Grand Theft Auto Online Weekly Update Gives Every Player A New Car

Rockstar Games goes full Oprah with this week's GTA Online update.


Rockstar Games is seemingly in the spirit of giving, as anyone who logs on for Grand Theft Auto Online's weekly update for the next week gets a free car.

The Gallivanter Baller ST--a brand new vehicle in the GTA Online world--will appear for free in the Legendary Motorsport in-game store from now until December 29. The car comes with the Festive Stripes livery so you can decorate your new toy for the holiday season.

The weekly update also brings a special holiday care package to all players containing a Clownfish Mask for heists, a Red Festive Tee, a Fireworks launcher with 25 rounds, and multiple other explosives.

All previously available holiday outfits have returned for purchase to clothing stores, as have four classic GTA Online game modes: In & Out, Stockpile, Resurrection, and Tiny Racers. The Baller ST isn't the only car in this update, as the Overflod Zeno sports car hits the Legendary Motorsport store for purchase with in-game currency.

This weekly update is the first after The Contract, a new story-based update featuring GTA V protagonist Franklin and the real-world musical icon Dr. Dre. Players can help Dre find some of his unreleased music, then listen to it all afterward.

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