armor and health quickly.

The next is at the Standing Vice Point Hotel. Pull up to the marked location in front of the hotel. You automatically enter the back area and are ambushed by the competition’s bodyguard force--a bunch of chicks in swimsuits! Eliminate all of the bodyguards. Watch for enemies on the high dive and inside the pool. Remain on one side of the pool area and take cover. You may have difficulty firing on some bodyguards behind railings; adjust your position accordingly.

The competition escapes after you’ve cleared the bodyguards. Get down onto the beach and drive the quad in pursuit. Return fire with your machinegun and don’t let the runner get too far away or you fail the mission. Eventually he’ll toss grenades at your quad. Dodge the grenades and if you get knocked off, get back on quickly and resume the pursuit.

Don’t get too close or suffer big damage from the bodyguard riding on the back. You can try to ram the enemy quad into the water but your best bet is to eliminate the bodyguard. Once that happens you can follow much closer and use your machinegun to terminate the dealer. Completing the mission nets $1,300 and a new purchasable item at the beach-side hotel.

High Wire

The Mendez brothers have some bad news: the police stole their product. And some worse news: they’re going to tell the police that the product belongs to you. But the Mendez brothers will reconsider if you steal the product back from the police. Get to the helicopter at Breaker’s Yard.

Cross the bridge over toward downtown. Locate Breaker’s Yard at the marked location. Before you board the chopper, you’re told the product is hidden inside cargo containers at the police impound yard. Get onto the chopper. Fly the helicopter to the marked police yard where the containers are located.

When you reach the police yard, descend the helicopter so the magnet lands on the container. Once attached, fly the helicopter to the drop off point marked on the mini-map. Descend the container onto the marked spot to drop the container off.

There’s another container to grab but it’s on a moving truck and headed for another police station. You must recover the container before it reaches Little Havana. The truck is headed north on the road that runs along the river bisecting the islands. Fly the helicopter on the northern side of the marked truck on the mini-map. When you spot the truck, get in behind it and follow it north. Descend the magnet onto the back of the truck and grab the container. Deliver the container to the drop off.

Mendez is in trouble--the bikers are attacking. You must grab his car before it’s destroyed. As soon as you drop off the container, turn east and start flying. Every second you gain before Mendez alerts you to his trouble makes this segment easier. Once Mendez’s car appears on your mini-map, point your helicopter toward that location and adjust as necessary.

As you near the car, maneuver the helicopter behind it. You must lower the magnet on top of Mendez’s car--not the trunk or the hood but the roof. Bikers are in hot pursuit and the damage to Mendez’s car appears onscreen. The best time to grab Mendez is on a straight road. Move in behind him and drop the helicopter quickly when you have the magnet over the front of the car’s roof. After snagging the car, drop it on the marked parking lot to complete the task and receive $1,500.

Burning Bridges

It appears you have outlived your usefulness to the Mendezes. The brothers leave you and Lance for dead in a fuel depot. You must rescue Lance, who is trapped behind flames.

Follow the stairs to the marker. Recover the pistol to the right of the marker. New instructions are to shoot the valves to turn off the oil...but there are henchmen blocking the path. Shoot the nearest henchman and grab his weapon.

Locate the nearest valve around the corner to the right. Target and shoot the value. Don’t bother attempting to navigate the pipe maze here. Instead, go to the opposite side of the area and around the last tanker to find the remaining two valves. Beware of the two snipers. Hop onto the motorcycle near the final valve and drive it to Lance. Let Lance get onto the bike then drive quickly to the marked location.


Home’s on the Range

Gonzalez wants to see how you play golf--he considers a guy’s golf game a good gauge for his abilities. Channel Tiger Woods and use the "X" button to set the shot’s power and again to set the aim. Hit the button when the meter reaches the green section to earn Gonzalez’s trust. Striking a perfect shot hits the buoy and completes the task and nets a $1,000 reward. You can return to the driving range at any time to improve your swing.

Purple Haze

Meet up with Gonzalez at his new location. He wants you to pick up some product in Ocean Beach and take it to a deal in Washington. Grab a car and proceed to Gonzalez’s lockup. At the lockup, switch into the van carrying the product. Drive to the marked location where the deal will take place. It’s an ambush--a semi slams into your van and the drivers steal the product.

Gonzalez is concerned and you’re dazed--well, actually you’ve been breathing it in. Get to the nearby phone. You’re on a time table. You must find the gang and recover the drugs by the allotted time. Take the nearby bike over to Starfish Island and crash a party.

Eliminate the gang members. Use the corner of the building as cover. After terminating the guards, get back into the van. Given your wanted level, the cops will be after you--and you’re certainly in no condition to drive. Don’t get stopped by the police. Keep driving forward (although a little on the wobbly side) and get back to the lockup. The mission ends as soon as you reach the marked location. Collect your $1,000 reward.

Farewell to Arms

Using a helicopter, you must escort Gonzalez’s truck to the airport. You are manning the helicopter’s machinegun. Watch the mini-map to spot incoming enemies--they’re in red and white trucks. Shoot at any trucks that are within firing range of Gonzalez’s truck. At one point, Gonzalez’s truck stalls. Defend it against nearby trucks. Destroy the roadblock blocking the path to the airport. This section ends once Gonzalez’s truck survives the trip to the airport.

Defend Gonzalez’s men protecting the airport entrance. The chopper will fly back and forth between two entrances. Mow down the enemy vehicles and men that approach the entrances.

Defend Gonzalez’s plane. This is the toughest of the three segments. As soon as you spot Sharks’ trucks, fire on the first one within your gun’s range. When you reach the runway, begin firing on the trucks that approach the plane. Target the vehicles closest to the plane. The mission ends once the plane takes off. You receive $2,500 in reward money and the mini-gun arrives in stock at the Amm-u-Nation at the Vice Point mall.

Ricardo Diaz

Steal the Deal

Diaz wants you to find some of Gonzalez’s product that has been hidden offshore. Your first order of business is to stakeout a strip club. Find the club on the southern edge of the eastern island. You spot one of Gonzalez’s men exiting the club. Follow the car--close but not too--until he stops near the Ferris Wheel. He takes a water route. Drive the nearby JetSki and continue following him. Once again, don’t get too far behind but don’t get too close.

Gonzalez’s henchman eventually arrives at a dock. There’s an unmanned boat that must hold the product. Watch the sentries patrolling the outskirts of the dock. Approach after the sentry passes. Keep to the left side and get into the boat. You must bring the boat safely back to Diaz--that means not blowing it to smithereens!

If you drive the JetSki around the back of the docks, you can drive or swim up a ramp. Once on the dock you can eliminate the guards using long-range weaponry (rocket launcher always useful against the boats!). With the guards out of the way, driving the boat back is a breeze. Drive it to Diaz at the marked dock to complete the mission and earn $1,500.

The Exchange

Diaz has orchestrated a classic "drugs for guns" deal and you’re going to help him get it done. Get into the van and drive it to the marked location in downtown. Snipers strike the meeting point! Grab the nearby sniper rifle and take out the snipers before the DEA agents arrive--check the onscreen timer. Remain zoomed in and rotate around in a circle. Check the arrows onscreen to find the next closest sniper location.

Drive the truck holding the guns back to Diaz’s location. This is a difficult section because the truck isn’t the strongest vehicle in the game. You will be attacked by gang members in vehicles and the truck can’t withstand much damage. You also have to watch your wanted level--you don’t want a wanted level of two or more and get the police involved.

If you are wanted by the police, park the truck somewhere, jack another vehicle, and drive it into a Pay N’ Spray to erase your wanted status. When you pass a Pay N’ Spray in the truck, drive it inside as well. You want the truck repaired for the journey toward Diaz’s place.

Get into the truck and drive it to the edge of the parking lot near the street (watch that ramp; you don’t want to roll the truck!). Stop before the street and listen for Diaz’s cue about the incoming attack. With the truck still in the alley, exit and eliminate the two gang member vehicles that arrive.

Return to the truck. You can now drive left or right--left is a shorter route to Diaz’s house but it’s a bit more dangerous. The right route takes longer (as it goes through the eastern island) but it seems safer. Basically you can either drive and attempt to avoid the gang members by swerving and keeping the enemy cars away from the truck (make sure Diaz has a good shot at them) or you can get out when you see an enemy vehicle approaching and take out the gang members with your weaponry. Reach his house, pull the car into the garage, and exit to complete the task and earn $1,750.

Domo Arigato Domestoboto

Ricardo Diaz wants you to destroy all of Armando Mendez’s bearer bonds. You’ll be using some high tech gear to help you get around the Mendez security system. Get into the van marked on the mini-map--it is located far north on Prawn Island parked outside the Mendez place.

You’re in control of the Domestorobot. Your goal is to crack Armando’s safe but you will have to play the part in order to get that close. Mendez will force you...well, the complete some menial tasks. These are randomized. You may have to grab a beer (use the grabber arm) and deliver the beverage. You may be asked to clean the kitchen (cleaner arm), or even light Mendez’s cigar (lighter arm).

Complete a task then move quickly to the room to the kitchen’s right (on the first floor). In the room, go through the doorway in the back right corner. If Mendez calls you back for another task, you must complete it before continuing. Descend into the basement and find the safe just ahead.

You must guess the four-digit combination. After entering a code, you will be told how many are in the correct position, how many are correct but in the wrong position, and how many are incorrect. You have a limited number of guesses. The code is 8423. After opening the safe, select the lighter arm and approach the bonds to torch the place.

Over the Top

Diaz thinks the time is right to bring the whole Mendez operation down. There are some new attack helicopters at the army base--sneak in and grab one! Diaz suggests getting Phil to help. Proceed to Phil at the marked location in Vice Port. On the way off of Starfish Island, a car full of Mendez’s goons ambushes you. Eliminate the gang members with a weapon or crashing their vehicle.

Drive Phil’s truck to Fort Baxter. While Phil creates his diversion, jump over the wall into Fort Baxter (perform a series of jumps to get up and over the wall). Try to avoid the guards and searchlights (at night). You must move north then west toward the marked admin building. Once inside, locate and enter the control room. Walk onto the marker to unlock the helipad.

A timer appears onscreen: you must exit the admin building and enter the Hunter before the guards take off. Retrace your steps through the army base--east then south--around the fence into the opened helipad. Drive the Hunter to complete this objective.

You must now take the Hunter to Diaz’s mansion. The Hunter has cannons (press "Square" plus "X") and rockets (press "Circle"). Land the Hunter on top of the marked helipad on Diaz’s mansion to complete the mission and earn $3,000.

Last Stand

The time has arrived to take Mendez down. Fly the Hunter to Mendez’s building. Spot the guards on the top couple floors as you approach the building. Hover the Hunter around the building and launch your rockets into the top few floors and eliminate all of the guards. Additional guards may arrive so keep rotating around the building until all of them have been terminated.

Grab the weapons and armor on the rooftop before entering the stairwell. Many guards occupy this floor. Take your time and move cautiously and battle as few guards as possible. Grab dropped weapons and some armor from the corner before descending the stairs to a lower floor. Eliminate the guards in this office to trigger the next cut scene.

Grab the armor and make your way to the marked location to reach the higher floor. There’s a helicopter hovering outside taking shots. On this floor you must defeat guards, take cover from the copter, and attack the copter. Complete the tasks in that sequence. After shooting guards, hide behind one of the larger file cabinets. Equip the rocket launcher while taking cover. As soon as you’re instructed to attack the copter, escape cover, zoom in on the copter, and fire the rocket launcher multiple times. The process continues until the helicopter is destroyed.

After reaching the roof you must eliminate Martinez and Mendez. There’s some cover on the rooftop, plus an armor and health power-up. The shotgun works well because it knocks the enemy down giving you time to keep shooting and causing more damage to the downed foe or even turning your attention to the other enemy.

Chapter 2 - Pastimes

It wouldn’t be Rockstar without a bunch of mini-games and optional tasks to attempt and complete. This section provides details on numerous pastimes, races, and other diversions.

Taxi Driver

Requirement: $5,000 in fares.

Upgrade: Boost Jump for Taxis

Jack one of the taxis around Vice City and activate the Taxi Driver pastime. Drive around the city looking for a fare, pick up the patron, and drive as quickly as possible to the marked destination. You receive cash for delivering the fare but you can score bonus cash for reaching the destination quickly. An onscreen tip meter reveals how long you have before that bonus cash expires. Avoid smashing into cars, walls, or other objects; knocking the taxi around dramatically reduces the tip meter.

Drop by a Pay N’ Spray and repair the taxi either between or during a fare to keep the vehicle intact for completing consecutive fares. Or you could just stop running into cars and walls!

Earn $5,000 from the taxi missions to unlock the upgrade: it adds "boost jump" to the taxi cars. Press "down" while in a taxi and it will essentially hop. You can actually unlock this early in the game and use the taxi’s boost jump to hop over the wall barricading the second island. There won’t be anything to do over there but you can at least say you did it!

You can earn money faster by completing consecutive fares. Complete five successful fares in a row (regardless of tips) and you earn bonus cash. This bonus cash goes up with each set of five fares. You can quit at any point and your running money total remains saved (check it in the stats section) but you will lose any bonus cash for getting consecutive fares.


Requirement: Level 15

Upgrade: Unlimited Sprint

Help the citizens of Vice City with the paramedic missions. Jack an ambulance (easily found at one of the hospitals) and begin the Paramedic pastime. The location of a needy patient appears on the mini-map. Pick up the patient in the ambulance and return him or her to the hospital before the timer expires. Each level adds an additional patient (15 patients at level 15!); however, picking up a patient and every three patients delivered to the hospital adds additional time.

The ambulance only holds three patients, so you will be making multiple trips to and from the hospital. Check the mini-map to spot the locations of each patient for that level. Look for clusters of three patients so you minimize the amount of ambulance drive time.

Vice City simplifies pastimes (the challenges that feature different levels of completion) by saving checkpoints at every five levels. So if you complete the fifth level in the Paramedic challenge, you can quit and start over again at level six. So you don’t have to complete these pastimes in one sitting.


Requirement: Level 15

Upgrade: Become Fireproof

Drive the fire truck parked at the fire station downtown and press "up" to begin the firefighter pastime. The marked location of a fire appears on the mini-map and you have a limited amount of time to extinguish it. Drive to the location and use the "Circle" button to put out the flames. Adjust the hose to spray water onto the fire (watch for the steam indicating a successful shot).

The firefighter pastime is now saved after every five levels. You should take the opportunity to jack another fire truck if you have caused heavy damage to your vehicle through hitting buildings and trying to weave through tight alleys. The biggest challenge in firefighter is reaching the helpless civilians in time. The fire truck is sluggish and not particularly maneuverable. As soon as a level begins, check the mini-map and note the fastest, and easiest, route to the marked location.


Requirement: Level 15

Upgrade: Extra Armor

Take the law into your own hands in the Vigilante pastime. Enter a police or military vehicle (for instance, beat the game and you can grab the Hunter helicopter or even the Rhino tank) to begin. The goal is to hunt down criminals and eliminate them. As the level progresses, the number of criminals increases. You could battle criminals on bikes or in cars; there could be up to four criminals inside a car.

Complete the fifth and tenth level to activate a checkpoint. After each fifth level you can stop and restart from the previous spot. The challenge is keeping your vehicle intact long enough to complete five levels to reach a checkpoint. You can’t enter Pay N’ Spray with a police or military vehicle. Police cars are fragile and chasing criminals, taking fire, and bumping into various vehicles and walls will take its toll. Alternatively you can use the police motorcycle. You could get thrown off occasionally but it is easier to fire your weapon from.

Defeating enemies in cars is a challenge. You can follow close behind and keep shooting with your machinegun or get ahead and drive straight at them going for the driver. Note that you can knock out a driver and the passengers remain alive--but obviously the car won’t be moving. Take it out with a rocket for an explosive finish.

Air Rescue

Requirement: Level 15

Upgrade: Max Health Increase

Pilot one of the hospital choppers found on a helipad at one of the hospitals to initiate the Air Rescue mini-game. This is similar to the taxi driver, paramedic, beach patrol, etc. You must complete 15 levels to unlock the upgrade, which increases your maximum health.

You must pilot the helicopter and rescue injured civilians within the time limit. The number of patients increases every few levels. Fly the chopper over the patient and drop the basket over the patient to begin the rescue. Return the injured to the nearest hospital to complete the level.

Beach Patrol

Requirement: Level 15

Upgrade: Unlimited Swim Stamina

Check the wide open beach almost directly east of the suite save point on the eastern island. There’s a lifeguard stand there adjacent to a buggy (the official name for the vehicle is a BF Injection). Entering the car begins the beach patrol mini-game.

There are three possible tasks for this mini-game. You continue on the same task until you fail then you may receive another task at random. Like the taxi, paramedic, and firefighter tasks, you must complete 15 levels to unlock the upgrade. Your position is saved after five and 10 levels are completed. Don’t accidentally drive the vehicle into the water!

One of the possible tasks is to stop gang members from tearing up the beach. The gang members are using their motorbikes to cause havoc on the beach. Smash into them with the BF Injection to knock them off. Take out each biker before the time expires to complete the level. Another possible task is to assist the paramedic. He’ll get into the vehicle and you must drive to the various patients marked on the beach.

Complete 15 levels of any task combination to unlock unlimited swimming stamina. You will no longer get tired while swimming. You also receive a cash prize of $1,500.

Fire Copter

Find the fire helicopter behind the downtown fire station. Enter the chopper and press "up" on the D-pad to begin the fire copter pastime. Several fires are marked on the mini-map. Fly to the marked locations and hover the basket of water over the fire. Press "Circle" to douse the fire. You have a limited amount of water for each level so make sure you’re over the fire before dousing. Return to the fire station between each level.

Creating an Empire

Acquiring and developing your empire of businesses isn’t exactly a pastime since it’s integral to a few of the story missions (you must acquire a certain number of business sites to complete a couple story missions). However, it’s not mandatory that you continue to amass a business empire above and beyond that required by the storyline.

The basics of creating an empire are straightforward. Attack the vehicle outside a business to begin your takeover. The type of vehicle differs depending on the gang that owns the business (expect to see motorcycles outside biker businesses) but the goal remains the same: blow up that vehicle! Once the attack begins, scores of enemy gang members will attack in defense of their business.

Angry gang members (you’ve captured one of their business sites) will attack your locations. End a gang by eliminating all of the gangs’ sites (check the map to see which gang owns each of the 30 locations). There’s a trick to end gang attacks, at least until you anger someone else: just save and quit the game entirely while being attacks then reload your game.

After clearing the exterior of the business, enter the premises at the marked spot and terminate the remaining gang members inside. Break up all of the assets using a baseball bat (or other weapon) to gain control of the site. Once outside, push the "up" button to purchase the location. You can select which type of business to acquire (not all business types are available early in the game) and which size. Be a high roller!

Enter a purchased site and you can develop and repair the site (angry gangs will attack your businesses!) and complete missions to build respect. Increasing your respect increases your income potential. Each business type has different missions and objectives associated with that business. For instance, if you’re running a brothel, you will drive girls to their clients, chase down clients who don’t pay, and save your girls from a violent client.

Phil’s Shooting Range

Locate the entrance into the shooting range at the southern part of Vice Port. The rules are simple: earn points by shooting enemy targets and lose points by shooting friendly targets. Each enemy target equals 100 points; shooting a friendly target equals minus 200 points. There are five rounds; each round uses a different weapon with limited ammo. You must achieve certain scores to continue. The chart below reveals the weapons and point requirements for all levels.

2Machine Pistol1500
4Assault Rifle2000
5Sniper Rifle2500

Hold down the "L" button while aiming for a more precise shot. This isn’t a difficult mini-game, especially using the "L" button while shooting. But it is a profitable one! You receive cash for beating the best time, score, and accuracy records plus $2,500 for just completing it. Best of all, though, complete Phil’s Shooting Ragne to earn a 25% discount at Ammu-nation.

Vice Sights

Find a Maverick helicopter on the eastern side of Escobar International airport. Enter the Maverick to begin the Vice Sights game. Although it’s about following checkpoints, Vice Sights is also about having fun! There’s an onscreen fun meter. You must keep the fun meter up while reaching the sight markers. Flying lower and faster keeps the fun up. Also, move slower through the markers to maintain the fun factor.

Swinger’s Club

After meeting with Gonzalez for the first time in the mission Home’s on the Range, you can revisit the country club and try to beat your high score in the driving range mini-game. The mechanics are similar to many golfing games (or a kicking meter in a football game). Press "X" to start then press "X" again when the indicator reaches the green section of the power bar. When the indicator moves back, press "X" in the green of the accuracy bar.

You get five shots; score is based on shot distance and whether or not you strike the buoy. Strike the meter in both green sections for optimal distance and accuracy to receive bonus points for striking the buoy. Complete the game the first time for an extra $1,000. Note that when you enter the country club, the metal detector removes your weaponry. Collect your stash on the way out!

Mashin’ Up the Mall

Enter the Vice Point Mall on the northeastern side of the eastern island (where you help battle the zombies in the stuntman mission). There’s a BMX bike inside. Take a ride and you’ll start a mini-game where you must ride the bike through all of the markers under a time of 4:30.

Land, Sea and Air Ace

Find the motorbike near the lighthouse on the southeastern side of the beaches on the eastern island to begin the Land, Sea and Air Ace mini-game. It’s a triathlon of sorts. You ride the Sanchez motorbike on the first segment, take out a JetSki in the second segment; and fly a Sea Sparrow chopper in the third segment. Conquer the time of 4:30 to complete the game.

Time Trials

Proceed north through Downtown on the eastern island and locate the dirt bike part along the northern edge of the map. Get onto the Sanchez motorbike here and you can complete a series of track courses for extra cash. You can also compete in Quad and BMX time trials at the same location.

Playground on the Town

Search around the police station downtown on the western island for a PCJ motorcycle. Get onto it and you will begin the Playground on the Town mini-game. Drive the PCJ through the checkpoints under the 1:35 time limit to complete the task.

Playground on the Point

Search the southern side of the Vice Point Mall’s exterior to find a PCJ motorcycle against an overpass. Get onto the PCJ to begin the mini-game, Playground on the Point. Hit the checkpoints around this area to complete the game.

Turismo, Sunshine Autos

Check Sunshine Autos on the western island and find the notice board marking a set of Turismo races on the western island. The chart below reveals some Turismo races.

1Escobar Run-way100500Motorbike2
2Downtown Showdown150600Car2
3Port Sports200800Motorbike2
4Rum & Salsa Sting2501000Car1
5Cuban Wheels3001200Motorbike1

Turismo, Fairgrounds

Explore the fairgrounds near your save point suite to find a notice board marking another set of Turismo races. The chart below reveals details for these Turismo races.

6Fools Rush3501400Car2
7High Stakes Highway4001600Motorbike1
8Asphalt Assault4501800Motorbike2
9Supercharged Circuit5002000Car2

Haiti Hover Race

Explore the junkyard area on the western side of the map. There’s a hovercraft in a small canal near a red metal bridge holding an armor power-up. Drive the hovercraft to begin the Haiti Hover Race. Finish the race in under 1:45 to win.

Harbor Hover Race

Swim or boat to the docks southwest of Lance’s apartment in Ocean Beach. You’ll find a hovercraft there. Get into the hovercraft to start the Harbor Hover Race mini-game. Complete the race under 3:45 to win.


Find the dock on the west side of the film studios lot on Prawn Island. There’s a JetSki there. Hop onto the JetSki and you can participate in a series of race courses. There are eight courses total, each with a specific time limit requirement.


Visit the films studios lot on Prawn Island (where Reni offers your missions) and locate the bus on the studios’ left side. Enter the bus to initiate the crash mini-game.

The goal is to cause at least $2,000 worth of damage before the three minute time limit expires. Cause damage by spinning, flipping, and destroying cars. Knock cars into other cars and cause multiplier carnage. It’s important to drive where there will be other cars. The bus isn’t particularly maneuverable so drive along straight roads and hit other vehicles head-on. Drive these cars into other cars and then find new participants. Reach the high score of at least $2,000 to receive a $1,000 payday.

Crims On Wings

Pilot the bi-plane at the northeastern edge of the runway at Escobar International. You must pass through the ringed checkpoints in under 4:00 to complete the task.


After completing the game, enter Escobar International from the southeastern opening then turn north then east to find the Hunter attack helicopter parked near the fence. This is another "follow the checkpoint" mission with a twist. Hit a couple checkpoints then you must destroy a couple drones. Use the Hunter’s rockets ("Circle" button) to obliterate the drones. Continue to the next checkpoints. Complete the race under 4:00 to pass the challenge.

Chapter 3 - Cheat Codes and Extras

Enter the following codes during gameplay to cause the desired effect. Certain cheats stay on after you’ve saved your game so use them cautiously!

Up, Down, Left, Right, X, X, L1, R1$250,000
Up, Down, Left, Right, Square, Square, L1, R1Armor
L1, R1, L1, R1, Left, Circle, Up, XBlack cars
Up, Up, Right, Left, Triangle, Circle, Circle, SquareCars avoid you.
Right, Up, Left, Down, Triangle, Triangle, L1, R1Chrome cars
Left, Down, R1, L1, Right, Up, Left, XClear weather
Left, Down, L1, R, Right, Up, Left, SquareCloudy weather.
L1, R1, R1, Left, Right, Square, Down, R1Destroy all cars.
R1, L1, L1, Down, Up, X, Down, L1Faster clock.
Left, Left, R1, R1, Up, Triangle, Down, XFaster gameplay.
Left, Down, Triangle, X, Right, Up, Left, L1Foggy weather.
Right, L1, Down, L1, Circle, Up, L1, SquareGet followed.
Down, Up, Right, L1, L1, Square, Up, L1Give nearest pedestrian your car.
Up, Down, Left, Right, Circle, Circle, L1, R1Health
Down, Triangle, Up, X, L1, R1, L1, R1Hostile pedestrians.
Down, Left, Up, L1, R1, Triangle, Circle, XImproved traction (press down for car hopping).
Up, Right, Triangle, Triangle, Down, Left, X, XLower wanted level.
R1, L1, L1, Down, Left, Circle, Down, L1Pedestrian riot.
Up, L1, Down, R1, Left, Circle, Right, TrianglePedestrians carrying weapons.
Left, Down, L1, R1, Right, Up, Left, TriangleRainy weather.
Up, Right, Square, Square, Down, Left, Circle, CircleRaise wanted level.
Left, Left, Circle, Circle, Down, Up, Triangle, XSlower gameplay.
Up, L1, Down, R1, Left, L1, Right, R1Spawn Rhino.
Down, Up, Right, Triangle, L1, Triangle, L1, TriangleSpawn Trashmaster.
Right, Right, Circle, Circle, L1, R1, Down, XSuicide
Left, Down, R1, L1, Right, Up, Left, CircleSunny weather.
Left, Left, Left, R1, R1, L1, Right, LeftUpside down mode #2.
Square, Square, Square, L1, L1, R1, Left, RightUpside down mode.
Left, Right, X, Up, Down, Square, Left, RightWeapons (Brass Knuckles, Knife, Molotov Cocktails, 9mm, Rifle, SMG, AK)
Left, Right, Triangle, Up, Down, Circle, Left, RightWeapons (Chainsaw, Grenades, Laser Scope Python, Shotgun, MP5, M4, Minigun, Sniper Rifle)
Left, Right, Square, Up, Down, Triangle, Left, RightWeapons (Katana, Remote Grenade, Python, Shotgun, Silenced Uzi, M4, Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle)

Red Balloon Bonuses

30Stubby Shotgun
40Molotov Cocktails
90Sniper Rifle


Army FatiguesClothingComplete the story mission "Over the Top"
Become FireproofUpgradeComplete Firefighter
Boost Jump for TaxisUpgradeComplete Taxi Driver
Bulletproof Business VehiclesUpgradeAcquire all business sites.
CasualsClothingComplete the story mission "Conduct Unbecoming"
Cuban StyleClothingComplete the story mission "Havana Good Time"
Extra ArmorUpgradeComplete Vigilante
Extra HealthUpgradeComplete Air Rescue
Free Pay N’ SprayUpgradeReturn all vehicles to the Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound
Hired MuscleClothingAcquire a "High Roller" protection building.
HoodClothingAcquire a "High Roller" robbery building.
LeisureClothingAcquire a "High Roller" prostitution building.
Pastel SuitClothingComplete the story mission "Brawn of the Dead"
Repo-ManClothingAcquire a "High Roller" loan shark building
SmugglerClothingAcquire a "High Roller" smuggling building.
TracksuitClothingAcquire a "High Roller" drug building
Trailer TrashClothingComplete the story mission "D.I.V.O.R.C.E."
Unlimited SprintUpgradeComplete Paramedic
Unlimited Swim StaminaUpgradeComplete Beach Patrol
WetsuitClothingComplete Watersports
WinnerClothingComplete story mode.

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