Grand Theft Auto V breaks seven Guinness World Records

Rockstar Games' latest is now the world record holder for the fastest entertainment property to gross $1 billion, alongside six others.

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Grand Theft Auto V has broken seven Guinness World Records, including the fastest entertainment property to gross $1 billion.

The latest entry in Rockstar Games' open-world series took over $1 billion in revenue within three days of its launch on September 17, and has now overtaken the lifetime sales of Grand Theft Auto IV in the UK within three weeks of release.

Previous holders of the records were entries in the Call of Duty series, and movies The Avengers and Avatar.

"Gaming is no longer a niche hobby, as GTA 5 has proved, and how exciting that it's taken on the might of Hollywood and won! I'm also doubly proud as a Dundonian to welcome this home-grown series back into the Guinness World Records book,” said Guinness World Records editor-in-chief Craig Glenday in a statement.

Last night the Guinness World Records claimed that Grand Theft Auto V sold 11.2 million copies in its first day on sale, but Rockstar Games parent company Take-Two Interactive would not verify the report.

The full list of records claimed by Grand Theft Auto V:

  1. 1. Best-selling action-adventure videogame in 24 hours
  2. 2. Best-selling videogame in 24 hours
  3. 3. Fastest entertainment property to gross $1 billion
  4. 4. Fastest videogame to gross $1 billion
  5. 5. Highest grossing videogame in 24 hours
  6. 6. Highest revenue generated by an entertainment product in 24 hours
  7. 7. Most viewed trailer for an action-adventure videogame

For more information about Grand Theft Auto V, check out GameSpot's review of the game.

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The fact that Ghosts didn't take back the record restore some faith in humanity

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What will WATCH DOGS get.... yeah... I thought so! ಠ_ಠ

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@gamergath 1. Biggest Launch Day game delay disappointment :P

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8. 8. Best Online launch ever!!

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And yet they can't make a simple app other than for iOS...

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Given the scope of the game and the amount of people who were playing it, I think they nailed the launch. They even had the courtesy to forewarn us of issues and let us know that they were anticipated. I was immensely enjoying myself within 48 of being given access.

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9. Worst Online launch ever

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@EpicVGKing Need I remind you of Sim City?

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@SoulxReaperx366 @EpicVGKing lol checkmate!

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It was a smart move to delay the Online for two weeks. That way the reviews wouldn't include that atrocity of a launch. Every single other game gets dinged for it (Sim City, anyone?) But for some reason R* gets no shit for it. And if anyone complains, they're considered a young, brainless, idiotic, hating child.

I could ONLY imagine if this was Activision or EA that released this. I would love to see how different people would be talking about this.

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@Spartan-1657 I'm really starting to believe that this theory is true. Even if they didn't intentionally hold back the online for the sake of review purposes, you have to admit - it sure helped them come out with a glowing review without any negatives

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@pip3dream @Spartan-1657 I think part of the reason that reviewers have neglected to mention GTA Online (other than the fact that it was released later) is in part because Rockstar has kind of been toting Online as a separate entity from the start. From what I understand, they want it to be a persistent world that transitions over to each new installment of GTA. So, in theory, we'll see GTA VI using GTA Online, albeit with a different map, or even better--a new map tacked on, allowing us to travel from San Andreas to wherever the next game will take place, all in the same interconnected world.

That still doesn't fully excuse Rockstar for the amount problems GTA Online has had to date. Granted, they warned us that there would be issues, but I don't think that they fully know what to expect themselves or downplayed how bad things would be. I'll give them a C+ for what they have so far. It's been playable for me, but friends have had issues of varying severity. And those issues aside, Online definitely feels like an incomplete package at this juncture. Regardless, we're basically beta-testeing it for the price of the game, so I can't really complain. I'm sure it will get better, as long as it remains popular.

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@Spartan-1657 Oh wow that's clever actually. Didn't think of that.

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@Spartan-1657 I still don't understand why people are so mad about the online. GTA games never feature online gameplay and they are still amazing games. GTA 4 had online but who cared the single player is what makes those games great. If they didn't have online would anyone not buy this game that already did.

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8. Most Mysoginistic Video Game

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@MateykoSlam Heh I wonder how long it will take people to forget and stop mentioning that :).

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@MateykoSlam I really wish there were more female characters!!

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Games can be more profitable and get faster to 1 billion dollars than any movie. It's been proven time and again and the commercial success is what matters most to the companies behind GTA V, but seven Guiness World Records are a nice bonus, something to brag about, which is something companies also love.

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@Hurvl Cash Cow idea The Guinness world edition of GTA V. All DLC, new packaging and an intro with the main characters of GTA V partying with the rest of the GTA series characters celebrating the Guinness record. I can see it now Tommy Vercitti and Niko drunk and singing with Ken Rosenberg devising some new scheme with Roman.

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@overlord_hh Art for the masses, let's not forget it.

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lol w the garbage online mode 007 legends is way better lol

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peace out COD!!! your done!

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Hey activision and EA...this is how you make an incredibly amazing game....not by spewing out the same shit every eyar.

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@Kooken58 lol... so now they are sitting comfortably in second place by spewing the same shit out... I dont think they really care about your lesson to them

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@lbryson8 @Kooken58

I agree, but it doesn't mean it's not a valuable lesson regardless of what they might think...

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7? For a game? WTF?

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now i'm waiting for rockstars to fully get on the open world survival horror zombie wagon.

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@excludedkratos Dead Rising ? technically its not GTA style but pretty damn close to be a open world or to do anything you want.

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@excludedkratos They already have some experience from the RDR expansion Undead Nightmare, so they'd probably succeed there.

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@Hurvl @excludedkratos damit! dlc dont count, i'm talking about a new ip, dawn of the dead meets grand theft auto. modern day, not the old west. but texas could be the perfect landmark.

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Kudos for sp mp could be better

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Enjoy it Rockstar, you earned it. btw when you're done celebrating, please get back to fixing online. :)

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@2Black2Strong @mexetudo13 Of course i played it. In fact i completed the game 100%. I wouldn't be judging the game if i hadn't played it.

Get mad all you want but this game isn't the masterpiece some of you swear it is.

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@pulamata put your auto aim at off and come back and tell me if the shooting is easy

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@mexetudo13 @2Black2Strong agreed mexetudo, game is great but masterpiece it is not. The shooting in missions is actually easy. Actually the missions are walk in the park. I love the characters and the city and the population of los santos. Thats what made the game great for me not the missions. Im not saying the missions are bad...but intense or exciting they are not.

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ROCKSTAR, I cannot wait to see what you accomplish with the raw power of XBO and PS4! #CHEERS2YOU

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A new Bully game and a new RDR game, I hope.

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@joke_man @2Black2Strong I'm still waiting for Agent.

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8. Most use of the "F" word in a videogame.

9. Most use of the "N" word in a videogame.

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8. Most over hyped videogame.

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@mexetudo13 more like over rated video game

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Plenty of highly rated games seem overrated in retrospect...




Bioshock Infinite

World of Warcraft


That doesn't mean they weren't awesome games during their time (as GTA V is now).

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I wish PC gamers would shut up, they don't know what they are talking about!...literally......hehe

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8. Only game that made such a sh*tload of money and still is capable of by fixing the Online Chaos COMPLETELY RUINING AND DESTROYING THE MULTIMILLION DOLLAR SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN, yet not a single eff is given by Rockstar or ANY gaming website at ALL about that new problem / fact >_>

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@Justforvisit another cynical hateboy

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i wish PC gamers would shut up they don't know what they are talking about! ...literally.......hehe

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These awards are redundant. This is just silly Guinness...