Grand Theft Auto V sales reach $1 billion in three days

Rockstar's open-world game reaches milestone faster than any entertainment property in history.


Grand Theft Auto V generated $1 billion in global retail sales in three days, reaching the milestone faster than any entertainment property in history, Take-Two Interactive announced today. The game minted $800 million on launch-day alone.

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By comparison, it took Call of Duty: Black Ops II 15 days to reach $1 billion in global sales, while The Avengers took 19 days to reach the milestone.

"Grand Theft Auto is a cultural phenomenon and Rockstar Games continues to redefine what can be achieved in interactive entertainment," Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said in a statement. "We are incredibly proud of the extraordinary critical and commercial response to Grand Theft Auto V.

According to Robert W. Baird analyst Colin Sebastian, GTAV is likely to be released on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2014 to "extend the value of the franchise."

GTAV may have broken global entertainment sales records, but it hasn't won everyone over. The United Kingdom's deputy prime minister Nick Clegg said today that games like Grand Theft Auto can have a "corrosive" effect on player behavior.

GTAV's multiplayer component--Grand Theft Auto Online--will be released as a free update on October 1. For more on GTAV, check out GameSpot's review.

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Avatar image for SeannTHEsheep

you know theres no hope when a local police detective from your town is in asda buying gta5 for his 4 year old. on the other hand if there was no crime we wouldnt need law enforcement. so muggings and knifings create employment. god bless the queen.

Avatar image for Wicked869

I am waiting on the patch to fix the disappearing cars before I play it.

Avatar image for advocacy

I pray ever day that GTA V will never comes out to the PC, just to annoy those stuck-up elitists.

Avatar image for beerculesGTA

such a good game well deserved

Avatar image for vulcan999

Nick Clegg - LOL!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for kuda001

@vulcan999 I know right.

Avatar image for Ernesto_basic

This article just goes to show that:

A) There's a TON of money to be made in the "gaming" or digital entertainment industry; and
B) The business risks of failure are both high and expensive -- that is, relatively speaking, with regard to "AAA" developers (e.g., developers who incur costs in excess of... say, several million dollars);

While I have yet play GTA 5 (believe it or not, the ONLY thing that's stopped me is my 4gb HD and 8gb flash drive... well, there's also school and work, too), I think I can safely say that Rockstar has -- yet again -- raised consumer expectations with regard to production values, aesthetics, and scope of pretty much any supposed "AAA" next-gen game. Keep in mind that this was not only achieved at a $60 price-point (a target which has proven to be cost-prohibitive many properties), but at the twilight of the current generation of console hardware. What this means -- in my opinion, of course -- is that while we get one hell of game, this will directly diminish developer's willingness to stray from tried-and-true formulas and established franchises in order to reduce costs, mitigate the risk of both critical and consumer rejection, and (of course) assure business-sustaining profit margins.

Consequently, I wouldn't be surprised to see developers narrow the scope of their catalog (in terms of genres), because the risk of consumer rejection will be too high for said developer to compete with Rockstar's $200+ million dollar sandbox juggernaut on a measly $20+ million dollar budget... eventually, guys, this either means increased or decreased competition per genre (I'm not sure which way the pendulum swings just yet). For analysis purposes, it would be useful to have some data on how similar offerings (e.g, Saints Row 4) have performed in terms of costs, risk and reward, but also any distinguishing factors that make a similar, however, commercially successful alternative. I love the Saints Row franchise and I've willing to purchase them, despite also being a paying customer of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, but I'm under no illusion that many other "gamers" are as willing (or able, in some cases) support more than one genre offering.

I expect that much of the creative, unique experiences (this doesn't necessary translate into "fun") will come from the small, low risk:reward "indie" development houses that are able to take advantage of the increasingly streamlined game engines/SDKs (e.g, Unity 3D, which makes cross-platform development -- Mobile/PC/Console -- a realistic prospect). Moreover, speaking of cross-platform development, I think it's ALSO safe to assume that we'll start to see these big-budget games being developed for not only both consoles, but the PC and Mobile platforms (simultaneously) as well... again, this will all be done in and effort to reduce the (likely) risk of financial disaster.


Avatar image for Redrivar

@Ernesto_basic I don't disagree with you, but I would like to add that while GTA's success may appear to limit creativity and innovation, GTA truly has made huge strides in redefining what a sandbox game is, and proving that investing in staff and taking time to complete a game (or investors pouring more $ into allowing developers time enough to do so) can create a huge profit. The success of GTA V will move mountains in the entertainment industry, as other well done IP-franchise entries emerge, the trend of quality over quantity will hopefully come to the forefront. Ultimately, entertainment is not a democratic industry where petitions and voices rule--it is one where consumers speak with their wallets. And consumers have made a very large noise for GTA V. The shockwaves of that billion dollars outcry for quality is going to change the course of video games and movies for years to come.

Avatar image for handofkain

@Ernesto_basic nice wall of text you got there...... -_-'

However, I agree with you totally (yes, I took my time and read it all :))

Avatar image for HSV002

Take Two/Rockstar fully deserve this, as it goes to show you don't need to spam a franchise into the ground every year to sell a s*** ton of copies!!!

My hat goes off to you Take Two/Rockstar

Avatar image for Gankstar_VX84

gta 5 is absolutely fucking brilliant rockstar deserve it. I knew this would happen too... back when gta iv came out, all my mates were disgusted with it, I played it as I played em all and it was ok, didn't finish it. but I said throughout this generation to all my mates, after gta iv, red dead la noire and the technology behind their engine, I knew they were going to make a mental gta with san andreas depth and diversity, but with really awesome missions, and here we go, bought it day 1 played it 26 hrs straight lol.

Avatar image for Redrivar

@Gankstar_VX84 right on!

Avatar image for balintcsikos

Don't forget that CoD produce almost the same amount of $$$ EVERY YEAR! :/
Anyway I hope it will make other developers change their mind and they also take the time for creating awesome games!

Avatar image for Redrivar

@balintcsikos It should be interesting to see what kind of money GTA Online makes starintg tomorrow!

Avatar image for Dragerdeifrit

the game deserves the sales, its the most "complete" game i'v played in years, say what u want about GTA, but games no longer release with this amount of content. Good Job Rockstar!

Avatar image for shreddyz

This will be top story until it reaches 1 billion comments.

Avatar image for buying1999

Wow!! That's just an amazing feat.

Avatar image for AcidThunder

Now get it out on the PC quickly so it can reach $2 bil.

Avatar image for cashx002

Long live GTA!

Avatar image for BurningBen

As long as they're in the house playing GTA they aren't outside playing GTA

Avatar image for LilithN

Nick Clegg would rather like his kids using drugs, loitering on the street and spreading STDs, then letting them play out the frustration / curiosity / latent and mankind-natural "agressivity " of them in a virtual no-harm world. Yeah. Logical.

Avatar image for J_Dangerously

I'm a PC guy myself. I've been building them on my own for a long time now. Total gearhead when it comes to my rig, and it's my preferred gaming platform of choice.

That being said, please, give the PC whining a break. We all know it's coming. Within the year. Followed next year by the PS4/XOne ports. The GTA games have always had their console versions lead the way.

Avatar image for Slagar

@johnritter4141 Not weird at all. Most games are MASSIVE time and energy sinks. Personally, when I get home from work, I find that the last thing I want to do is expend what little energy and time I have grinding in a 3D world.

In fact, MMOs especially are designed to hook in the young and vulnerable, kids with too much time and too little understanding of themselves, and will drop out of school because leveling up a character has taken over their life.

Such is the world of business; businessmen would sell cigarettes to pre-school kids if you let them. (I place most of the blame on the broken economic model and corrupt nanny states, but we're all to blame.)

Back on topic, if reading news websites has become a time-consuming habit, maybe you can focus that energy more productively on some other projects :)

Avatar image for steelmouth

not too shabby

Avatar image for decoy1978

Did I read that correctly as 1 BILLION?!

I'm impressed!

Avatar image for Prats1993

Make a PC port, they said, it will sell better, they said.

Avatar image for beuneus12

Lmfao, just killed my first great white shark, while being chased by police

This game is da shit

Avatar image for so_hai

@beuneus12 Game?

Avatar image for Class_Act998675

Is anyone here surprised that Capcom fanboys are ignoring this to defend Capcom's latest shady business practice for Deep Down in order to try to get people to believe that screwing consumers over is the only way to make money despite RockStar proving them otherwise?

Avatar image for Finalninja447

*Insert comment about how your still mad that Carolyn gave it a near-perfect score of 9/10 here*

Avatar image for handofkain

@Finalninja447 well seeing the sales' numbers, GTA V should have got 9.5 imo (since nothing's perfect) but she made a good point about the cons ( or so I think)

Avatar image for Enforcer246

lols, still no PC announcement. This game is fucking awesome btw.

Avatar image for Krauklis

@Enforcer246 GTA IV for PC was announced 3 months after the release. Rockstar is smart they are very good at selling the same game to people multiple times.

Avatar image for sneakthief81

Rockstar desrves it..IMO..they put in the it shows..not like those other cash-cows that crank out "rightous slaught..uh...I mean Call of Dookies every 11 months..

Avatar image for handofkain

@sneakthief81 It's cookies that go well with milk XD

Avatar image for Mvdforever

That's definitely a great feat to achieve and the game sounds very good, though the franchise as a whole isn't something that interests me but as with most bloggers here i must agree it's nice to see a game dethrone COD in terms of sales so congrats Rockstar keep proving why your one of the most reliable company's out there.

Avatar image for snarple_basic

Nice to see something finally outsold COD!! Kind of feels like revenge done right.

Avatar image for remiaw

Some of the missions in this game are so cool, can only imagine how great it would have looked and felt on pc or next gen. Almost a little angry on myself for not waiting

Avatar image for wyan_

I want this game, but I am going to wait for the super duper unlimited director's platinum gold cut GOTD (D=decade) edition on the next gen consoles. That or the same on PC with Oculus support. Who else is waiting?

Avatar image for cjf187x

@wyan_ Oculus spport would be pretty sweet.

Avatar image for wyan_

This game fucking prints money.

Avatar image for Toadamus

Gta 5 is truly a great game,i really enjoyed the hell out of it and still do.I am waiting now for the online release can't wait for it!

Avatar image for MW2ismygame

buu...buu making an effort and putting time and love into a game is not profitable...

- every other publisher (square enix, activision cough*cough*)

Avatar image for MrHatnClogs

I love how Rockstar slaps COD (Jimmy yelling at twelve year olds, the ingame advertisements) and Saints Row (Micheal tripping out on weed and shooting aliens, insinuating on how the idea for Saints Row IV was created) in the face, and to add insult to injury, makes record breaking sales.

Avatar image for BLaverock

/waiting at my PC for GTA V to be released... [sniff]

Avatar image for Ladiesman17

I'm hyped at first, but dissappointed after couple of hours.

GTA 5 is great, but its not as ground-breaking as people said.

it's just GTA 4 with vast environment.... other than water-effect I don't find anything that really interesting about this game.

I think Skyrim is a bit better.

Avatar image for BLaverock

@Ladiesman17 If GTA V and Skyrim had a baby... that would be the best game ever :D

Avatar image for cjtopspin

@BLaverock @Ladiesman17 Or a mutant goat-devil bent on world domination.

Avatar image for Napalm_354

Holly shi*t!!! If I look at the box office from this year IM 3 got half that. Take that Hollywood.

Ok, that was only dommestic, worldwide is 1.2 Billion, but still...

Avatar image for -Fromage-

Well deserved.