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GTA The Trilogy - Definitive Edition Now On Steam, Still Uses Rockstar Launcher

Yes, all three games are Steam Deck verified.


GTA: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition is now free from the exclusivity of the Rockstar Store, and available to purchase over at Steam. All three games are Steam Deck compatible, and also have Steam achievements for all completionists out there. According to the press release, the trilogy is also arriving to the Epic Games store "later in January."

The games appear in a bundle over at the Steam store, and while they all have individual storefronts, all purchase options redirect you to the trilogy package itself. As an upside, there is currently a 50% off sale for GTA: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition, which ends on Thursday, February 2nd.

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Ever since launch, if you wanted to play these enhanced editions of GTA III, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas on PC, you could only buy them via the Rockstar Store, which required the Rockstar Games Launcher. That being said, Steam does note that you're going to need a user account from Rockstar Games Social Club. And, unfortunately, the Rockstar Games Launcher will still run in the background as you play the games.

It has been a while since the original release back on November 18, 2021, which we called an "absolute car wreck of creative neglect" in our 4/10 review. Ever since, over 100 bugs have been fixed, but it might be wise to hold on for a few days and see what the Steam reviews have to say about these re-releases.

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