Grand Theft Auto Online's Latest Triple Cash And RP Event Revolves Around Tron-Like Bike

You can race other players and trap them in your light trails, not unlike a certain futuristic movie franchise.


The latest limited-time event for Grand Theft Auto Online, the huge multiplayer side of GTA 5, is all about motorcycles. The showpiece of the LTE is the Nagasaki Shotaro, which carries a distinct Tron-like appearance that's all the more accented with a limited-time mode focusing on light trails.

GTA Online's Shotaro is not subtle about its inspirations
GTA Online's Shotaro is not subtle about its inspirations

The event will offer triple GTA$ and RP from March 12-18 in Deadline mode. In Deadline, the Shotaro leaves a destructive beam of light in its wake, not unlike a certain movie franchise. You can use a special Zoned power-up to slow down the action, Boost to get ahead of your opponents and trap them in your beam, or a Bunny Hop to bounce over your opponents' trails.

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To mark the occasion, the in-game shop is offering 40% off illegal Motorcycle Club properties and business upgrades, and 35% off the Clubhouse Custom Bike Shop. Completing Business Battles will also earn you triple GTA$ and RP.

Finally, some other (also rad) bikes are on sale for a discount. You can get 30% off the Oppressor MK 2, 40% off the Ocelot Locust, and 35% off the Western Rampant Rocket and Hakuchou Drag.

GTA Online has helped GTA 5 stay in the top sales charts for years, and has helped boost Take-Two with microtransaction revenue. The regular pace of in-game events like this one around the Shotaro has certainly helped that.

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