Grand Theft Auto IV golden, already in transit

Rockstar Games' heavily anticipated open-world action adventure for Xbox 360, PS3 has entered mass production and is "en route to retailers" for April 29 release.


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Say so long to those delay rumors. While word has yet to come on whether Take-Two will accede to Electronic Arts' $2 billion acquisition offer, one scenario that will not occur is analysts' speculated delay of Grand Theft Auto IV.

During Take-Two's shareholders' meeting today, the publisher said that GTAIV has gone gold. The game is "in production and in trucks en route to retailers," proclaimed Take-Two CEO Ben Feder. Rated M for Mature, GTAIV will be released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on April 29.

Though it won't be released for another 12 days, industry watchers have already projected a massive debut from the next installment in Rockstar North's prized franchise. Last October, Janco Partner's Mike Hickey projected global opening-week sales of more than 9.5 million, with 5.8 million units turning up in US consumers' hands alone. Earlier this week, Variety reported that sources within Take-Two fully expect the game to sell some 6 million units in its opening week, generating revenue in excess of $400 million.

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"God is ashamed of his own Creations Us and Earth otherwise he would've showed Himself long ago. And Jesus is a Cover up to make us Believe he is God's Son but there is no God. We are our own God. Take your Religion and Belief somewhere else It's not wanted here I Believe in another kind of God. Try not to force your Religion onto people." Wow, lemme know how Hell is workin out for you in the afterlife! :P

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For all those kids graduating this year... April 29th is NOT the official "Senior Skip Day." So, you need to go to school. I don't want to hear on the news come April 30th that there were seniors who have to go to truancy court because of GTA IV. That's the last thing us gamers need because attorney Jack Thompson or senators Joe Lieberman & "Hils" Clinton will try to outlaw video games. If it were up to them we'd be forced into watching golf on t.v., pitching horseshoes, or playing crickett. So... for the love of all things holy... stay in school and not standing in line at Gamestop @ midnight picking up a copy of GTA IV (hopefully, that'll make the lines shorter for me to nab my copy). on another note... I wonder if they're going to stay true to the GTA series & allow you to get some snatch from the hookers in the back of your car.

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I love MGS but PS3 has underachieved since its release, and I've always been a bigger Playstation fan than XBoX cause I hate Microsoft but PS3 has made me a 360 fanboi. I love my 360. I wouldn't be surprised if MGS4 flops cause that's just what PS3 games have been doing lately. Hopefully though, this will be a turning point for PS3 with MGS4's release. But GTA4 is undoubtedly the most anticipated game of 08 despite all of MGS4's press. My brother has a PS3 so I'll play MGS4 on his system and GTA4 on my 360...stay up homeys! :)

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ok heavybotpoko nobody is here to talk about f****** mgs4 they are here for gta so y dont u get off here and go look at mgs4 u dumdass

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i even have a week booked off work for this :D

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To: chrisdojo God is ashamed of his own Creations Us and Earth otherwise he would've showed Himself long ago. And Jesus is a Cover up to make us Believe he is God's Son but there is no God. We are our own God. Take your Religion and Belief somewhere else It's not wanted here I Believe in another kind of God. Try not to force your Religion onto people.

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YEY CANT WAIT!!! Just pre-ordered mine yesterday:)

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can't wait for this one, gotta finish up dark sector before it comes out

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bought an samsung 226cw for IV. there is only an xbox360 needed which i'll buy next week just for GTA 4...: YEAH! best game ever :D

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I guess that quashes any rumor of a GTAIV delay. R* FTW!!1!

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Yeah it's gonna leak somewhere.

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If its en route, i'm guessing the game is leaked in less than 24 hours

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not long now until it is out! woot woot

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The most innovative franchise ever will soon be the center of yet another controversial sales year. Let's get ready to mow down the good guys!

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@bringersbob LOL do you know anything about games? firstly, disk space has very little to do with resolutions, its RAM and the CPU, secondly, GT 5 runs at a native 1080p at 60fps.

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Pfft,Its GTA,what did they expect?

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GTA IV is en route :P This game is going to stay on the 1st place of the charts for months !!!

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Why April become the longest month ever ?

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What will be resolution of it??

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somebody rob gamestop next week and stick gameplay footage up on youtube!!! Go on you will be a legend!!!

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Yea, no more delays. I'm ready!

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OMG stop teasing me!!!

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So I guess by next week my friends at Gamestop will have to endure seeing the game sitting in the back but not being able to buy it yet. That happened with Halo 3 and my friend wanted to kill himself two weeks before September 25th.

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What content? will 360 get first?!

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I wonder what the preorder numbers are compared to Halo 3. I don't think I'll be able to get the day off, but I'm all about telecommuting if I can especially considering I'll be at the midnight release.

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Interview with Lazlow (Rockstar) on Opie & Anthony right now. XM 202

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Guys guys guys, MIcrosoft paid them $20 million for exclusive content. Therefore 360 will get the content first. Sony paid squot so they will wait

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Exciting stuff......I really can't wait..... I wish I had the 29th off work.... boooooooooo :(

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Ok so who's got a gps location on one of them there trucks, I'm willing to share what falls off the back :)

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My panties are moist already!

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i just want to know if the speed on both consoles is the same. My brother is getting it for PS3 and me the 360.

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jackaldc10 : bringersbob is right .. GTA started as a PC game with a crummy PS port .... brand loyalty ?? ... i'm sure your not complaining that Final fantasy shifted to Sony , or Core shifted from Sega to go multiformat with Tomb raider ?? face facts .. you owe loyalty to games not to console makers !

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Game of the year? should i move to 360 after being a long time ps fine I have had every ps console there is, I wonder is 360 the way of the future it hurts to say that

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this game is going to suck big time !!! bring on the old mario games ( i mean barrel jump barrel jump thats my kina Shi* )

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@red_x2004 - agreed :) 4 myself can't w8 for GTA 4 :D

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This game is going to be Epic.Period.

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lets hope its going to be good after all thid build up !! PS hate the fact 360 getting exclusive stuff (its a ps game)

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this game is going to rule

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I'm happy because every golden game get released in the stores before their due date. I got Halo3 5 days before it hit the market.

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All im saying, is dont sell to EA!! Rockstar is a much better company! i love you! And Konami:-)))

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I hope it will be like GTA san Andreas:-) That will be super!

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MGSO beta from monday till release :D im happy! i think it's pretty clever ending it when gta comes out! hehe

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Shame it comes out on a Tuesday, I'm not going to be functioning too well in Chemistry after a whole night of GTA excess. Bring it on.

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ah, april 29 - the closest a company will ever come to owning the world...we'll, they'll own my world at least