Grand Theft Auto V gets exclusive PS3 bundle

PS3, copy of GTAV, and a headset for $299.


Sony has announced an exclusive hardware bundle for Grand Theft Auto V.

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Speaking during Sony's E3 2013 press conference, Sony confirmed that the PS3 bundle would launch for $299 and come with a copy of the game, a GTAV-branded headset, and an exclusive soundscape.

"If gamers want the ultimate GTAV gaming experience, it can only be found on PlayStation," said SCEA president Jack Tretton on the stage.

Grand Theft Auto V will be released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 17.

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Obligatory PC elitist comment: "GTAV sucks anyway since it won't be coming to PC"

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I already have a great head set. The Playstation head set cost $100 and sounds great. So this bundle doesn't help me. Will this version come the the sports car, bike and garage? Will we eventually get a garage or will we park our vehicles in a 2 sport parking space like gta4?

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R* have shown so little of GTA V to the public, they could probably hold their own Grand Theft Auto even to showcase the latest title !!!

Avatar image for vivalatour

p' if it's 500gb I would get two for my nephews for christmas ...

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This hardly sounds essential. Keep your marketing bull to yourself Tretton.

Avatar image for MetaMods

you know what at least I don't have to worry get PS4 right away, there are still many games coming to current gen and so far its makes me happy. I can't wait to play the last of us

Avatar image for tionmedon

for that price you could get a good vid card 4 that PC u r using.........fap it....

Avatar image for Rattlesnake_8

Incredible bundle!!

Avatar image for xolivierx

Getting this and Ps4!

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is just awesome that there is still alot of games coming out for my ps3. the last of us, gt6, gta5, beyond two souls...

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I plan on getting this because I think it's a great deal. My PS3 only has 120 G and that fills up really fast. Also, I don't intend to buy the special edition of GTA V. I plan on playing on PS3 for at least 2 more years so I'll probably give the one I have now to a friend and finish my backlog on a new machine.

Avatar image for HomieHesAKlown

The PS4 is $399, why would you ever buy this?

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Sounds good, as long as R* doesn't put V on PS4 then i'm good!

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LOL cool next gen news

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I will wait for PS4 or even better PC versions. I am sure Watch Dogs will keep me busy until then.

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yes, this is the "news" we are all waiting for.